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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Bakuman 34

He who chases and he who is chased

+ posted by shirokuro as translation on Apr 18, 2009 03:17 | Go to Bakuman

-> RTS Page for Bakuman 34

**Just a note: I used to translate Bakuman for Shinratensei's scanlations, but the guy who was coordinating it has gone his own path...so I'm not sure if they're doing Bakuman scans anymore. So, until further notice, my Bakuman translations are no longer explicitly for any group! Thanks :)

Thanks c_k for the helping make edits :D much love.

Chapter 34
He who chases and he who is chased


Takagi: This Takagi speaking

Hattori: Congratulations

Takagi: He says “congratulations”…

Saiko: Yes… // YES!!



Miyoshi: Whaaaaaaaah

Hattori: Takagi-kun!?

Takagi: Oh, yes?

Fukuda: I was rejected again!?

Nakai: Oh I understand…

Yujiro: Well, there were 13 stories that were cut down to 7, and it was really really close to being chosen!

Fukuda: I don’t care if I was close! The results are everything! Shit!

Aida: Yours was also in the bottom 7, and there were 4 newbies within that 7, so it was a pretty tough call

Nakai: I see…


Yujiro: They said that all three of your names are good / but, they’re good as one-shots and if they take one wrong turn, your manga can become a simple gag-comedy manga. If you want to do a story-based manga, you need a foundation to build on…

Fukuda: That’s why I proposed to draw it so that it’s a cliffhanger every time!!

Yujiro: Did you say that…? Sorry…your one-shots had good results on the survey so…

Aida: Your artwork was praised very much, especially the backgrounds / the characters were also pretty fitting to the shonen manga style, but the problem was Aoki-kun’s story. So we’re hoping to have her fix it and we’ll try again in the next meeting

Nakai: Yes, please allow me and Aoki-san to try again

Yujiro: So that’s the overall consensus, but let me go over each pro and con with you one by one

Fukuda: One by one? What a drag.

Aida: I’ll let you know the feedback everyone aside from the group leader has written before the meeting

Nakai: Oh, yes, thank you very much


Saiko: A series!!

Miyoshi: Whaah / whaah

Takagi: Cry quietly! // oh / yes / yes / yes // what!? Just give me a second please

Takagi: Saiko / Hattori-san wants to talk to us / about a work space / and an assistant / and the contract amongst other things, so he wants to know where is Yakusa to meet with us

Saiko: Uhhh… // you can tell him this address / it’s a little weird that we already have a work space but let him know we’ll tell him about it tomorrow

Takagi: yes / please come to the address I just told you at 4:30pm / see you then


Takagi: Oh Yeah! I feel like I’m dreaming!

Saiko: I’m so happy I can’t stop smiling

Miyoshi: If it’s a dream I don’t want to wake up // Mashiro, you should tell Miho

Saiko: Yeah

Phone: beep / beep / beep / beep

Miyoshi: I want to know her immediate response she’ll send // huh? Where is it?

Saiko: Well, it’s not like she responds immediately all the time. She could be working.

Miyoshi: This late?

Saiko: Or she’s asleep

Miyoshi: This early?

Saiko: Then… / I have no idea


Chief: You’re going to give up this chance?

Azuki: I’m sorry…

Chief: Your current popularity comes from your looks / don’t you get it? // no one wants to publish a photo collection of you because you're a voice actress, it's for your looks // it’s very rare for any voice actress to have a chance like this / I’m not telling you to become a bikini model or anything. Plus, you might get voice acting jobs from this // the job you have now will end this spring / then you won’t have any jobs / but if you publish a photo collection, you’ll get more offers for sure

Azuki: If they’re photos of me doing voice acting jobs…or photos of my private life as a voice actress…

Chief: Don’t be stupid…


Chief: Only voice actress fans would buy that and no one else! / And no one would publish a collection like that!

Azuki: My father saw me singing the ending theme of “Saint Visual Girl’s Academy” and advised against doing jobs like that…

Chief: It should be about what you want, not your parents! / You have to think about the steps if you want to be famous! / That ending theme song was a success! You got an offer like this even though your song was terrible! // Everyone is jealous of you! / I wanted to promote you as a bikini model in the first place! But if you want to be a voice actress, then you can do it after you become a famous idol! // If you reject this offer, know that it will be almost impossible for you to succeed as a voice actress! Nothing in life is easy!

Azuki: I’m sorry, please let me think about it some more… // excuse me

Chief: Oh jesus


Fukuda: Enough with all the details!! I get it! I just have to make one solid storyline and submit it in the next series meeting right!?

Yujiro: That’s right

Nakai: I’m also trying again next time… / I guess it’s better than being rejected completely…

Fukuda: Shit! Another close call! I’m starting to wonder if it has to do with Yujiro’s abilities as an editor!

Nakai: That’s so good for Ashirogi-kun, I wonder if it’s a difference of skill in the character development

Fukuda: No…there was barely any difference in our skills at the time of the Golden Future Cup / It was a strategized victory for Hattori Akira and Mashiro-kun…I guess we could say that we lost to their efforts… // didn’t hear that they drew up 10 names instead of just 3 and they had 5 drafts ready too

Nakai: What? Were they trying to prove that they could do a series while going to school? / that’s what they were plotting…

Fukuda: The chief editor is human; he was probably moved by their efforts and passion. I don’t want to think it was a matter of a difference in skill… / anyway, I’m just impressed by how much their editor pushed them…


Fukuda: Damn Ashirogi!!

Phone: beep / beep / beep

Miyoshi: It’s a response from Miho!

Takagi: No, that ring tone isn’t different

Saiko: It’s Fukuda-san

Takagi: What?

Fukuda: Congrats Ashirogi-kun! I lost again! I’m so pissed off!! // Alright listen up! I’m going to get approved in the next series meeting! You guys better not be up for election as a series to end by then!

Saiko: Uh…thanks a lot

Fukuda: You better get famous and wait for me to catch up! Got it!?

Niizuma: he’s just like Ashirogi-sensei that one time…

Saiko: Please keep your series going until we catch up to you with our own
Niizuma: Roger!


Niizuma: Let me congratulate them too

Fukuda: I’m putting Niizuma-kun on

Takagi: Eiji…

Niizuma: Congratulations Ashirogi sensei // I’ve been keeping up my series as promised // I’m happy that we can now compete and I won’t lose! Zukyuun!

Saiko: Yes / We believe that we got this far thanks to you, so we can’t wait to work alongside you


Niizuma: Same here

Fukuda: Hey hey you series authors, I’m jealous

Nakai: They’re rivals…
Fukuda-kun, let's get our series serialized for sure next time!

Fukuda: Yeah duh!? We can’t be losing to these kids

Nakai: Uh…yeah

Fukuda: And if you don’t work hard, Princess Aoki will dump you cold!

Nakai: We’re not dating or anything!

Fukuda: But you are going after her! Hehehe

Nakai: AHAHA yeahhh well…hahaha

Takagi: Fukuda-san and Nakai-san were rejected but they’re laughing…


Azuki: It’s so late… / 10:00pm already…

Mail: “Suspicious Detective TRAP” has been selected to become a series!

Azuki: A series! Yes!!
I’m home! I have to respond to this quickly

Mom: You’re home late. Mina is already sleeping so keep it down

Azuki: Ok, I’m sorry


Mom: Did you reject the photo collection job?

Azuki: Yes

Mom: Then why do you look so happy? You left the house so gloomily this morning.

Azuki: It’s doesn’t involve you, mom

Mom: But it does involve “shounen Jump” and “akamaru jump” that was on your bookshelf

Azuki: Don’t look at the stuff in my room

Mom: I love “jump,” you can at least let me see that! // By the way, that one-shot by Ashirogi Muto that’s in both magazines... / your dreams are packed into those mangas too, don't they?

Azuki: Did Kaya tell you?

Mom: Nope, I haven’t heard anything

Azuki: Then why do you know just from… / oh…


Mom: I know who you like, Miho

Azuki: I’m taking a bath and going to bed

Mom: but you haven’t eaten yet

Azuki: I don’t want anything

Mom: Do you ever see him, Miho?

Azuki: what?
What are you saying mom, it’s weird for you to say that // he’s just a friend…and even if I did like someone I have my own way…

Mom: Right, sorry / I was just worried that you’re doing the same thing I did

Azuki: The same thing…?


Mom: I once really liked someone from my junior high school / but the most I could do was right him a letter asking him how he was / and we exchanged letters for many years, but it ended with just that

Azuki: Only letters… // that’s weird…

Mom: If you continue to avoid seeing the other person, they will begin to think that maybe you don’t like them all that much

Azuki: I won’t think that and even if that happens, I would keep on believing in him… // it’s not like that mother // we’re not like that

Mom: Very well / sorry if I butted in

Azuki: Um…mother


Azuki: I know we’ve always said it’s nice to act like friends and I think we have a pretty good relationship going

Mom: Oh, I’m glad

Azuki: But there are probably very few high school girls that tell their mothers about their love life

Mom: Even you?

Azuki: Even me…

Mom: Oh, what a shame… // but I will always be here for you if you ever want to talk and if you want to do the photo collection, I’ll work on convincing your father

Azuki: Thank you // goodnight

Mom: goodnight

Azuki: I have to send Mashiro-kun an email

then you won’t have any jobs! //know that it will be almost impossible for you to succeed as a voice actress! // If you continue to avoid seeing the other person, they will begin to think that maybe you don’t like them all that much


Miyoshi: Ok, I’m leaving now

Takagi: I’ll walk you home

Saiko: Mail from Azuki…

Miyoshi: Finally!

Mail: Congratulations! My dream to be a voice actress, your dream to be a mangaka – both of our dreams came true!

Saiko: Both of our dreams came true…?

Miyoshi: What? Congrats, I love you? Right? // Wow a smiley, how rare…that’s odd // “our dreams came true”…?


Miyoshi: Is Miho saying she wants to see you?

Saiko: I don’t think so…?
But wait…back in junior high // she smiled when she saw that message

Message: Once we switch seats we might start exchanging emails. When I become a mangaka we’ll get to be with each other all the time, even if Azuki-san isn’t a voice actress!

Takagi: You’re right that it’s a message unlike her / wasn’t the plan to get married when your dreams came true? But the dream is for our series to become an anime and have her do the voice of the heroine right?

Miyoshi: But you can’t guarantee that you’ll get an anime and even if you do, that’s not for years ahead / but their dreams have come true to some extent so they should be allowed to see each other / isn’t that what she’s saying?

Takagi: Don’t say it’s not guaranteed we’ll get an anime!

Saiko: No, we promised to see each other only after the anime and her doing the voice

Miyoshi: What if you’re the only one sticking by that!?

Saiko: But Azuki probably thinking the same thing

Miyoshi: “probably”? You’re not even sure! It’s getting annoying, you should just call her and ask her since you ARE allowed to talk on the phone! / you guys spoke the other day too!


Saiko: That was just a spur of the moment…

Miyoshi: This is a good moment too…whatever you’re already writing your email

Mail: Our dream is for our manga to become an anime and for you to do the voice of the heroine, right? Just checking…

Miyoshi: Wow, fast as usual!

Mail: Yes! I was just so happy that I sent a confusing message maybe? Sorry (lol)

Miyoshi: Alright, I’m leaving, you guys can email all night

Takagi: See yah

Saiko: but this message is odd too…Azuki…


Saiko: I must be over thinking it, Azuki always says what she’s thinking
You guys wait, I’m leaving too

Azuki: Mashiro-kun…

The following day

Takagi: Wow we did a good job cleaning! / now they can come any time they want to

Saiko: Miyoshi won’t drop by or anything right?

Takagi: Nope, don’t worry // he’s here! Right on the dot, that Hattori-san is so punctual

Saiko: Who’s this!? // why did he bring someone!? Is it because there’s a lot to be discussed about the contract…?

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#1. by Hitsugaara ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2009
Thanks bro.
#2. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on Apr 18, 2009
i'm not a bro!
#3. by Hitsugaara ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2009
That's friends in my country...
#4. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2009
Bro, if you want a group to work for Akatsuki needs one because me and Tsuchikage don't really have a level of skill to do it in a reasonable amount of time, so we'd need to stay up all night and then probably make edits later on trying to translate it for them ourselves. They could probably give you the raws early and it would work out for everyone and ya could get high quality scans of this out early.

And I know you're a girl.
#5. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Apr 18, 2009
Thanks for the TL. There were a few differences between the 3 different translations and so here are my comments for your translation (comparison-wise and questions/comments) (although I didn't nitpick all of the mistakes [like grammar or spelling] - just the major ones that were translated differently or didn't make sense)

p.24: Aida: Your artwork was praised very much, especially the backgrounds / the characters were also pretty fitting to the shonen manga style, but the problem was Aoki-kun’s story. So we’re hoping to have her fix it and we’ll try again in the next meeting

It seems both the Akatsuki version and SleepyFans said that the characters needed to be more shonen-like, but yours said that it was fitting (i.e. no need to change).

p.27: no one will want to publish a photography collection of you [as a voice actress]

Not sure what this means, but in the other versions, they seemed to state that she won't get a photobook b/c she's a voice actress or voice actresses wouldn't get the opportunity to get a photobook taken made.

p.30: Takagi: No, that ring tone isn’t from her

The other 2 groups said that it's the tone for a phone call and not a email.

p.32: Fukuda-kun let’s get our series for sure next time!

I think you mean 'Fukuda-kun, let's get our series serialized for sure next time!' :P

p.34: Mom: I love “jump” you can at least let me see that // So that one-shot by Ashirogi Muto that’s in both magazines / it’s got your dreams in there too, right?

The statemtents seem fragmented - forgot the period for "I love 'jump.' You can..." I mainly don't understand the connection between the two statements - about the one-shot being in both magazines and not sure what 'it (in the last statement) refers to - the magazine? one-shot? and how "it" involves her dreams.

p.37: You have no jobs! // it’ll be nearly impossible to become a voice actress! // If you continue to avoid seeing the other person, they will begin to think that maybe you don’t like them all that much

This flashback- is it slightly different from before? Because you translated it slightly different from what was said before.

p.39: Message: When I become a mangaka we’ll get to be with each other all the time, even if Azuki-san isn’t a voice actress!

Both of the other versions seem to have some statement about some seat changing before the comment about him being a mangaka and her a VA.

If you're set on having your translation for Shinratensei- why not make it a joint between Shinratensei and Akatsuki? Akatsuki does really good work on their cleaning/editing.
#6. by Ariadne chan ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2009
thanks !!! you are great!
#7. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on Apr 18, 2009
hitsu: haha, okay cool :)

kewl: yeah, vassili spoke to me. we'll see. they're deadlines are a little extreme...

c_k: thanks again! i fixed up stuff, but the thing about Nakai's art is correct on my part. they're saying that Nakai's art fits the shounen style, but Aoki's storyline does not and that's why they have to rework it when resubmitting it. yeahh i think we're working stuff out with akatsuki, thanks for the heads up

ariadene: thanks :D
#8. by Jameo ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2009
first, i am the one who was coordinating the Bakuman releases for ShinraTenei.
And i would love to see Akatsuki and Shinratensei work together. i really think there is no need that 3 groups are doing the the same series. I started it cause i thougt that Bakuman is a great series and needed a better quality release than the Sleepy Fans one (no offence). Back then i didn´t even noticed that akatsuki was diong a really good quality.

if they dicide to do this together ill try to help too everytime i have time.

#9. by kewl0210 ()
Posted on Apr 18, 2009
Yeah, all those edits seems right. I didn't do the "Shonen Like" one so I dunno if it's right, it seemed right... It's in the presant tense and he says "Later, characters more shonen-like, there was an thing about" is the really literal. I still can't tell which it should be, I would go with what we said since it's grouped in with the negatives paragraph. Also the next lines seem to corresspond to that "in the talk with Aoki-san about that. I said for her to fix it." It depends on by "hanashi" he meant "talked with" or "story" in the end. Since "are" is emphasized I would say it meant "talked with".

The problem with this manga is they use phrasing and grammar you never see anywhere, sorts of colloquialisms that are extremely hard, if not impossible, to find translations for.
You should've seen that "wonder if he's still interested in me" line... Literally it went something like this:
"For something like not meeting in many years, the other person has lost interest in myself, hasn't he, you would think, wouldn't you?"

Me and Tsuchikage were able to correct each other for this, but it's extremely difficult to figure out the desired meaning of the words sometimes even when you know what every part of the sentence means. Also with time constraints it's hard to think things over. If you have a third party TL checker you'd be better off. But the best case scenario would be to have someone familiar with Japanese colloquialisms...

Plus if Akatsuki and Shinra Tensei did it together ya'd get stuff cleaned faster.
#10. by shirokuro (永久眠り姫(*゚‐゚)ぼぉー・・)
Posted on Apr 20, 2009
yup, so i think jameo and i are going to join akatsuki to do this together from now on. except, this week i have plans so i can't do it. but hopefully starting next week!

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