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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

Bakuman 34

Those who chase and those who are chased

+ posted by Tsuchikage as translation on Apr 18, 2009 08:04 | Go to Bakuman

-> RTS Page for Bakuman 34

Notes: I'm quite aware of how bad this one is, bear with it if you can. Part II was translated by kewl0210 at http://mangahelpers.com/t/kewl0210/releases/11545.

If I find the time to correct this one, I will. Enjoy... or cry..., whichever=_='.

Pg. 1
Frame 1:
This is Takagi speaking.

Frame 2:

Frame 3:
He said congratulations!

The elatening information passed through the phone...!!


Frame 4:
We did it!

Pg. 2-3

Frame 1:
Adapted: From the Japan Golden Future Cup to this battle for serialization...

This serialization battle continuing from Japan Golden Future Cup

Frame 2:
The fight for supremacy of these up-and-coming authors... Tonight, it comes to an end!

Page 34 Those who chase and those who are chased

Pg. 4

Frame 1:



Ah, yes?

Frame 3:

Ah, I see...

Frame 4:
No, but more than 13 titles were passed around, and tied up at seven titles. It stuck there. Really, it came really close!

Results are everything!! Damn it!

Frame 5:
--but then it made it to the last seven, and before long there were four newbie titles. It just barely came short.

I... I see...

Pg. 5
Frame 1:
They said the three chapters of the name were all interesting, // but that "interesting" was more the one-shot kind of interesting. Done badly, it may be seen as a gag manga. For a story-type manga, they would like to see things that would become support to carry along the story.

That's why I said that focusing on the continuation would be better! Not this one-shot-like method of yours!

Is- Is that how it was? Sorry. It's because the one-shot's results were better...

Frame 2:
Nakai-kun's drawings were regarded highly. The background was especially magnificent. // Next, about how they said to draw characters more suited for shounen-mangas. That was their advice for Aoki-kun. I'm thinking of having Aoki-kun fix that and then nominating it again next time around.

I understand, I would most definitely like to enter once again with Aoki-kun.

Frame 3:
The overall review was like that, but I'll go over the good and bad comments one by one with you.

One by one? C'mon...

That and before the meeting starts, I'll tell you the rest of the Cap's thoughts.

Ah, yes. Thank you very much.

Pg. 6
Frame 1:

Cry without making so much noise!!

Fueh // Fueh

Ah // Yes // Yes // Yes

EH?!?! Wait a second!

Frame 2:
It's amazing // A room to work // Assistants // Talk of a contract // There's a lot to talk about so Hattori-san wants to come to Yakusa tomorrow to discuss it, but he's asking where in Yakusa would be best.


Frame 3:
You can give him the address of this place // It's strange to already have a studio, but we'll tell him everything tomorrow.

Frame 4:
Yes // then 16:30 at this address, yes // Yes, thank you very much

Pg. 7
Frame 1:
We've done it! It's like we're in a dream!

If it's a dream, don't wake us up!

Somehow I'm just so happy my face won't stop grinning.

Frame 2:
Mashiro, report to Miho


Frame 3:
*beep* // *beep*

Frame 4:

Frame 5:
I'm looking forward to Miho's instant reply

Frame 6:
Huh? Nothing's coming

It-It's not as if it always comes back instantly. It could be work.

Frame 7:
This late?

Then she's asleep?
This early?

Then... // I don't know! Haha

Pg. 8
Frame 2:
Are you going to waste this chance?

...I'm sorry...

Frame 3:
Your popularity right now is based on your looks // Do you not understand?

As a seiyuu, an opportunity like photobooks won't come

No, not even seiyuu's who are selling well get these offers // I'm not telling you to become a gravure idol, but if you take this offer, work as a seiyuu will definitely come your way

Frame 5:
The role you're doing right now will end in Spring // And they don't keep regulars right? // But if you release a photobook, you'll definitely get an offer.

Frame 6:
...photos of me working as a seiyuu... or, as a seiyuu, releasing a few photos a little bit more personal...

...Don't say that you idiot

Pg. 9

Frame 1:
Photos like that... That's exactly why ONLY pure, innocent fans buy those!! // Besides, like they'd release that!

Father also, after seeing my singing in the ending theme of Sacred Visual School for Girls, he told me to quit that kind of crap...

Frame 2:
What's more important than your parents is your feelings right?! // You want to sell more don't you? Think of the steps!! // The ending for SV girls was a great success! You got an offer with singing that bad!

Everyone's envying you!! // I also told you from the beginning, you should start off selling as a gravure idol. If you really want to become a seiyuu that badly, wouldn't it be fine after you've sold as an idol?!

Frame 3:
You hear me?! If you refuse this, think of how hard it will be surviving as a seiyuu! The world isn't that kind!!

Frame 4:
...I'm sorry. Please let me think on it a little longer

Frame 5:
Excuse me

Good grief

Pg. 10
Frame 1:
Forget the nitty gritty already!! It's taking too long! Anyhow, I'll write a story with a narrative backbone to it and pass it around at the next serialization meeting, right?

That's how it is.

Sigh~ Me too eh... // Well, much better than being rejected...

Frame 2:
Damn it! Take it in to see him again, eh?! Since it's come to this, I really want to ask Yuujirou himself whether he doesn't think it's due to a difference in editors!

Ashirogi-kun's really amazing... Maybe it's really the difference in characters...

Frame 3:
No... There wasn't much of a difference between the three shots published in the Golden Future Cup // Hattori Akira and their strategy won out... Well, you could also say we lost to the pair's efforts...

Frame 4:
Didnt you hear? Not just the three for names, they went way beyond that is what I heard.

Ah! They prepared all that to show they could keep up drawing manga while attending highschool at the same time... // So that's how it was...

Even the editorial head is human, he was moved by that kind of passion. There wasn't a difference between the works themselves... That's what I'd like to think // Either way, an editor that would work them that hard is crazy...

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