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Lock On! 1

The first shot: In Service High School Pro Photographer, Sanada.

+ posted by kenji_37 as translation on Feb 21, 2010 09:27 | Go to Lock On!

-> RTS Page for Lock On! 1

for redhawk, but you can use it for international translation

Page 1

He suddenly appears
And says that word…


blue writings: What’s with him, saying that all of sudden!

Page 2-3
I love your appearance!
Let me take your picture!

Blue wordings: The wolf will not let his prey escape
Here comes the best “High School Photographer”!!

Big blue wordings: New series!! With opening color pages! 56 pages!

Words above the logo: Look at the reflection of the new future. Hear the beginning of a legend that will be passed on!
To make your sleepy eyes wide open, JUMP shoots you with the first “hit to your five senses new series”!!

Words below the logo (the chapter title actually): The first shot: In Service High School Pro Photographer, Sanada.

Page 4
What the hell was he saying!?
Since I was born, this is my first time hearing “that” word, and it makes me, Kurihara Niko, feel so uneasy.
Star: of course I’m trembling!!

Erm… I’m going to ask you this, just to be sure…
This is the first time we’ve met, isn’t it?
Yeah… about 10 seconds ago…
I’m a transfer student, and this is the first time I came to this very school.

You know

People don’t say they love someone after meeting them for just 10 seconds
Because it’s nonsense.

From now on, be more careful about it.

Page 5

It’s not like I’m confessing to you
I just love your appearance, so I wanted to take your pictures


I see…
Sorry, sorry, I misunderstood a bit there…
It’s ok…
People misunderstand me sometimes….

That’s even more ridiculous!!
No one will let you take pictures of them after you say things like that!!
Is that so?
Yes it is!!

Page 6
Good morning, Niko!

Good morning!

Eh? Who’s this?
A complete stranger…


Let me take your picture!
You just ask everyone you see, don’t you!!

Page 7

There are girls who let me do it…
Why are you letting him take it!
Eh? Sorry… am I being too bold?

It’s not like you can have your pictures taken by a professional photographer everyday…

Eh… so you know about that…
It’s in the magazine, you know!

Sorry for the late self-introduction….

Page 8
I’m Sanada Utsuru, the pro photographer…
And I’m not some suspicious person…
The card: In Service High School
Freelance Photographer
Sanada Utsuru

This is my card…


Excuse me…

When I look at something beautiful, I get so excited that it gives me nosebleeds…
You’re so suspicious!!

Page 9
I sort of realized it before
But now it’s clear!

This man is…

Ever since I was small, I’ve been popular with
In other words, with the perverts!

While my friends bragged about their refreshing, sweet and sour youths….
I was popular with the perverts
Damn you!!

Then let me take…

Page 10
Back off, you pervert
If you keep being so persistent…


I’ll kick you

Page 11
This is…

A pointed kick with weight on it!

Beautiful, isn’t it!
Someone experienced with karate, huh…

Then, the lines of her leg approaching at high speed…

Above that, the “sure kill” fighting spirit fills her
Unwavering looks!!!


Page 12


Did I overdo it?

Page 13
Nice Kick!

There is no effect!?

Looks like it’s taking effect…

So there was an effect!!

Sanada-kun, are you ok!?

Thanks, I’m fine…

By the way…
Just now, that was my fault.

Page 14
Th-that it…
You are…

I was ensnared by your charm and couldn’t avoid it
It was my fault!

Wha… wha…
What’s with him!?
Hyu… hyuu…

Niko, you’re popular, aren’t you!
Well, with perverts…

Here is Sanada-kun. From today onwards, he will be your classmate…
Looks like we’re in the same class! Lucky!
This is the worst!

Page 15
Sanada took all of these?
This one is cute~

I’ll take this pic…
As I thought, Sanada-kun, you’re a famous person, aren’t you?


I want to be even more famous!

Yeah, more!

Page 16
Appears on the front page of magazines

Fills photo albums everywhere…

Appears in ‘Top Runner’ and ‘Passion Continent’!!!

I want to be an extremely famous and very top class photographer!!

It’s because I love girls and money so much!!!
Uwah… What a bad speech…

Page 17
Uwa… a risqué bikini…
It’s almost like she’s naked…

Are you interested?

Of course not! An erotic book like this!

I feel bad because I kicked you due to a misunderstanding but
Like I thought, guys are always thinks about erotic things!!

Looks like I didn’t misunderstand at all!

Wait! Kurihara Niko!

Page 18
You did misunderstand me
Erotic pictures are not the only things I take

What is this? Poppon teen?
It’s a fashion magazine
Do you recognize the girl on this cover?

Of course
She is the popular Matsuri-chan, isn’t she?
She appeared in some recent commercials…
I’m kind of her fan…

That girl, I scouted her

The fact that the girls Sanada-kun scouts sell is kinda well known in the industry
Industry? Why does Yuki know about this?

Page 19
I want to scout you

You always put your scary face on
As if you’re telling the guys to stay away

What a waste
I want to see your smile


When you’re smiling in a bikini, I want to take that…

I refuse!!!

Page 20
Is that so?
Then it can’t be helped

The pictures that I want to take
I will take it, no matter what!!!
His true nature appears!!

I beg you, please let me take it!!!
Tn: Dogeza is the lowest form of bowing, the ultimate ‘please’ when asking for something in Japan.

Page 21
Wha… What’s with you, doing that… I won’t be fooled!
You just want to take erotic pictures, don’t you!?

It is true that taking pictures of girls is my job and also my hobby…

And I admit, if I want to take the picture, it doesn’t matter who it is

Ehh~ you’re saying things like that while you’re in dogeza
You’re the worst!

But your appearance!!

I really love it!!!


Let me scout you!!!

Page 22

Eh? It’s dark in here…
Are we having a blackout?

Instead of a blackout, I will knock you ‘out’!!!

I can’t believe it!

Sanada, are you alright?
That one was your fault…
Ugh, what happened?

Page 23
I think it is better for you to give up on Kurihara
Yeah, yeah
She’s got a sharp stare, and she’s also violent

Niko isn’t that bad!!

It’s true that she is a little bit violent
And her eyes are kind of hard…
And she’s cold towards guys, but…

Niko is a good girl!!

That doesn’t add up at all…

She doesn’t trust guys, huh?
Well, up until now, all she met was just a bunch of worthless guys…

I pity her
Erm, actually I think you’re also included in that group of people.

Page 24
In other words, if we can remove that ‘distrustful’ feeling from her…
Then I can take Niko’s smiling face, right?

Hey guys!
We’re going to get closer to Niko by being friendly to her
That way, we can win her trust!
What’s with that, I don’t want to; or should I say, that is impossible
If this doesn’t work, we’ll get kicked, you know!

This is for the sake of me getting great pictures
It can’t be helped.
It should be avoided!
Are you stupid?!

How to get Niko to feel comfortable with guys…

Ah! I think I have a good idea!

This Sunday?
I’m free…

Where do you want to go?

Page 25
The amusement park!

Is everyone here?
I’m going to do the roll call!

Huh, the whole class!?

Page 26
Today’s meeting is for Sanada-kun’s Welcoming party and also
To deepen the friendship between the people in our class!
Everyone, let’s get along and have fun together!

I don’t give a damn about my welcoming party!
I just want to be in charge of taking photos, so people, show me your smiles!
Especially the girls!!

For the guys… well… I’ll take it bit by bit…

You don’t have to take mine…
Or should I say, if you take mine, I will kick you
Of course!

Page 27
I’m professional…
If I don’t have your permission, I won’t take your pictures!

But if your picture is accidentally taken while I’m taking the photos of others,
Then, it can’t be helped! Right!
What’s with that unreasonable statement!

By the way, why are you wearing the school uniform?
I’m a guy, so it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing!
Oh, I see~
TN: that’s because he was planning to take the girls pic only XD

By the way, there are a lot of people gathered here
There are even people from the other class…
I invited them and it seems like most of them are coming!

Niko, why don’t you use this chance and make some guy friends?
It seems like there are a lot of good guys here…

Yuki-chan, come here for a while~
Could it be, that’s the whole reason…

Shirai Yuki is quite popular, isn’t she?
Yuki has always been like that since back then…

Always smiling and cheerful,
She’s kind to everybody
And she’s popular with the guys and also the girls, you know…

Page 28
Even though we are childhood friends…
I kind of admire her a little…

Ehh… You admire her huh?
What? Is that weird?
No, it’s a relief, actually

If she admires Yuki, then it means…
There is an opening that I can make use of!

Take any of the photo albums
That you want!

You’re really gonna give me that Aya-chan photo album, right?
Alright, let’s go!
TN: Aya chan? Hirano Aya? Gimme 1 copy please!

Page 29
Kurihara-san, you want to eat this?

Kurihara-san, you want to ride that?

Hey, Kurihara-san~

The guys that rarely make contact with me are being unusually friendly…


Did Yuki ask you guys to do something?
She’s sharp!
But it’s actually Sanada…

Wha… what bad acting…
Hey~ hey~ what are you doing?

Page 30


Everyone wants to ride that…
Do you want to join us, Kurihara?

Who is he?
Ah… He is a guy from the next class…

Ah... I think I have to refuse…

But if it’s Yuki…


Page 31
Yeah, I’ll ride it
Well, since I’m already here
Is that so? That’s great!

That guy is aiming for the photo album, too, huh?

I don’t know that guy, who is he?
He is Fushimi-kun, a guy from the next class
He seems to be quiet, but he is a gentleman and a nice guy.

Could it be that Fushimi kun…
Has feelings for Niko?

Sanada-kun loves Niko too, don’t you?
Is it ok for you not to join them?
Why?... well

I love Niko’s appearance…
As long as I can take beautiful pictures, I’m ok with that…
Is… is that so?


Page 32
I don’t really know about love affairs…
Because they can’t be seen…

I have a superb pair of eyes
That’s why I love what I see…

Especially when I see girls, my heart thumps….
The breasts, the butts, and the lines of their legs are beautiful…

They arouse me….
Thus the nosebleeds…

If that is love, then I’m a guy with lots of love…
I think that is called ‘desire’

But what I love to see the most is…
Their smiling faces, I guess…

Page 33
I want to see Niko when she smiles
I bet it’s beautiful…


That’s why we have to follow her secretly,
And wait for a shutter chance…
I don’t know if he is pure or actually impure to begin with…

Isn’t this scary, Kurihara-san…


Page 34

Haaa… haa…
I thought I was going to die…
I shouldn’t do things that I’m not used to…

If I don’t go now…

Are you ok?
Here, drink this

Ah… thanks…
It’s ok…
Everyone is gathering there…

He’s waiting for me…
How nice…

Page 35
Even if they’re guys, there are a lot of nice ones out there, you know…

Hey, look at that!
Oohh… sweet~

Hey you~

Let’s go and have some fun somewhere
Well, we’re at an amusement park anyway… hahahaha
Just leave that weakling…

Somehow, the strange ones are coming

The ones that approach me are always these kinds of people
Guys are really worthless…
Don’t give me that scary face…
You want to have some fun right?

Page 36
Please stop it!!


This is the first time a guy protected me…
Ooh… Cool huh?

But kid…
Don’t mess with the


Wahahaha… This guy is light!!!

Page 37
What are you doing!!



Fushimi-kun, are you alright?

Page 38
Well, of course it is…
Usually, people will run, right?

I was teased by guys like these
Even so, he stepped forward and protected me…
That guy, ah… damn it…

I’m the one who is wrong because I didn’t run away with him

Page 39
I am…


Page 40
You bitch!!!!!

Page 41
Page 42

What’s wrong with you!!?
That’s my line…

You ruined it when the best part was coming …!

Niko was having so much fun!!
And I was about to see a good smile of hers…

Page 43
But you selfishly turned it into tears…

You extras don’t have to butt in!!!

Page 44
Extra!? Don’t you look down on me!!
Ehh? What are you doing, sempai?

Didn’t you come here to pick up some chicks?
If you’re going to have some fight, let us join…

Sanada… let’s run

Take this and run…

Page 44
It’s dangerous, Sanada!
There are five of them, you know!!
No problem…
I am just removing some photographing hindrances…

Then take this…


Don’t act cool!!
In front of a girl!!!

Don’t worry…

Page 46
Will not be fascinated by guys…

Page 47

Page 48

Page 49

Page 50
As I thought,
Looking at guys is not fun at all
TN: unless you’re gay

You’re kidding…

Page 51
Give me my eye patch…
Wha… what the hell are you?
Why are you so strong?

Your right eye isn’t hurt?
Why are you wearing an eye patch even though you can see?

And then, after dodging all the attacks
Why is your nose bleeding!!?

You have lots of questions, don’t you…
Well, to put it simply…

I’m a photographer!

Page 52
That’s too simple!
I can’t understand it!!

Rather than thinking about that, look…

When he realized that you did not run away, he came back
The guys are gathering around here…
Small bubble: What? They already got beaten?

It’s true that Fushimi ran away without looking back, but…
It’s also true that you started to fight without looking back either, isn’t it?

Page 53
You’re both the same, aren’t you?


Looks like I’m kinda stupid, aren’t I?

Page 54

I took it without thinking…

Even though it’s good… I have to delete it…

I won’t take your picture without your permission…

Looks like he is unexpectedly honest, huh…

That’s ok…
You don’t have to delete it…

Page 55
Good morning, Niko!
Yuki! Good morning

Did you make some guy friends?

What the hell are you saying this early in the morning…

Good morning…

Good morning, Sanada-kun…
God morning…

Friends… huh?
Well, if we are friends…

Page 56

What are you doing so suddenly!
Didn’t you say that it was ok not to delete your pictures?

Which means it’s ok if I take some more, isn’t it?
I’ll take them, take them all!!
Wait, you’re too close!
You even got a nosebleed!

Looks like this guy…
Is not my friend!!

Don’t take it, pervert!!
What a nice kick!

Star: The school life of the perverted photographer Sanada Utsuru and Niko is starting!!

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