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Beelzebub 42

He died.

+ posted by fishbot as translation on Dec 25, 2009 23:54 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 42

Not for scanlating use.

Top: Beelzebub

Side: Something… strange happened and we came to the Hell!!! And now something… has come out!!!

Creature: Yopplu // Yopalelumee / Nu!!!

Oga: Look, something is there, Furuichi. / Shall I punch it?

Furuichi: Wait, wait. / I think he's trying to talk with us.

Oga: And I think he's just being rude towards us.

Creature: Yopplu.

Furuichi: Shall I "yopplu" it back?

Oga: Are you serious? Greet it back? You think "yopplu" is a greeting?

Oga / Furuichi: Yo...

Creature: YOPPLU~~~~

Creature: Yopolomelupapeeee!!

Oga: YOPPLU!!!

Creature: Yopoooo!!

Top: Bub 42: He died.

Side: Pleasant! Intensely pleasant! Great regret!? The Baby Beel's Great Adventure in the Hell!!

Bottom left: -Jump Comics announcement-

Bottom right: Tamura Ryuuhei

――――・・・ 何を |やってんのよ アイタ達・・・
Lamia: What... / The hell do you two think you're doing...

Oga: What?

いや だって 急に襲い掛かって きたから・・・
Furuichi: Look, it started acting weird out of nowhere...

あいさつしやうと しただけよ!! | ヨップル星人は この辺りじゃ 一番 友好的な 悪魔部族なのは!?
Lamia: This creature was merely greeting you two!! / It is a yopplu alien, they are the most amiable demon tribe around here, did you know that!?

Oga: (A yopplu alien...) / I never knew that.

Furuichi: (So are they demons... / Or aliens...?)

悪夢だわ・・・ 人間を魔界に 連れてきてしまう をんて・・・|しかも・・・ しかも よりにも しって ここは・・・
Lamia: It must be a nightmare... I brought humans to the Hell... / And moreover... And moreover we landed here...

Lamia: In the Vlad's Haunt [The word 'makyou' means literally 'haunt of wicked men.']

The Vlad's Haunt?

なんだ そりゃ
Furuichi: What do you mean?

ヴラドの魔境・・・|かつて 時の権力者 ヴラド・ドラクルが探索し ガクブル で帰ってきた事から そう呼ばれる谷|がくがくブルブル|ヴラドは言った 「あそこ めっちゃこわい」|そう 本当にとっても恐ろしい 超危険地帯なのです|太古の魔獣や未開の原住部族が|いっぱいいるのです!!
The Vlad's Haunt... / Back in the time, there once was a powerful Vlad Drakul who went to explore this valley, and once he came back in fear and trembling, / He said: "That place is VERY scary." / It really is a very horrible and utterly dangerous place. / Moreso, savage aboriginal tribes and ancient beasts. / This place is full of those!!

ガクガク ブルブル
Vlad: Ee-ee-rie-rie

Furuichi: (Right, right...)

・・・まぁ いいんじゃね? 別に・・・
Oga: ...Well, it doesn't really matter, does it?

なぁ・・・ アランドロンで 帰りゃいいわけ だし
Furuichi: Yeah, we're alright, we just gotta find Alaindelon and go thru him.

何 言って・・・|そうか!!|アランドロン!!
Lamia: What did you say... // That's it!! / Alaindelon!

・・・はい|・・・いや かたじけない・・・|定員をオーバー してしまった為か・・・|もはや・・・ にのありさま でして・・・
Alaindelon: Yes... / I apologize you all... / The propable cause is an overloaded capacity... / Why now I look like this...
はぁ|はぁ|グフッ|ゲホッ ゲホッ
Alain: *pant* / *pant* / *cough* / *choke* *choke*
All: He's all ripped!!

はぁ|はぁ|―――・・・どうやら|転送の軌道が ズレてしまった 様ですな|フフッ・・・|心配めされるな こんな傷|少し眠れば 治ります|あ・・・ほら 気持ちよく なってきた
Alaindelon: *pant* / *pant* / Somehow... // The transfer orbit had taken a little off. / Fufufu... / Don't be bothered with this injury. / It will heal up once I will get some sleep. / Oh... I'm starting to feel better already.

アランドローン!!|お前が 死んだら オレ達は どうすんだ!!|そうだぞ マジで!!|死ぬなっ!! 死んだら ぶっ殺す!!
Oga/Furuichi: Alaindelon!! / We're done if you die!! / He's got it right, you mustn't!! / Don't die!! / I'll kill you if you do!!

フ・・・|なぁに・・・ こんな・・・所で・・・ 死ねもせんよ|もうすぐ 娘の 誕生日でね|ドレスを 買ってあげるって 約束しちまた|フフフ|はぁ|はぁ
Alaindelon: Fu... / Whaaat... Something like this... No matter what... I'm not going to die. / Soon will me by daughter's birthday. / I promised that I will get her a dress. / Fufufu / *pant* *pant*

ちょっとおおおお 死亡フラグ連発すんの やめてくれるっ!?
All: WAAAAAAAIT, May you not give display the white flag just yet!?

ラミア!! てめぇ 医者だろ!!|なんとか しろよっ!!
Oga: Lamia!! You are a doctor!! / Do something!!

さっきから やってるわよ!!|でも 師匠が いないと こんな傷・・・
Lamia: I am for quite a while already!! / However, I can't do anything with such a wound without my master...

そうだ!! そういや フォルカスは・・・
Oga: That's it!! Then where's Forcas...

彼だけは 無事 転送できました
Alaindelon: He, as the only one, was transfered succesfully.

おいいいいっっ|お前 マジて 死ぬ気かっっ!!
Oga: Heeeeeey, / Can you be for once serious when dying!!

・・・ラミア どの
Alaindelon: Lamia-dono...

Lamia: Eh.....!!

・・・後・・・の ・・・・・・事は・・・|たのみ・・・ま・・・ し・・・|・・・た|・・・ぞ・・・・・・
Alaindelon: What's going to follow... after... / Is... left... for... / you... / to deal with it...


おいっ ちょ・・・ お前 マジ ふざけんなよ!!|目ぇあけろ こらっ!!|死んでる場合じゃ ねーっつってん だろ!!|おいいいっっっ|
Oga: Heey, wai... Damn you!!! / Hey, open those eyes!! / Why are you taking a nap while dying!!! / Heeeeeey

(容赦 ねーな・・・)
Furuichi: Pardon me, but he ain't sleeping...)

Cell: Pipipipipiii | Pipipipipi

Furuichi: A telecommunication device!!!

ケータイか!!|どうやって 使うんだ?
Oga: Or a mobile?!! / How do I receive a call?

Lamia: Give me it!!

Lamia: Hello!?

その声は ラミア・・・?|無事か?
Hilda: Is it Lamia speaking...? / Are you safe?

ヒルダ姐さん!!|ヒルダ!! てめー一人だけ・・・・・・|ヒルダさーん!!|アダー
Others: Hilda-neesan!! / Hilda!! You're the only one... / Hilda-saaan!! / Ada-

フォルカスから 連絡があってな・・・|安心した|全員 無事の様だな
Hilda: I had a call from Forcas... / I am relieved. / You all are safe.

それが・・・ アランデロンが・・・
Lamia: You see... Alaindelon...

あぁ・・・ わかっている|今 どうだ?|―――・・・なるほど|ヴラドの魔境が|やっかいな事に なったな・・・|そこは 王国も 手を出せぬ 挽干渉区域だ|よりにもよって なんて所へ・・・
Hilda: Yeah... I know. / What are you now going to do? / I see... / You're in the Vlad's Haunt. / That's quite tricky for us... / That's the area where even the Kingdom cannot put hand in. / And you landed exactly there...

えぇ・・・|それで どうしたもの かと・・・
Lamia: Um... / What's so wrong about it...?

・・・まさか 原住民に 手を出しては おらんな?
Hilda: No way, tell me you didn't lay a hand on an aborigine?

Lamia: You see...

出したの か!?
Hilda: Did you!?

どうした!? 何の音だ!!|おいっ!!
Hilda: What's wrong!? What was that sound!!? / Heeey!!

ヨップル星人!?|バカもの そいつは ヴラドの番人だ!!|仲間を 呼びよせるぞ!!
Hilda: A yopplu alien!? Idiots, that's the Vlad's Guard!! / It's calling for support!!

Lamia: Wh... What kind of support...

アクババだ!!|とにかく 逃げろ!!|ここからは 私が全力でサポートです!!
Hilda: An akubabah!! / Anyways, just run for it!! / I will give you my full support from here!!

・・・アクババ|なんだ ヒルダさんが 乗ってきた 鳥か・・・|あれなら お前 一回 ぶつ倒してるよな
Furuichi: An akubabah... / The one Hilda's once been riding on....? / If that's so, you once have beaten it.

Oga: Yeah.

Lamia: Is that so?

バカもの!!|言っておくが 野性の アクババは・・・
Hilda: Idiots!! I shall tell you, that a wild akubaba is...

All: Hmmm?

Hilda: Enormous.

Akubabah: Gugegegege!!!!


てめぇ ふざけんなよっ!! 完全に別の生物じゃ ねーか!!!
Oga: You gotta be kidding me!!! Are you insane!? the monster looks completely different from what you said!!!

だから 逃げろと 言っておるのだ!!|今 お前達は ヴラド全域に 敵として認識 されたのだ!!
Hilda: That's why I told you to take your heels!! / You are now labeled as Vlad's enemies!

はぁ!? じゃあ どこ逃げたって・・・
Oga: Huh!? Running away is meaningless...

Akubabah: Gugyaaaaa

Oga/Furuichi: !!?

Oga: Baby Beel!!

・・・・・・っ すげぇ!!|魔界に来て ぺワーアップ してんのか!!
Someone: Awe... awesome!! / Did he gain a poweup after coming to the Hell!!?

フン・・・本来の 坊ちゃまの力に 助けられた様だな|だが 油断するな 私の言う事を しっかり聞け|今から お前達には|アランドロンの娘を 探して貰う
Hilda: Hmmm... What saved you is Baby's true power. / However, you must not lower your guard down. / What you have to do from now on. / Is to find Alaindelon's daughter.

Side: Where!? Who!?

Aliens: .........

Ending line: ...Bub 42 / The End > In the next issue, Will the daughter appear!? / Look for the answer after the New Year!

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