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Bakuman 34

Those Who Chase and Those Who are Chased

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 17, 2009 19:35 | Go to Bakuman

-> RTS Page for Bakuman 34

This is a translation for the scanlation group Akatsuki. This is only the second half, (Or rather, the second 6/11ths because I started one page early) the first half was done by Tsuchikage. When he puts his up I'll put a link here.
It was a lot easier to do with 2 people splitting the work, still it's way hard for both of us and we probably aren't gonna continue it. Also it took Akatsuki like 8 hours after longer than it took to translate to finish cleaning and typsetting it so it's out comparatively late.

Link to Part 1:

Page 11:
Fukuda: Dammit--- That Ashirogi---
Phone: Pi pi pi
Miyoshi: Ah, did Miho's reply come!?
Shujin: No, that sound isn't for mail, it's a phone call.
Mashiro: It's Fukuda-san.
Phone: Pi
Shujin: Eh?
Fukuda: Ashiorogikun, congradulatioooooons! I completely lost again! It's totally mortifying!!
Shujin (on page): His voice is so loud.
Fukuda: Got this? Next serialization meeting we'll definitely make it! When that time comes, I won't be something like the cut-off pick!
Saiko: Okay, thank you very much.
Fukuda: Anyway, become a popular mangaka and wait for me. I'll catch up for sure!! Got it!?
Eiji: It's like the Ashirogi-sensei from that time...
Flashback Saiko: Please make sure you continue to be serialized until we're serialized.
Eiji: Roger.

Page 12:
Eiji: Could you let me say congratulations too?
Fukuda: I'm handing it to Niizuma-kun.
Shujin: Eiji...
Eiji: Ashirogi-sensei, congratulations.
Like I promised, I've waited and continued to be serialized.
I'll be glad we'll be able to compete. I won't lose. It'll be awesome.
Saiko: Yeah.
I think it's because you're there that we were able to get serialized. Good luck from here.

Page 13:
Eiji: Absolutely, gook luck to you, too.
Fukuda: Hey, hey, these two sure are lucky to both be fellow serialized
authors, dammit.
Nakai: Rivals...?
Fukuda-kun, next time I'll definitely get serialized!
Fukuda: Eh? Yeah, of course!! You can't lose to someone younger than you!
Naikai: ......... Uh... Yeah.
Fukuda: You need to work hard, or you'll get dumped by miss Aoki!
Nakai: No, we're not even dating yet!
Fukuda: Ah, I knew you were going for that.
[small in the same bubble] Hihihi
SFX: Ahahaha
Fukuda (over phone): Ahaha [thi much big] I'm beaten... aw--- hahaha...
[then small up to here] Hihihi[this last part large]
Shujin: Even though both Fukuda-san and Nakai-san lost they're laughing...

Page 14:
Azuki: It went so late.........
It's already 10 o'clock...
A mail!
Phone: Pi
[On Phone]
Serialization get!
Seriously, today at the serialization meeting that "Gitantei Trap" would be serialized was decided!
Azuki: Serialized!
They did it!
Azuki: I'm home
I have to mail back quickly
Azuki's Mother, Miyuki: So late, Mina is already sleeping, please be quiet.
[In case the editors are wondering, Mina is Azuki's younger sister. I looked this up to make sure.]
Azuki: Okay, sorry.

Page 15:
Miyuki: Did you turn down the photobook and then come here?
Azuki: Yes
Miyuki: But I wonder then, why would you have such a smiling face? Especially since you left with such a gloomy face.
Azuki: It doesn't have to do with you, mom.
Miyuki: It has to do with the "Shonen Jump" and "Akamaru Jump"s on to bookshelves, right?
Azuki: You shouldn't just look through the things in your daughter's room.
Miyuki: The "Jump" Is all fine. A long time ago I used to browse them at the bookstores because I liked them.
Both had a one-shot running in them by Ashirogi Muto
That's the one sharing your dream, isn't it?
Azuki: Did you hear that from Kaya?
Miyuki: Noo, I didn't hear it from anyone.
Azuki: Then why do you know that much...

Page 16:
Miyuki: He's the one you like, isn't he?
Azuki: I'm taking a bath and going to bed.
Miyuki: You haven't had dinner yet.
Azuki: I don't need any.
Miyuki: Miho, have you not met with the one you like?
Azuki: Eh!?
Azuki: What are you saying, it's strange for you to be saying that sort of thing.
He's just a friend... If he were the one I liked I would keep it to my...
Miyuki: Is that so? Sorry.
I guess you're not in the same situation your mother was in. I was a bit worried.
Azuki: Same situation?.........

Page 17:
Miyuki: When your mother was in middle school there was a classmate she liked very much.
But writing him a simple letter asking "How are you?" took my all.
After years of exchanging letters, it ended at only that.
Azuki: .......... Just letters.........
That... That's strange...
Miyuki: To not meet for so many years, wouldn't you end up wondering whether he's interested in you or not?
I wouldn't think that, even if that happened I'd continue to believe in him...
Azuki: It's not like that mom. るもし
We're not like that.
Miyuki: ......Then, it's fine.
I've been saying unnecessary things.
Azuki: Mom, um...

Page 18:
Azuki: That we're friend-like mother and daughter, I've always said is nice.
I've always though it's fine we're able to be, but
Miyuki: Ah, I'm glad.
Azuki: There's almost no one who would talk about everything, to the point of talking about the one they like.
Miyuki: You, too?
Azuki: .........Yes, me too.
Miyuki: That's too bad...
理解者 味方 説得 どうしてもやりたかったら
Even still, I want to be your ally that understands you the most, so I'll say what I can.
[This second part is in the same bubble but there's a space between these sentences. So skip a line.]
The photobook... if that's what you really want to do, then I'll help you convince your dad.
Azuki: .........
Thank you.
Good night.
Miyuki: Night.
SFX: Patan
The mail to Mashiro-kun...
And they don't keep regulars, right?
Surviving as a seiyuu is hard, too.
To not even meet for so many years, I just thought "He's lost interest in me, hasn't he?"

Page 19:
Phone: Pipipi
Miyoshi: Kay, I'm going home.
Shujin: It's late.
Saiko: A mail from Azuki.
Miyoshi: It's here!
[Once again, the lines of the phone in the format they're in.]
Azuki Miho
Re: Serialization Get!

My dream to become a seiyuu and Mashiro-kun's dream to become a mangaka
Both of our dreams came true(^v^)
Saiko: ......... Both of our dreams came true...?.........
Miyoshi: N? Congratulations, I love you, right?
It's rare for her to use a letter smiley, this is strange...
! "Our dreams came true"......?

Page 20:
Miyoshi: So then, she's saying you can meet with her now?
Saiko: Th-That's not right, is it?..............
That reminds me of that time in middle school...
Flashback paper: If we change seats again, maybe I could email you. That way we can be together when I become a mangaka even if you aren't a seiyuu!
Seeing that, Azuki smiled.
Shujin: Well, this mail isn't like Azuki.
When their dreams are fulfilled they would marry, that dream was to get an anime version and have Azuki play the heroin, right?
Miyoshi: But for being made into an anime, there's no guarantee it will happen and if it does it won't be for who know how many more years.
So if they both got what they wanted then their dreams have come true, so they can meet, right?
Doesn't it seem like that?
Shujin: Don't go saying "There's no guarantee it will happen" at a time like this.
Saiko: No, we'll meet when we get an anime and the heroin...
Miyoshi: And what if you're the only one thinking that?
Saiko: No, Azuki should think so, too.
Miyoshi: "Should" think so. If she doesn't believe in herself then it'll be a problem, could you ask her over the phone? If it's just about getting an anime and the heroin it's fine, right?
[This is in the smaller lower left part of the bubble] You were able to speak pretty well on the phone before, ya know.

Page 21:
Saiko: That time, she was really excited...
Miyoshi: Even now that you've been serialized, she should be excited, right... So send a mail already.
[Phone thing]
[Top in white on black background] Recieved Mail 001
From Mashiro-kun
Re: Re Serialization Get!
By both of our dreams, it's that me and Shujin would get a manga made into an anime
and that you would be the seiyuu of the heroin, right?
Just to make sure...
Miyoshi: It came fast, just like the usual Miho.
Azuki Miho
Re: Re: Re Serialization Get!
嬉しすぎて まぎらわしい
Yes! I was so excited, was my mail misleading?
Sorry (laugh)
Miyoshi: Theeen, we're going home. You two keep mailing eachother.
See ya tomorrow.
Saiko: But with this mail too, there's something...

Page 22:
Saiko: No, it's my imagination. If there's something Azuki wants to say, she'll definitely say it.
Lightswitch: Pachi
Saiko: Shujin, Miyoshi, wait. I'm going, too.
Azuki: Mashiro-kun...
Box: The Next Day
Shujin: Oooh, we got it really pretty looking.
Now whenever he comes it'll be fine.
Saiko: Miyoshi definitely isn't coming.
Shujin: She's not, she's not.
SFX: Pinpoon (Doorbell)
Ashirogi: He's here! As I'd think, Hattori-san got here at 4:30 on the nose.
Side: Who is this!?
Saiko: Eh, two people!? Ah, is it for explaining our contract and things...?

...Page 34 / End

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