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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 187

Katekyo Hitman REBORN! 187

+ posted by kirimi as translation on Mar 29, 2008 17:07 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

-> RTS Page for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 187

EDIT: There is a significant translation mistake on page 11. It's highlighted in blue. So sorry!!

(WJ 2008 #18)

Target 187 Captive


Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Amano Akira

標的187 囚われ 
Target 187 Captive

[overlay text: His eyes can see all sorts of things–
His wish is to create even beyond that.]


[side text: What happened to Tsuna after the Mosca battle!?]

Tsuna: (It's Japanese tea…)

Tsuna: (Mom…?

Tsuna: (Is that the tea you splurged on last week?)

Tsuna: (If it's so good, give me some too.
I still have Reborn and homework to deal with later.)

Tsuna: (It's a… dream.)

(writing on paper) Suphana

[* The kanji reading is the "translation" of Spanner in Japanese. Literally though, they mean Sour Flower.]


Tsuna: Su…

Spanner: ……

Spanner: It's pa.
Tsuna: Ahaha. That's right…. I missed the p… Sorry, I'm still half-asleep…
Spanner: No problem.

Tsuna: (? …Where have I heard this voice… Adult Lambo? No…

Tsuna: !!

Tsuna: Mosca!!!


Tsuna: You! It was you!!
Spanner: You'll catch a cold like that.

Tsuna: …?

Tsuna: Waah!!

スパナ「これを貸してやる。茶を飲め」 ツナ「・・・!あ!
Spanner: You can borrow this. Drink some tea.
Tsuna: …!

Tsuna: My clothes!!
Spanner: They're all wet.

Tsuna: Aaah!

Tsuna: My lucky charm!!


Tsuna: !!

SFX: knock

Spanner: Take it easy, Vongola 10th Boss.

Spanner: Right now,
you're missing in action, understand?


Officer A: This is it.
Officer B: All right, open a comm channel.

Officer A: This is Fressia.
We've discovered the wreckage of a Black-type Mosca at 18D-4 in the water flume!!

Officer B: Incredible… What on earth did they do to cause this damage?
Officer A: Oh, I see~ This is the first time you've seen this.

Officer A: It looks like the aftermath of a tornado, doesn't it?
Every time there's a battle using Rings and Boxes, whatever's left pretty much looks like this. Those guys are real weirdos.


Officer B: It-it's so cool!! All of a sudden, I really wish I had some kind of Ring and Box too!
Officer A: Heheh. If you were qualified, you'd have been granted one already.
Officer B: By qualified, you're referring to resolution, right? I'm sure I've got enough resolution though…

A「ヒーヒヒ!!この世にゃ口先だけの覚悟の多いことっ!!」 C「しっ」A「!」
Officer A: Hehehee!! In this world, there're lots of people who say they have enough resolution!!
Officer C: Shh!
Officer A: !

Officer C: Yes, sir. We will proceed immediately...
to search for the Vongola Ring as well as the Vongola.

Cervello: Roger.

Cervello: …Irie-sama!
Everything is just as Mr. Spanner reported earlier.

すなわちスパナ氏のモスカ4機がボンゴレ10代目と遭遇 戦闘。激戦の末相打ちとなりボンゴレは用水路に落下し行方不明となった模様」
Cervello: That is, Mr. Spanner's 4 Mosca units engaged the Vongola 10th Boss in battle.
In the midst of the battle, there was a mutual collision. The Vongola fell into the water flume and is now missing.
Irie: Hrm.


Irie: Send more search parties down there right away!

Cervello: Yes, sir.
Irie: What about the Mosca's battle logs?

Cervello: Due to the fire damage, we can't retrieve them yet.
Irie: Retrieve them ASAP and analyse the data!
We might be able to work out exactly where the Vongola fell into the water.

Cervello: Understood, sir.

Irie: ……Finally…
You’ve done it…

Irie: Sawada Tsunayoshi of the past…


Spanner: ……

Spanner: Even S size is too big for you.
Tsuna: ……

Tsuna: (……What do I do~? …
Even my Dying Will pills and gloves have been taken away…)

Tsuna: (This is bad all around...
Am I going… to be killed after all?)

Spanner: It's not completed yet, is it?


Spanner: That last thing…

Spanner: Your balance looked off and it seemed like you couldn't shoot at full power.
Tsuna: Eh…?

撃つ・・?もしかして・・・X BURNERのこと・・?」
Tsuna: Shoot…? Do you mean…
the X BURNER…?

Spanner: X… BURNER…

そうX BURNERだ!X BURNERが安定していないのは右手の炎と左手の炎の力のベクトルにズレガ生じているからだ。左右を完全なシンメトリーになるように工夫を施せばいい」
Spanner: Yes, the X BURNER! You can’t stabilize the X BURNER, right?
That's because there's a disparity in the power vectors of the flames from your right and left hands.
It'd work better if we could use something that'll achieve perfect symmetry between the two.

Tsuna: Err……

Spanner: ……

Spanner: I love Japanese people and Japan.
Because you guys are the most advanced in robotics engineering.


Spanner: Katakana and kanji words are cool too.
And green tea has a mysterious aroma.

Tsuna: …

Spanner: But, what interests me the most…
are the skills of the Vongola 10th Boss.

Tsuna: Eh…?
Spanner: ……

スパナ「あんたの完璧なX BURNERが見たくなった。ウチが完成させてやる」
Spanner: I have yet would like to see your perfected X BURNER.
I’m going to make you complete it.

Tsuna: Wha-

Tsuna: (What…? What’s with this guy?)


Baishana: …!

Yamamoto: He had another Box within the Box!!
Hayato: Wait, you mean it's a doe!!

[* A female kangaroo. Only female kangaroos have pouches.]

Ryouhei: Kangaryuu is…
my support Box weapon.

Ryouhei: I'm going to use my fists to break you into pieces.

Baishana: Fohoho!
Thy foolishness is beyond help.


Baishana: Thou challenges us to a boxing fight, of all things?
The moment thy fists come into contact with my Serpente Tempesta, they will start degenerating!!

[* Italian for Storm Snake.]

ごたくはいい かかってこんか
Ryouhei: Spare me your pompous crap.
Shall we just try it out?

Yamamoto: That footwork!!
Hayato: That’s…

Hayato: Lussuria’s!!


バ「スピードで翻弄するつもりか だが我が嵐蛇が今まで素早い相手を餌食にできなかったとでも思うか?見せてやれ!!」
Baishana: Are thou using speed to trifle with us?
Or did thou think my Serpente Tempesta has never preyed on such quick opponents?
We will show thee!!

Ryouhei: !?

Yamamoto: !!
Hayato: It’s fast!!


Yamamoto: (It's head-on!!)
Hayato: (That idiot…!!)

Baishana: (Fohoho! He's made contact.)


Baishana: !!

Ryouhei: Oops.
I forgot to mention this.

Ryouhei: It’s not a good idea…
to come into contact with my fists at all.

煽り「正面からぶつかり, 上回る!!これが極限の戦い方!!」
[overlay text: He struck the enemy head-on, and more!!
This is how you fight to the "extreme"!!]



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#1. by Slashout ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
Thanks a lot !
This is chapter is great :).
#2. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#3. by RyuSensei ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks \o/
#4. by Phat ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
thanks :D
#5. by bunshindattebayo ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
Thx for the trans,kirimi-chan.
#6. by Acalia ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
Thanks Kirimi-sama!

*running to post polish IT trans*
#7. by Emy ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
Thanks Kirimi ^^
#8. by EnSiFeR ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
Thx a lot, Kirimi-chan....
#9. by black_crow ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
Thanks alot Kirimi!!!~
This chapter sounds so great!!!
#10. by Shariq ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
Thanks for the awesome translation Kirimi!!
#11. by ~Lilium~ ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
nice chap. was wondering what happened to tsuna :)
#12. by niphredil ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
thanks a lot, Kirimi! so much love for Ryouhei, wow :9
#13. by 526663 ()
Posted on Mar 29, 2008
Thank you! =)
#14. by Muddy ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2008
Thanks a lot!! For the quality as well as the speed. Great chapter.
#15. by kirimi ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2008
Thanks, everyone! I appreciate your support. :D

There is a significant translation mistake on page 11. It's highlighted in blue. So sorry!! ^^;;; Acalia and RyuSensei, please update your translations.
#16. by AfterMath ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2008
#17. by jester_agr ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2008

I used your translation for my spanish version.
#18. by kirimi ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2008
Wow! I'm glad to see more international translations made for Reborn. Hope you can keep it up! :D

Now...who's up for German? Heheheh.
#19. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Mar 31, 2008
#20. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2008
thanks kirimi!!!

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