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To-LOVE-Ru 135

Trouble Game 3

+ posted by kenji_37 as translation on Feb 7, 2009 03:15 | Go to To-LOVE-Ru

-> RTS Page for To-LOVE-Ru 135

for redhawk only

int translator can use as refrence

proofread ed version

To Love Ru 135: Trouble game 3

Page 1
[instruction: Special event: love’s elopement]
Momo: alright! // let’s get started!
Haruna: ah! // love’s elopement?
[bottom left: where will those two go!?]

Page 2
Haruna: ……….// this is…. // !? // it can’t be a…. //Church!
[top right: It’s a…]
[bottom right: wedding!?]
[title: Trouble game 3]

Page 3
Haruna: huh! Don’t tell me, Yuuki-kun and I will….
Rito: Sairenji….
Haruna: Yuuki-kun…. // I love you // kyaa~ that is too much even for a game…. // Yuuki-kun?

Page 4
Haruna: ehh!!
[All other players will be participating as guests]
Lala: wah… Haruna, you look pretty in that dress…
Saru: Sairenji! Because this is a game, please bear with it!
Haruna: with what?

Page 5
Haruna: hah!!?
Rito: Please stop this wedding!
Haruna: Yuuki-kun!?

Page 6
Rito: uwoooh!! //even if this is just a game, I won’t give Haruna to Saruyama! // ……..
Lala: Go for it! Rito!
Yui: What kind of situation is this?

Page 7
Nana: Ooh! This is quite an exciting predicament!
Momo: Rito-san…. Even his ‘desperate face’ is lovely….
[Haruna must be happy…]
[Since she loves Rito…]
Momo: Oh my, looks like an obstruction has appeared in front of those two
Rito: what?

Page 8
Oshizu: Haruna-san!! // Rito-san!! // I cannot allow you pass!
Rito: Oshizu-san!!

Page 9
Oshizu: Haruna-san! Please observe my first method...! // ei! Fuuton no Jutsu! // haaa! // wahh. Please don’t look!
Rito: what are you doing…

Page 10
Rito: We’ve ran quite far already…. // where should we keeping running to?
[This kind of makes me happy]
[Even though this is just a game, he’s doing this for my sake….]
[I wish that]
[The two of us could run like this forever…]

Page 11
Haruna: Ahh! I need to stop those weird thoughts!
Celine: mau~
Rito: Celine!? // even you were involved!? // uwah!
Haruna: eh? // kyaaa!! // uwa!!

Page 12
Rito: aww aww // hmm
Celine: mau~ // …………………!!
Haruna: ……..// is it the dress?? // this is embarrassing!!

Page 13
Celine: mau! // !!
Haruna: Don’t!! // Yuuki-kun please don’t look!
Rito: What are you doing!!
Momo: the ‘angry Rito’ is cute…..
Nana: ……..
[box: after that, the game continues…]
[Finally, the 7th round…]

Page 14
Momo: finally, at the end Saruyama had made a big comeback! // its Saruyama’s victory!
saru: YEAH!!!
Lala: congrats, Saruyama
Mikan: finally, the game is over….
Haruna: this is embarrassing! I’ve accidentally allowed Yuuki-kun to see my embarrassing parts!

Page 15
Saru: Hey, there’s a prize for the winner isn’t it Momo-chan?
Momo: yes~ // this is the prize….
Nana: tada~
Saru: Nana-chan!?

Page 16
Saruyama: Could it be that the prize is a date with Nana-chan? // but I’m not interested in flat chested girls….
Nana: Sorry for being flat chested! // don’t get me wrong / the prize is here….

Page 17
Nana: One of many rare species in universe, the Crimson turtle!! // in this country, having a turtle means good luck, right?
Saruyama: kyaa!!
Lala: Wasn’t this fun?
Rito: I’m glad that I didn’t win…
Saru:[aside: don’t come here!]
[Even though he has won...he's still in trouble!!]

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#1. by Lsshin ()
Posted on Feb 7, 2009
hey bro came 2 drop the usual love XD, I haven't been doing tlr for like a month, sin I gots no internet at home or work im stuck harddd, guess u won't hear me bragging about my quality for a while XD..
pd. I still curse u jjajaa jk bro
#2. by Amit ()
Posted on Feb 7, 2009
Really fast Kenji.
Level [C] Translator

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