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Toriko 229

VS Immortality!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 11, 2013 01:41 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 229

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This chapter has lots of talking and electricity. Those two things. Oh, and planaria. Three things.

[Toriko 229 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: The Gourmet Cells are Super-Stimulated!!
A prisoner (Toriko) of the ultimate meat!!
Komatsu: You shouldn't eat that with your fingers~!!
Side: Opening color pages to celebrate the smooth production of the movie and the release of Jump Comics volume 24!!

Page 2-3:
Top Right Insert: ☆Opening color pages to celebrate the smooth production of the movie and the release of Jump Comics volume 24!!
Insert: Roaring Thunder!!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Bottom: ☆Commemorating the 5th anniversary of Toriko's serialization!! Loaded with special features, the newest, Jump Comics volume 24 is on sale 5/2!!
The first edition's band has "Toriko Movie Comics Limited Edition Preview" application ticket!!
Contains a the 11 page extra-large special compilation "Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi X Kishimoto Masashi Special Dialogue - Jump Comics Special Edition"!!
☆The goal is Shokurin Temple!! Now, they search for the components of the Ehou Maki in order to find their way to the 6th Ingredient!!
Every Sunday at 9AM on Fuji TV, the TV Anime is airing exploding with food!!
☆The "Toriko Movie Bishokushin's Super Food Treasure" is released July 27th!!
☆The "Kosou Suhi X Toriko Movie campaign" starts April 27th!
Eat the charismatic fourmet sushi and get the limited edition DCD!! For details, check out future issues of Shounen Jump!!

Page 4:
Insert: The Horse King's attack!!
Buranchi: GUoA
Title: Gourmet 229 VS Immortality!!
Elg: I'll probably soon forget your name, as well...
This fight gave no stimuli to my brain either...

Page 5:
Buranchi: There's no doubt about it, I blasted him into smithereens...
And they didn't all come back together and reform...
they broke into pieces and each individual piece regenerated into a "main body"...
This regenerative ability, is it...
T/N: Nou-Darake literall means "covered with brain". And it's a gene explained on the next page.

Page 6:
Narration: "Nou-Darake Gene"-----
A gene located in the head of an organism called a "planarian". [quote white]
When a planarian is cut in half, the remaining parts of its body regenerate and result in two planaria. [quote white.]
If it's cut into 3 pieces, it results in 3 creatures... If it is cut into 4 pieces it results in 4 creatures... ["# creatures" is white.]
This phenomenon is said to be connected to the gene "Nou-Darake"... [quote white]
It is a gene that normally restricts the body so it cannot create a brain outside of the head,
but when the function of that gene is halted, it promotes nerves to be developed outside the head, creating an entirely new brain. And then, the body is regenerated.
With this ability, if its body were broken into 100 sections, it would result in 100 bodies...
Buranchi: I... I get it...
Tha thing that cut my cheek was those things, too, eh...?
With my electricity, first I create an electric "path" in the air...
and it's after that where I start to release the electricity...

Page 7:
Buranchi: First I make the path in the air, a "stepped leader". [quote white]
Then second is a "return stroke". [quote white]
The part that does the actual attacking and movement is the second discharge.
The first part, the stepped leader, goes at a speed of 200 km/s.
That's about mach 600.
And the return stroke can reach speeds of 10,000 km/s. That's freakin' mach 30,000! [Mach 30,000 in white]
That is my speed... But obviously, I can't use it continuously. It only lasts for an instant...
It can't go at quite the speed 'a light, but it ain't a speed that living creatures can keep up with.
Even the Herak, which naturally has excellent speed, would look like it's stopped from my perspective...
So how was it you were able to cut my cheek...?
There's no way my reaction time would be slow enough to miss an attack by one person...
The reason is there was never just guy to begin with... You'd already split apart and become multiple bodies...
You bastard, pulling sneaky moves like that...

Page 8:
Buranchi: ...Okay----
I was able to make a little...
I don't give a damn if you're immortal or whatever...
Whether you're strong or weak... That doesn't define winning or losing.
Buranchi: I'm gonna teach you that there are tons 'a people in this world
that have strengths greater than immortality.
Elg: You took one of my kicks head on...
I must praise the toughness you have to stand back up after that.
But... strengths greater than immortality?
That's my first time hearing such a thing...
Well done, Buranchi... Now try to give me even more of a stimulus...

Page 9:
Elg: so even a little of this fight
will remain in my memory---
Buranchi: Step Leader!
Buranchi: Lock on
to all bodies----!!
"Eleki Cutter"!!

Page 10:
Elg: He turned electricity...
into a sharp blade...
the voltage is damn weak, don't you think, Buranchi?!!
Buranchi: Fuurai
T/N: Fuurai Kamaitachi = Wind Lightening Sickle Weasel. A Kamaitachi is a kind of demon made up of a trio of weasels with sharp claws that cut people on gusts of wind.

Page 11:
Elg: Huhu...
Have you realized it, Buranchi?
Yes... your voltage isn't weak.
My body's electric resistance has risen.
Buranchi: Eleki Knife!!
T/N: Eleki Knife = Electricity Knife
Elg: Human bodies naturally have a certain level of electric resistance... Around 500 Ohms, I believe.
But if the cells have altered properties, their resistance can increase.

Page 12:
Elg: But this immortal body is constantly learning and adapting. ["immortal body" in white]
So I've had a slight advantage.
There is a "limit" to your electricity!!
Buranchi: UGUo
Elg: It would seem...
that you've run out...
Buranchi: ...Guu.
Elg: Buranchi, your body cannot create electricity from nothing, can it...?
You need to get an electrical source from outside your body and then amplify it once it gets in your body...
Am I correct?
Buranchi: ......
Elg: Those cheap batteries in your neck
tell a tale...

Page 13:
Buranchi: ...S...
So what...?
Ta be honest...
this guy's attacks ain't half bad...
Anybody else'd be dead already...
Fine then.
If... If my batteries run out,
I can just replace them... so don't worry.
Elg: Huhu.
You may be able to replace your batteries, but do you have the stamina left to amplify them?
With my resistance risen as much as it has, those electric attacks cannot even burn me anymore... All you can do now is produce attacks that can cut a thin layer of skin...
Buranchi: I toldjya not ta worry, didn' I, ya moron?
I've got some batteries I only use for special occasions, ya see.
SFX: SU...
Elg: You don't understand, do yooou?!
Buranchi: Here he comes...

Page 14:
Elg: You can't use any goddamn attacks in the state you're in!!
Elg: I won't even be giving you time to do any!
Elg: You're such a stupid weak creatuuure!!!

Page 15:
Buranchi: GOGA...
Elg: I already knew...
this result...
There's nothing to be ashamed of...
That pitiful state your in will soon be deleted from my memory.
What was your name again...?
Buranchi: It's Buranchi! ["Buranchi" white.]

Page 16:
Elg: !
Buranchi: My name is
Tengu Buranchi!
Elg: What?
Buranchi: You're right...
that my electricity has a limit...
And that I need an outside source of electricity to generate power...
Batteries are handy little things I can use to directly get some electricity going...
But I've got other ways of generating power.
Wind power... water power... fire power... solar power...
My body's just like a "power plant". [quote white]
I can convert all energy from the outside into electricity...!!
Elg: This level of energy----...

Page 17:
Buranchi: Thanks a heap for giving me such a beating.
I was able ta turn alla tha energy from yer attacks inta electricity.
So thanks to you, I can generate tons 'a power!
Buranchi: I've already finished locking on.
Elg: ......
Buranchi: There's nowhere left for you guys ta run.
Elg: It's certainly... Powerful electricity...
However, my...
Buranchi: A series type... ["series" in white]
is freakin' tiring, though...
Now I'm gonna fire it straight at ya.

Page 18:
Buranchi: Ougi
Chokuretsu Daitai Dengeki----!!!
T/N: Ougi Chokuretsu Daitai Dengeki = Secret Technique - Series Great Electrification Attack
Elg: !!
Elg: Th...
This current...
My resistance is nowhere near...

Page 19:
Buranchi: Th... The part of the body...
that electricity flows through best is the "blood".
I purposely used Eleki Cutter to cut up your body... so you would bleed and lose electric resistance...
Buranchi: But no matter what, if you're hit with a series electric attack...
it's inevitable you'll be burnt to a crisp.
Elg: Th...
This iiis
M... My bodyyy
can regenerate...
as much as necessaryyy!
Buranchi: I'll just let you know, that attack
electrically charges the target... ["electrically charges" in white.]
Even if your cells rot and regenerate back, that electric current will stay there forever.
Elg: !?
Buranchi: Go ahead 'n regenerate all ya want.
You'll just keep gettin' hit by that attack for your whole life.

Page 20:
Elg: Wh...
Buranchi: I toldjya..
Being immortal doesn't mean you've won.
I actually feel bad for ya that ya can't die.
Elg: Y... You bastard...
Tengu Buranchiii!!!
Buranchi: Yeah, that's right... I'm Buranchi.
So I guess I was a li'l stimulating to ya in tha end.
What was yer name again?
Side: Numbing strength, overwhelming!!!
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 229
/ End

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