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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Toriko 290

A New King!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 28, 2014 22:27 | Go to Toriko

-> RTS Page for Toriko 290

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[Toriko 290 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: By a hair...!!!
Bottom: 'Toriko'

Page 2-3:
Title: Gourmet 290 A New King!!
Author: Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi
Insert: That ingredient, enormous in scope!!!!
Guys: There it iiiiiiis!!!!
We made it in tiiiiiiiime!!!!

Page 4-5:
Narration: This was the air bursting from the Air fruit,
something that had not happens for tens of thousands of years----
An incredible amount, 5 quadrillion tons-----!!!
In terms of volume, it took up approximately *25 billion cubic kilometers.
And all of it was released in under a minute.
Asterisk: *The same weight and volume of the air on the earth we are currently living on.
Narration: The force of it was far beyond that of a volcanic eruption.
The air of Air blew away all of the clouds on the continent in the blink of an eye
and tore off the chains of gravity, blowing all the way into outer space.
Guys: Th... That's incredible...
What a friggin' crazy sight...
Komatsu: .........

Page 6:
Narration: Just a few seconds before the cooking of Air was complete-------
In a silent world...
the Horse King made a certain move...
a finishing strike----
The reason it had decided...
to put a definitive end to this lone small human's life
was essentially because it had not died----- ["had not died" in italics.]
Within this desolate vacuum,
although it distinctly faint, its heart showed no signs of stopping...
because it had eaten that fruit, this human was too perplexing... ["that fruit" in italics.]

Page 7:
Narration: Any sort of counterattack was now utterly impossible...
But that glint in Toriko's eyes as he faced the 'king'
had not an ounce of a flinch in them, they surged with fighting spirit...!!
That's how he always is...
No matter how enormous an opponent he is up against
Toriko's will to fight never wavered.
He did not show the slightest hint of fear.
That is the form of one who lives in the wild, Bishokuya Toriko!!!
That finishing strike.........
against the single Bishokuya known as Toriko
was perhaps the king's respect for him.

Page 8:
Herac: It's coming-----!!!
It's unmistakable!!!
I've tasted it many times in the past...

Page 9:
Herac: -----!!?
fresh air!!!!
But why now?!
No, never mind that.
Narration: Having waited tens of thousands of years for this moment, the Horse King
naturally shelved any emerging questions as well as the fight currently occurring
That was because now was...
Herac: This is a once-in-a-lifetime
chance to give birth-----!!!!

Page 10-11:
Narration: The Horse King inhaled
with all of its strength----
Narration: The volume of air was many times that than during a normal moment of birth.
And yet, the excessive amount of Air's air became a windstorm.
It swallowed the vacuum that had resulted from "Destroy Breathe". [quote White]
That was the "wind of hope" [quote big/bold]
that had not blown on 'Horse King Hill' for tens of thousands of years...
And it simultaneously became the gong
that signaled the end of the fight-----
Toriko: So you did it, huh...?
I wonder how long it's been...

Page 12-13:
Toriko: since the entire area of the land constantly covered in ultra-thick clouds, 'Area 8'
had arrows of light shining down on it-----
Narration: Bewitching Food Village----
Guys: Wh...
What is this...
the continent's patch of clear weather...!!
I've heard about this in legends...
Somebody: C... Could it be...?
Air became fully ripe and fell?!
Daruma: Does that means that Mappy and the others.........
Did the cooking of air...
go wrong...?
Melk: No...
Daruma: !?
Melk: It succeeded, Village Chief.
Surely, with a method we knew nothing of...
air has been cooked...
Daruma: H... How do you know that...?
Melk: I can hear the voice of the kitchen knife...
The kitchen knife I made...
is saying that the 2nd generation has done it...

Page 14:
Zebra: Hey, wake up
You're right in the spotlight.
Komatsu: Uh...
Coco: You did great, Komatsu-kun!
Dinner: Komatsu-san!!
Komatsu: .........

Page 15:
Komatsu: HAH!
Komatsu: Ow!
Coco: !!
Sani: Are you okay, Matsu?!!
Dinner: Komatsu-san?!
Komatsu: .........
We... made it in time, huh...?
Thank goodness...
I... I thought we'd failed...
SFX: ZUKI [In the middle]
Komatsu: H...
Hurry... We need to let...
Toriko-san and...
the Horse King know about this...
Mappy: I'm sure they already knooow.
Komatsu: Mappy-san...
Mappy: This moment...
Is something no one on this continent...
No, in this whole world...
looked forward to more
than the Horse King, after all...
The Horse King!
Nosh: Ah, look!

Page 16:
Guys: It's a rainboooow!!!!
Narration: The thick air was overflowing with freshness--------
but the inhabitants of 'Horse King Hill'

Page 17:
Narration: waited stock-still with bated breath...
That moment------
perhaps out of respect to the 'king' he had fought such a serious battle against
this man also...
Toriko: Those guys...
came to watch?
Their future rival's... ["future rival's" in bold.]

Page 18-19:
Toriko: a new member of the "Eight King's"...
Narration: After that, the echoing first cry of the newly-born king...
resounded across the world...
That was the first time in tens of thousands of years that it roared around the world...
the "Herac Response"-----!!
T/N: This is sort of a pun. Herac-Res (short for response) is the same pronunciation as "Heracles".
Insert: A new king crosses the rainbow----
Bottom: Toriko
...Gourmet 290
/ End

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