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To-LOVE-Ru 131

The Queen's Resistance

+ posted by kenji_37 as translation on Jan 1, 2009 10:01 | Go to To-LOVE-Ru

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reserved to redhawkcans

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To love ru 131: The queen's resistance

Page 1
[topleft: the piercing and piled up snow…. ]
[bottom left: the piercing and piled up interest…]
Celine: mauuuu….U…
Lala: what wrong celine?
[tn: the book titled the cow’s secret]
Lala:eh? Can it be that you want to be breast feed? // hmmm… but mine doesn’t have any milk…. // thats it! Rito, come here come here….

Page 2
Lala: there… riko, give her your breast…..
Riko: Like I would!! // don’t thoughtlessly change me to a girl! Change me back! Fast!!
Lala: eh?

Page 3
[top left: what happened!?]
Riko: !?
Lala: Saki!
Saki: …….// I will be under your care, for a while….
Title: the queen’s resistance

Page 4
Saki: honestly… what a small house this is…. // don’t you have a bigger room?
Rito: even if you said that…. // what with her!? Suddenly barged in…
Saki: by the way, I see Riko back then… can it be, you are planing to do some bad things? Yuuki Rito!?

Page 5
Rito: th… that not it…. It just a misunderstanding… // Riko is my relative…// since she have something to do, she already go home….
Saki: so, you and Riko are two different people? // but, back then, did you said ‘ Im changed back to a boy’ did you?
Rito: well, maybe it’s your imagination….// right lala!
Lala: yep! Even Saruyama knows they are relatives…
Saki: its ok, then….. // it’s not the time to talk about that….

Page 6
Saki: the truth is…. // I ran away from home….
Rito: eh!!? // Ran away!!
Lala: don’t do it…You shouldn’t run away from home…
Rito: you are not in the place to say that….//[ to think of it, those two servants is not with her…] // but why are you ran away from home?

Page 7
Saki:My father suddenly force me to further my studies abroad…. // I said I don’t want to but, my father is the type that wont listen to other once he made a decision. // but this time I won’t step back…. // without thinking…I ran away from home….
Rito: This situation is almost like Lala’s
Lala: Saki….

Page 8
Miikan: I don’t know if this suite your taste or not… // please….
Saki: ahh , thanks // hmmm… what a tasty herbal tea… // what a sensible little sister…. Diffrent from yuuki Rito // fuh… // because of that….

Page 9
Saki: I will hide here for a while… // My father wont think I will be at a commoners house like this! // the truth is, I want to go to Zastin’s place…but he is busy with his work… // ahh, what a brave girl I am!
Rito: so, its ok for you to bother us…. // so, what should we do?
Mikan: Looks like we can’t refuse her…..

Page 10
Father: oh… // that Saki… being a stubborn girl… // right now, the process of changing the school and her accommodation is over…. // the only thing left is Saki…
[sign: President of Tenjouin Group
Tenjouin Ryuuga
Father: solve that matter fast….. // since this is the decision I made….

Page 11
Butler: I got it, master… // don’t worry //Soon, I will bring Ojousama home….
[sign:Tenjouin House Head Butler
Kujou Kai ]
Butler: in order to get Saki sama home, we must use appropriate person…

Page 12
Saki: aah! What a delicious food! It even tastier than food prepared by my home’s cook, Mikan! // honestly, it a waste for you to become Yuuki Rito’s little sister…
Mikan: As she said, Rito….
Rito: Im sooo Happy….

Page 13
Mikan: Tenjouin Saki san…. // I heard she is an unreasonable person….but she is different from what I Imagine…
Rito: how she is different?
Mikan: Isn’t she cute…
Rito: you… I think that is her outer appearance….
Mikan: I don’t think it just her outer appearance….

Page 14
Saki: fuh! What a small bathroom! // Aya // Rin // I wonder if I made them worry by running away without telling them…

Page 15:
Celine: mau….
Celine: mau?
Saki: ……….. // this kid isn’t human. She is some kind of plant incarnation….. That what I heard… // honestly, the person around lala is always mysterious….// what’s the matter?
Celine: mauuu

Page 16
Saki:!!? / wai… what are you doing…
Celine: mau…
Saki: !! // he..hey stop it!! / hiyaa! // hey!

Page 17
Saki: when disciplining the kids do it properly! I want you to do that!
Rito: Im sorry!!{side: why me?}
Peke: celine dono should be growing but she seems like regressing to a baby….
Lala: you’re right…
Car: Pinpoint

Page 18
Rito: ah!
Saki: Aya! Rin!!
Aya: Saki sama…I just thinking that probably you will be here…

Page 19
Saki: Are you searching for me because you’re worried about me? I’m sorry!
Aya: no…. // because of your father, Ryuuga sama‘s order, I came to pick you up….
Saki: Eh?
[topleft:the trust…. Is cracking]

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#1. by Lsshin ()
Posted on Jan 1, 2009
thanks bro i gotta go to work but as son as i get back i will edit the cap
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