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Kekkaishi 217


+ posted by Tanequil as translation on Dec 4, 2008 08:38 | Go to Kekkaishi

-> RTS Page for Kekkaishi 217

In order of reading bubbles, aka Right to left, top to bottom. All words within [] are my comments. Each point is one bubble. Bubbles that are fused together are counted as two bubbles. Unless otherwise stated, all are from bubbles.

Kekkaishi Chapter 217

Page 1
- How can it be…
- My strongest attack…
- Kid…
- You cannot see it, can you?
- How?

Page 2
Chapter 217 - Revolution

- Eya!
- Although I cannot see it…
- But when it draws close, I can feel it.
- Like the big bird from just now…
- What was it?
- Damn!

The attack that ignores the mind!

Page 3
- Gu…
- Gu…
- You…
- Saikaku!
- Stop this guy!
- If it is your technique, it should work!
- Hurry!
- Sorry, I’d rather not.
- You…
- How dare you…

Yashiro appears at the entrance to the secret passage, using an invisible bird to attack and plunge them into danger. But it is completely useless against Yoshimori…

Page 4
- What…
- The knife shattered…!?
- Yashiro!
- Yuue-san…
- What is your motive?

Page 5
- Is there anything to do…
- With the hunting of shinyuuchi?
- Brainwashing her…
- Was it to make her hunt shinyuuchi?
- God hunting…
- You…
- Are accomplices with the hunters of shinyuuchi?

Sumimura Yoshimori - Karasumori Middle School 3rd Year Student - Kekkaishi - Hopes to one day seal Karasumori
Yukimura Tokine - 16 years old - Karasumori High School 2nd Year Student - Kekkaishi - Takes pride and fulfilment in her work.

Page 6
- Stop.
- If you attempt anything,
- I will send you to the dust… just like that bird.
- Answer me.
- Uu…
- Gu…

Page 7
- Ah…
- Eh?

Page 8
- They are still coming…
- Is it almost…
- Vice-Chief
- Everything is proceeding smoothly there.
- It seems like Yoshimori has the enemy under control…
- Vice-Chief! Below!

Page 9
- Ah! The kekkai!
- Kagemiya! Hang on!
- Vice-Chief’s waist is so slender!
- Vice-Chief! I think…
- We’re not flying!
- We’re falling!
- We’re falling!
- It wouldn’t work, then.
- Looks like these black feathers are only for piercing the enemy.

Kagemiya Sen - 14 years old, member of the Yagyou, Ayakashi-human hybrid, is good at capturing the scent of ayakashi…

Page 10
- Kagemiya! Are you alright?
- Ah… I guess…
- Hybrids are rather hardy.
- Hey! The sounds are disappearing!
- In a while…
- Whoa! Vice-Chief! Don’t keep the feathers!
- We’re going to fall!

Page 11
- Dead?
- I… I didn’t do anything.
- No,
- I think she committed suicide.
- Hmph.
- It might be the system of eliminating information.
- If forced into a corner…
- Dying before saying things meant to be secret…

Page 12
- It appears that there is someone ordering her around.
- All this is probably due to that person’s schemes.
- That means that there is someone else in on this plot?
- Ah,
- Your brainwashing was probably under his direction.
- It is possible that…
- Yashiro was the first to be brainwashed…
- That means that at Hidagou…
- That suspicious shinyuuchi hunter-like guy…
- What!?

Page 13
- I see…
- Really, Yoshimori?
- That guy…
- Was an accomplice of this one?
- His face was covered up, didn’t say much,
- But he had a very queer feel to him.
- Those eyes that seemed like the dead.
- Hu…
- The power of those left will only get stronger.
- Stronger power?
- Before my pre-incident examination,
- Yashiro should not have been so powerful.

Page 14
- Yashiro says…
- If we become partners,
- Then power can be given,
- And survival can be ensured.
- Survival?
- The aim was not only to hunt shinyuuchi!?
- Devastate the past.
- The Urakai will change,
- That is what she said.
- The past?
- That,
- The transformation of the Urakai… That is the aim.
- The destruction and hunting of the shinyuuchi are only the fodder to feed the revolution?
- Overall, this…
- Hmph.
- Makes me so uncomfortable.

Page 15
- What it is in the past that you want to ruin, I have no idea.
- But those who choose this path,
- Will have no future.
- Who is it…
- That dares such audacity?

Page 16
[No text]

Page 17
- That’s right…The forest has a secret passage which leads to the outside.
- Tokine-chan!
- Yoshimori-kun!
- Hatori-san?
- Oh,
- What happened, Kagemiya?
- That person is…
- Sumimura’s…

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