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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Beelzebub 54

Kanzaki Hajime

+ posted by kuskun as translation on Mar 25, 2010 16:50 | Go to Beelzebub

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Beelzebub 54
Translated by Kuskun
For use by Keishou

- title) Bub 54 - Kanzaki Hajime
side) These peaceful times when nothing is happening are the happiest times - Beel

- p1) Shiroyama was defeated, and Kanzaki rages!!
b1) So what happened?
- b1) Well, the thing is, we...
b2) These punks came to pick a fight with us!
- b1) They knew that we couldn't do anything to fight back...
b2) They...?
- b1) It happened when we were eating lunch outside...

- b1) Hey, check it out! They're female delinquents!!
b2) Whoa, I've never seen one in person before
b3) So there really are people like this...
- b1) Not bad, right?
b2) Totally, I thought so too.
b3) It's kind of refreshing
- b1) What year are you?
b2) I'm a 1st year, class 3
b3) Are we making you nervous?
b4) Did you make those lunches yourselves?
- b1) G...guys, these girls are from Ishiyama...
b2) Hey, don't worry about it.
b3) Yup.
b4) They can't do anything to us anyways.
b5) Hey

- b1) You got business with our girls?
b2) Hwah!
- b1) See... he came..
b2) That's why I said...
b3) Whoa. Huge.
- b1) ...Not really.
b2) We were just having a conversation.
b3) Is there something wrong with that?
- b1) You guys just go.
b2) Nothing will come out of hanging around here.
b3) Aaahh!?

- b1) Wait, wait!!
b2) Give it up. They live in a different world than you.
- b1) What are you doing!?
b2) Yeah, I was pretty serious about approaching them!!
b3) M?
- b1) What's with the cock-blocking? Are you a man?
b2) Yeah!! I really worked hard to get the courage to talk to them!!
b3) Cut it out, you two...
b4) Give us our innocent feelings back!!
b5) ...
- b1) ...I'm sorry about that
- b1) To make up for it, I'll let you punch me once.
b2) Then we're even.

- p1) Bhaha!!
p2) Is this guy serious?
p3) He's actually saying something like that!
p4) What a loser!!
b1) No...
b2) We didn't really...
- p1) How embarassing...
p2) "Punch me once"?
p3) As one would expect from Ishiyama!
b1) Is... is it really ok?
- b1) Um, then I'll go first.
b2) Are you sure?
b3) Yeah...

- b1) Hahaha, Nice!!
b2) Y..yikes
b2) Good job, Kamogawa!!
- b1) G...Guh...
- b1) ...all right.
b2) Two more...
b3) Show me what you've got.
- b1) W...whoa!
b2) This guy's seriously not retaliating!!
b3) All right, maybe I'll try with this one next?
b4) Whoa, seriously? That's awesome!
b5) Haha, won't that actually kill him, though?
- b1) ...Well, here goes!!

- b1) And so...
b2) Where's Shiroyama now?
- b1) We called the ambulance...
b2) He's still unconscious
b3) And he's in the hospital now.
- b1) Man...
b2) It feels so good after you've done a good deed.
b3) All delinquents deserve to die!!

- b1) But is it ok...? What if they come for revenge later?
b2) Don't worry, if they do that they'll be expelled.
b3) And aren't you the one who hit him first?
- b1) That's because you two told me to...
b2) What are you scared of? That was the hammer of justice
b3 middle) And thus, therefore!
b4) Yeah, everyone wants to run Ishiyama out of here too.
b5) You could even think of it as volunteer activity.
- b1) So you wanna keep going and get 2 or 3 more?
b2) Haha, good idea!
b3) What if they all came together to fight back?
b4) Then they'd all be expelled at once! Hahaha.
- b1) Kyaaaa!

- b1) Wha...
b2) What...?
b3) Sup.
- b1) Sounds like my classmate had a little run-in with you guys.
b2) I'm here
b3) To murder every one of you.

- b1) That's...
b2) That's why I told you guys!!
b3) Idiot!
- b1) ...I see
b2) So you guy's did it...
- b1) Wha...what do you think you're doing!?
b2) We're in the middle of class!!
- b1) ....
b2) Do you know what's gonna happen because you're doing this?
b3) Ah?
b4) You're gonna be expelled!!!

- b1) Y...yeah!
b2) Punch us if you can!!
b3) If you don't mind being kicked out, that is!!
- b1) No school will pick you up now!!
- b1) Like I care.

- b1) You guys are the ones who don't get it
b2) We're full of idiots who don't give a second thought to consequences!!
b3) *gasp*
b4) *pant*
b5) And here you are trying to pick a fight with all of us at once!? Don't make me laugh!!
b6) I'll be expelled if I hit you? Who the hell cares!?
- b1) Don't look down on Ishiyama!!!
- b1) Hiiii
- b1) Kanzaki!! Wait!!
b2) Kanzaki-san!!
- b1) You guys better stay out of my way!!
b2) I need to get revenge for Shiroyama's sake!
- b1) ...This isn't good, senpai...
b2) Ah?

- b1) In this situation
b2) I'll have to stop you no matter what...

- b1) Ah?
b2) Miki!
b3) P...please help!!
- b1) Who the hell are you...

- b1) What are you doing!? Hurry!!
b2) We need to go stop Kanzaki!
- b1) Well...
b2) I kinda think it's too late.
b3) Run anyways!! Hurry!!
- b1) Uhh...
b2) I want to hurry up and find the next Rokkisei
- b1) What, what? Why are you running?
b2) Oh hey, Furuichi. You look like you're having a peaceful day.
- b1) Sis!!
b2) Where's Kanzaki?
b3) ...well...

- b1) Kanzaki!!

- b1) He...
b2) He was taken out by the Rokkisei.
- b1) Rokkisei?
- b1) What...?
b2) Miki...
- b1) I see...
- b1) Baby Beel
b2) How about him? They say he's Rokkisei.

- b1) Durr
- b1) ...
b2) He says anybody but you...
- p1) ...He can't handle this guy!?

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