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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Beelzebub 42

He died.

+ posted by shadow-skill as translation on Dec 17, 2009 13:56 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 42

I know it's been a while since I released something, there were some problems that had to be dealt with and were. Those who needed to know (Cross and Zambo) do know and that's all who will know. Medaka 32 is coming later today, and 33 saturday or sunday.

This is for Keishou scans' only.

page 1

left of panel) A lot of things happened, and we ended up in the demon world!! Now... something is there!!
b1) Yoppulu
b2) Yoppulu-me
b3) Nu!

page 2

b1) Furuichi, there's something there.
b2) Should I hit him?
b3) Wait, wait. // I think it's trying to communicate with us.
b4) It's not necessarily trying to harm us.
b5) Yoppulu
b6) I think we should say 'yoppulu' back.
b7) Are you serious? That's a greeting?
b8) Yo...

page 3

b2) YOPPULU!!!
b3) Yopo!

page 4

title) He died.
right of panel) Pleasant! Thrilling! I big mistake!? The start of baby Beel's demon world adventure!!

page 5

b1) What the...
b2) hell have you two done?
b3) huh?
b4) That's because he suddenly started to attack us.
b5) He was just trying to greet you!!
b6) Yoppulu aliens are the nicest demons in this area!!
panel) Yoppulu aliens? // They're aliens? // But you also said demons...
b7) How was I supposed to know that.
b8) This is a nightmare... Humans came with me to the demon world...
b9) And to make matters worse,

page 6

panel1) We're in Vlad's haunt!
b1) Vlad's haunt?
b2) What's that?
panel2) Vlad's haunt... // There was an influential demon who went to investigate this place, and after returning, people started calling it that. // Because Vlad said 'that place is really scary!!'

page 7

panel) This is a really, REALLY dangerous place! There are tons of wild animals, and aborigines!!
b1) What the hell...
b2) Well, none of that matters to us.
b2) Yeah... we just need to return home through Alain Delon.
b3) What are you...
b4) Oh yeah!
b5) Alain Delon!!

page 8

b1) yes.
2b) haa
b3) Well, sorry to inform you...
b4) haa
b5) I don't know if it was because of the overload of people...
b6) cough
b7) I'm in this state.
b8) He looks like a rag doll!!

page 9

b1,2) haa
b3) It looks like...
b4) the transfer point was off.
b5) fufu... // But don't worry about this wound.
b6) If I rest a little, it'll heal.
b7) Ah... I'm starting to feel better already.
b8) Alain Delon!!
b9) If you die, what are we supposed to do!?
b0) He's absolutely right!!
b1) Don't die!! If you die, I'll kill you!!
b2) Don't give me that... I'm not going to die here...
b3,4) haa
b5) It's going to be my daughter's birthday. // I already promised to buy her a dress.

page 10

b1) Lamia!! You're a doctor right?
b2) Then do something!!
b3) I have been!! // But without the head doctor, I can't do anything about a wound like this.
b4) That's right!! Where is Forkus?
b5) He's the only one that was transfered to the proper spot.
b6) Heeeeeyyyyy // you're seriously trying to die aren't you?
b7) Lamia-dono...
b8) I... leave...
b9) the rest in...
b0) your...
b1) hands...

page 11

b1) Alain Delon!!
b2) Hey, enough with the jokes!!
b3) Open your damn eyes!!
b4) This isn't the time for you to be dying!!
b5) Heeeey!!!
b6) Merciless...
bubble sfx.1,2) beep(x5)
b7) A transmitter!!
b8) A cell phone?
b9) How do you use it?
b0) Give it to me!!

page 12

b1) Hello?
b2) This is Lamia...
b3) Are you guys alright?
b4) Hilda nee-san!!
b5) I got a call from Forkus...
b6) Hilda, why are you the only...
b7) Hilda-san!!
b8) Adah
b9) But I feel better now,
b0) you guys all seem fine.

page 13

b1) Actually... Alain Delon has...
b2) yeah, I know.
b3) Where are you guys?
b4) Okay.
b5) You're in Vlad's haunt.
b6) Things aren't looking good for you guys.
b7) That's an area where even the kingdom can't do anything about. // Of places to land, you land there.
b8) huh...
b9) What's so bad about it?
b0) I hope you didn't harm a native...
b1) Well...
b2) You did!!?

page 14

b1) What happened? What was that noise?
b2) HEY!

page 15

b1) A Yoppulu alien!?
b2) You fools! Those guys are the guards of that area!!
b3) He's calling for back up!
b4) B-back up?
b5) An akubaba!!
b6) Get out of there fast!! // I'll do my best to support you from here!!
b7) An akubaba?
b8) Oh you mean that bird that Hilda-san was riding on.
b9) If so, you've already beaten one.
b0) Damn right.
b1) Really?
b2) Idiots!
b3) A wild Akubaba is...
b4) hm?

page 16

b1) HUGE!!

page 17

b2) You damn liar!! That's a totally different species!!
b3) That's why I was warning you to run!! // You've been identified as enemies of Vlad's haunt.
b4) What? If that's the case, it doesn't matter where...

page 18

b1) Gugyaaaahhh
b2) Baby beel.

page 19

b1,3) gyaah
b2) Whoa!!
b4) Did he power up after coming to the demon world?
b5) hmph, from the sound of it, you were saved by the masters true powers.
b6) But don't drop your guard, and do exactly as I tell you to,
b7) What you guys need to do,
b8) is find Alain Delon's daughter.
left of panel) Where!? Who!?

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#1. by AnymX ()
Posted on Dec 17, 2009
That was fast... Thanks.
About Madeka: you meant to say 31 and 32 right? ^_^
#2. by zambo92 ()
Posted on Dec 17, 2009
Thanks for awesome tl dude, you should expect to see some more Jewels coming your way soon ;)

And released as quick and with best quality cleaning I could :D
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