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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Lock On! 2

2nd Shot: Shutter Eye

+ posted by kenji_37 as translation on Mar 7, 2010 10:09 | Go to Lock On!

-> RTS Page for Lock On! 2

for redhawk only

Page 1
All the things that I wanted
I will get it all by using this ‘eye’!!

2nd Shot: Shutter Eye

Page 2
Star: That restless guy, today too, at the school..!?


Kurihara Niko!!
Let me take your pictures!

Don’t come any closer

Because it’s disgusting

Side: wipe off your nosebleed!

Page 3
I thought you allowed me to capture that lovely smile of yours back then?
I… I just happened to be in a good mood that day.

Niko is cute~
Wha~ she’s smiling….
Don’t look! it’s embarrassing!!

This is not something that you should be embarrassed of
It’s really fascinating

He is Sanada Utsuru, the new transfer student…..
A Pro Photographer while being a high school student.

Page 4
A pervert who’s approaching me with his nose bleed as he take pictures…..
The pictures that I want to take
I will take it no matter what!!!
Honestly, as long I want to take it, I don’t care who it is!!!
I thought he was just a detestable guy….

You both are the same isn’t it?
Could it be that he is actually a nice guy…

An incomprehensible guy huh…..
Ah, that’s good~

This smile is really sweet…..

Page 5
I can’t hold it

Kurihara Niko

Please smile like this!
Come on!

Like I would!

Looks like he was just a pervert!

Page 6
Well, let’s go….
What a pain…

Where is everyone going to?
You too, don’t slack off

Where do I clean?
Who knows?

Ah… it hasn’t been decided yet?
Ho..ho..ho.. Sorry!
Go wherever you like!
Sign: Homeroom teacher
Taguchi Sensei

While you’re at it, please decide about the committee too….
Tell me when it’s all decided

Page 7
Niko, what do you do?
What? Why do you ask?
I love your appearance
So I would love to see you do work like cleaning or the committee jobs and all

That’s why I want to have the same duty as you!
What a clear motive!
Plus, he is saying it confidently in front of the person herself!

I won’t tell you!
If I know that you’re going to stare at me, why would I tell you?

Don’t say that and please tell me
The classroom? Shoe rack?
I said I wouldn’t!

Page 8
Broadcasting room?
Discipline room?


So you are in charge of shoe rack and the gym huh…
Then let me do it too!

Why !?

Did you intend to hide it?
I’ll know when I see it…
Well, I’m a photographer after all

Page 9
A… a photographer will know just by looking at it?
Amazing isn’t it, the photographer…..
Like hell that was true!

After all, you just asked about it from someone didn’t you?
You just did a pointless act you know…
Act you say?

This is unexpected!
I can see through all sorts of things

a…all sorts of things..?

Your height, your weight and of course….
You three sizes, I’ll know when I see it.
What did you say!!?

Page 10
Kurihara’s three sizes!?

li..like hell you can know it just by looking…

we’ll see that…..

He got it all correct!!!

By the way….

You are wearing a bra that is one size smaller, aren’t you?
I know you want to make it look smaller, but
It’s bad for your body, so stop it…


Page 11
How did you get that info!
You stalker!!


Ha..ha… like I’ll do that…..
Yeah, Niko you said too much!

Stalkers are people who investigate your private matters, they persistently approach you and do things that you don’t like, right?

Approaches her because he wants to take pictures
Approaches her while he’s having a nosebleed, so it’s disgusting
Knows all sorts of information regarding Niko’s personal matters…

Stalker isn’t it!

Page 12
Taking pictures is your job…
Since you won’t take my pictures without my approval,
I thought you’re not a bad person, but….

You selfishly investigated things about me
You’re the worst!

That’s right, no matter how you think about it, he knows too much!
Sanada-kun does that kind of thing huh…..

This is a misunderstanding!
I wouldn’t do such things!!

Then, how did you know all sorts of things about me!
Because I’m a photographer!
Like I can comprehend that!!

It’s my observation!
A photographer observes his model closely….

Page 13
All human appearances will give off some info
Even if they appear to be happily smiling or are simply being expressionless,
If that was an act, the stiffness and the peculiarity will show
To take the non acting, natural expression is also a skill of the professionals
My observation will see trough that…

The reason I could tell where you were assigned to is because
I saw through the changes in your appearance…
About the three sizes, I simply compared it with what I used to see…
I…I don’t believe that

When you talk, you can say anything you want about it!

Even if you’re a photographer, there is no way in hell you can do that!!

I Know….
I know you don’t believe my words

Page 14
I’m sorry because I made you mad
About my duty, you can give me anything that you want me to do….

Hey… Niko……

Sanada-kun is the kind
Who goes straight into your face, isn’t he?

He confidently says “let me take your pictures” right?

That kind of Sanada-kun secretly investigates about Niko,
I wonder why he would use such an indirect method…

Page 15
He seems to be the kind of person who will ask you directly if he wants to know something, doesn’t he?
“What are your three sizes” he’ll ask…


Let’s do janken!
TN: Janken =rock, paper, scissors game XD


Page 16
If you win, you’ll have the same duty as me
If its janken, I can accept it by thinking that was a bad luck

Are you sure?

I don’t believe your words but…
Suspecting you when I don’t have any proof is not good either!


You’re cool! Niko!
Yeah, you’re a gentleman!
I don’t feel like they are praising me….

Are you really fine with that?

Page 17
Are you sure you want to settle it with janken…
I’m super good at it….

What with that…
Is there good or bad in this game?

This is perfect….

I will prove it to you…
The extent of my powers of observation!!

He took off the eye patch!
He can actually see!?

Page 18
Bubble: I…..
Bubble: Will not be fascinated by guys….
Again.. he also took it off right before the fight on the other day…..
His opponents couldn’t even land a single hit on him…

Is there any secret behind his “eye”?

Three-minute battle…
Three minutes? Not three times?

In three minutes, if you can win against me even once,
It’s your win…

What’s with that!
Its janken isn’t it?
It’s just luck!

Don’t look down on me!!

Page 19




Page 20
Its looks like a fight….
10 seconds elapsed…



30 seconds elapsed
Somehow Sanada is amazing, how many winning streaks?


Page 21
2 minutes later…

Is this for real?

How many winning streaks?
I don’t know….
He didn’t lose.. not even once……

If you leave that aside…

I can’t even
Draw with him once!!

Page 22
You’re really good…! How come?

Like I said
It’s the observation….

Besides, my eye is called “Shutter eye”
It’s a little special….

Shutter eye?

Sceneries and creatures
Possess an enormous amount of information
Everything seen is memorized in an instant
And the ability to not forget it….
That is shutter eye….

Human’s forms and movements….
The stiffness and peculiarity when they are acting….
I observe it all….
And remember it perfectly…..

Page 23
Even for rapid movements like the janken game…
My special eye can observe it….

It’s just… by using this eye I see too much that it makes me really tired….

And the nosebleed cannot be stopped!
I don’t want that to happen…
Of course you don’t want that to happen!!

The number of times that I lose in Janken when I use this eye is

Not even once…..

Are you serious!?
Is that possible?
Side: it’s a foul play then!!

Page 24
I don’t believe it but…
By the look of things now I would have to believe it!
By the look of things, I’ll have to believe it!

The strength of Sanada’s eyes…
The caliber of Sanada’s eyes…
Is on a different level of what we all think as good eyesight….
Is beyond the quality of what we all imagine...

The insight from another dimension!!!

You..you know…
It seems like Sanada-kun really does have good eyesight
And thus the misunderstanding has all been cleared up

So, it’s ok if you lose…?
It’s not!!

Page 25
I don’t really care about the reason why we fight!
I don’t want to lose!!
You hate to lose huh….

Ah! I have a good idea…

There is a way to win!
You just have to play janken like you used to

Just leave it to me!

Have you made your decision!?
Here I go!


Page 26

This is called “nailing down Sanada-kun’s eye” plan!

Everyone is being nailed down…..

Page 27
And she loses!!

Well, don’t be so down….
Don’t mind, don’t mind!
Both of you are the ones to be blamed!!
Star: damaged after being seen…..

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