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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Toriko 192

Hidden Hors D'oeuvre!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 20, 2012 11:31 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 192

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Well, I stayed up all night to do this sorta stuff again... It's 7:30 AM now, so I'm gonna go to bed...

[Toriko 192 Translation by Kewl0210]
Cover (Page 1):
Top RIght: Freshly baked sweets
Hearty appetites (cookies)!!
Bubble: Interesting enough to eat!!
Side: Opening Color!!

Page 2-3:
Top Right Insert: ☆Opening color pages to celebrate great, great popularity!!
Insert: Heaven, earth, and the deep sea,
Three delicacies!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Lower Right: Toriko food menus keep going on sale! Check out the collection page one page back!!
Lower Left: On sale 7/5! Starburst]
The PSP Game software "Toriko Gourmet Survival 2!"
There are four incredible reservation bonuses, too! Reserve yours today!!

Page 4:
Chin: ..........
Side: Master Chin tells the reason for Old Lady Chiyo's betrayal...?!
Title: Gourmer 192 Hidden Hors D'oeuvre!!
Shuu: Master!!
Komatsu: Master Chin!!
Chiru: -----Hew...
Now we just need nutrients...
Are there any of the temple treasure...
the Bubble Fruits around?

Page 5:
Toriko: I've got this much.
That enough, Chiru?
SFX: KIRA KIRA (Sparkling)
Chiru: That's plenty.
Komatsu: A... Amazing!
These are real
Bubble Fruits?!
Chiru: Now then, Master,
please eat them, but stay in that position. ["That position" in italics.]
Komatsu: ............

Page 6:
Komatsu: !!
His wounds are closing.
Chiru: Revitalizing Kitchen Knives where originally created in order to preserve the flavor and freshness of ingredients.
They were first made long before Gourmet Cases and the like.
Many Revitalizing Kitchen Knives are made from organisms with regenerative functions as well as minerals that encourage stimulate such functions.
By cutting them with these, the cells of an ingredient immediately become active. And as if coming back to life, cells start to divide rapidly, revitalizing it.
Komatsu: S... So...
The wound from when I was stabbed healed instantly?
Chiru: However, in order to achieve that, nearly superhuman-level technique is necessary in order to pass the knife between neighboring cells without damaging them.
Box: Revitalization
Chiru: If one can use this freely, one can in principal eat one ingredient almost infinitely by restoring it little by little.

Page 7:
Chiru: The IGO limits the use of Revitalizing Kitchen Knives in fear of them upsetting the circulation of foods.
From an ethical standpoint, that "technique" is actually forbidden as a dark technique.
Komatsu: Chi... Chiru-san, even you know that technique...?
Chiru: My technique requires that level of touch...
Even though it's called a Revitalizing Kitchen Knife, it's nothing but a tool to aid in stimulating recovery.
SFX: SU...
Chiru: Only when Revitalizing Kitchen Knives are used in combination with eating ingredients with high nutritional value
can one expect an effective recovery.
In other words...
Lives that have already been lost...
cannot be revitalized...

Page 8:
Chin: The revival of the dead------
That is actually none other than...
the reason Old Lady Chiyo defected to the Bishokukai...
All: !!
M... Master!!
Chin: GUHUH.
Someone: Master Chin!! Are you all right?!!
Chin: Huu... Bubble Fruits...
Though actually if you peel and boil the thin shin you can increase the depth and savoriness of the taste...

Page 9:
Chin: That was the dish...
Chiyo-chan was best at...
Chiru: I'm terribly sorry... My skill is still immature...
compared to the first generation... [It's almost exactly the thing Melk was saying.]
Chin: The cooking of a Bubble Fruit is difficult even for a chef that has mastered Food Honor...
Chiyo-chan was a genius......
Toriko: Bubble Fruits...
They can get even tastier if you do that...?
Komatsu: ............
Shuu: M...
Revival of the dead...?!
What on earth do you mean,
that was the reason Chiyo-san defected?!

Page 10:
Chin: ...............
Chiyo: Reason-----?
Chin: Of course.
I cannot fight without first hearing that, Chiyo-chan.
Chiyo: ...............
It's in order to obtain a certain ingredient...
Chin: And what is that?

Page 11:
Chiyo: From "Acacia's" "Full Course"
the hidden 8th ingredient.
Chin: !!
How is it you know about...
Chiyo: You knew about it, didn't you, Chin-chan?!
That ingredient...
Chin: No...!!
Even we, the personnel of the "0th Biotope"... [quote white]
didn't hear about that ingredient from the president...!!
At least, at that time, we still... ["At that time" in italics.]
Chiyo: That time...?!
With all your talk about gratitude...

Page 12:
Chiyo: Back then, when yo were blabbering endlessly to me about giving thanks to all events...!!!
To me, right as my son had just passed away...!!!
Chin: -------!!
Chin: ......!!
Chin: .........
Who on earth told you that information...?
It may be nothing more than a "legend"...
Chiyo: Hmph... Now you say that?

Page 13:
Chiyo: Even "God" is still a legend...!!
If that's enough to appreciate an unreachable "past", then...
even if it's fictitious, I'll reach my hand out toward a "future"!!
Chin: Who was it...?
The ones that instigated you...
Was it the Bishokukai...?!!
Chiyo: I wonder... Let's just say it was a person wearing a certain mask...
I don't know who he really was, but...
The words he spoke had credibility to them...
Especially compared to that hollow meaningless appreciatiooon!
Someone: GUaaA
Chin: ............

Page 14:
Komatsu: Chi... Chiyo-san...
Had a past like that...?
Chin: Chiyo-san would always...
count up what age her dead child would be if he were still alive...
That agitated even me.
Because he was my son, too.
All: -----...
Toriko: Reviving the dead...
Is there really an ingredient like that in Acacia's Full Course?
Chin: I don't now... This is all I do know...
There were only 7 items sealed away in Acacia's Full Course...

Page 15:
Chin: That does not include the "Hors D'oeuvre".
The fact is that was the one ingredient Acacia intentionally hid. ["intentionally" in italics.]
Toriko: Now that you mention it... When we went to "Gourmet Shrine" before, I remember...
I mentioned how there were only 7 Food Shrines celebrating Acacia's Full Course.
Hey, Komatsu.
Komatsu: ..........
Do you think that...
Take-chan, also...
Toriko: Hm?

Page 16:
Chin: It may be that the ingredients they're after...
are more than just God.
Though their goal remains unclear...
I'm already going to report this incident
to the IGO's "0th Biotope". [quote bold]
We cannot allow
the Bishokukai to gain the upper hand.
Shuu: Z...
0th Biotope...?

Page 17:
Narration: "Gourmet World"----
"Cloud Tree"----
Narration: IGO
"0th Biotope"

Page 18:
Man, how long's it been
since I've left "Sanzu Road"!
Love: It's been a long time since I've been away from Honey Prison as well.
Yosaku: GAHHAHHA "Gourmet World", huh? Melk, how long's it been for you?
I can't hear ya!!

Page 19:
[No text here. Oooh maaan...]

Page 20:
Ichiryuu: You're late!
Ladies and gentlemen of the 0th Biotope!
A war is finally near.
You guys better pull up your socks!
Side: Together, the strongest people of the IGO!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 192
/ End
Next issue, Mayhem in Gourmet World?!
And what about Toriko and the others...?!

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