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Akame ga Kill 3

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Apr 29, 2012 10:54 | Go to Akame ga Kill

-> RTS Page for Akame ga Kill 3

Hands down, the most difficult and time consuming chapter to translate of any manga I've ever read. Chances are high there are a few lines I didnt get exactly right, and maybe a few I got totally wrong, but I did my best.

Akame Ga Kiru Chapter 03


==Chapter Title==
Kill Authority

B1: If you want to have a high position in the military, we need to start by raising our own skills.

B2: By doing this, even if things get bad we'll be able to survive, somehow.

Box: Sayo.....Ieyasu...

Box: I'm...happy that I learned to cook.

Box: But..


B3: Thanks to that, I'm treated as nothing more than a cook!


==Chapter Title==
Kill Authority


Box: The kitchen

B1: Damn it!

B2: I'm an assassin, yet all I do day after day is cook!

B3: It cannot be helped.

B4: I am responsible for cooking the base's meals.

B5: And naturally that duty falls to you as well.

B6: Where exactly is the cooking? All I see you doing is "sampling" the ingredients.

B7: That is not true.
sfx: Munch

B8: You suck at lying, you know.

B9: For a newcomer, a cook's apron is best. It suits you well.

B10: What!?


B1: ....huh?

B2: Are you all going somewhere?

B3: Yep.

B4: A request to kill someone in the capital arrived.

B5: A request?

B6: Speaking of....

B7: We're an organization that accepts requests from the public

B8: To carry out assassinations in the capital.

B9: We'll come up with something for you to do though.

>txt in center: Hmmmmm

B10: Anyways, expect to be called upon.


B1: Please take good care of the place while we are gone.

B2: Eh, me?

B3: Akame and the new guy are house maids!

B4: So just stay here and chop cucumbers!

>txt around her: Ahahahahaha

B5: Why does she feel the need to be so overbearing...?

B6: Laaa-teeeer~~

B7: Grrrrrr.

B8: ........

B9: Okay.

B10: Now, shall we go take some lives?

B11: You're talking about hunting for dinner, aren't you?

B12: Oh good, you understand.


B1: Hey.
>It's nice to get away from base for a while, but is this really okay?

B2: There is no problem with us going into the mountains.

B3: ...she must have too much time on her hands.

B4: We've arrived.

B5: Wow, what a nice place.

B6: We must eliminate the underwater prey.


B1: !?

B2: You can't mean naked...!?

B3: These clothes allow the most underwater mobility....

B4: Wha...

B5: The targets are large river tuna.

B6: That is the goal.


B1: Huh...

B2: She can't possibly mean the exceedingly rare and skittish fish that--

B3: A fish explosion!?

B4: Fuhwah


B1: Erase your presence and swim along the riverbed.

B2: When the prey comes close, you strike in that instant.

B3: You will need to give it everything you have.

B4: Can you handle it?


B6: ---so,


B1: In the end, Tatsumi only caught two....

B2: For his first time, he did well.

B3: But didn't you say "bring it on" as you were undressing?

B4: Not good enough.

B5: Shit. She doesn't think much of me at all...

B6: And I can never tell what she's thinking either...

>lil txt: Stop staring and eat me already!

B7: I'm still too weak!

B8: Leone...


B1: Tell me about the request we received a few days ago.

B2: !

B3: Our targets are Ogre of the capital guards,
>And an oil merchant named Gamal.

B4: What the client told me was--

B5: Ogre has been accepting bribes from Gamal.

B6: No signs of anyone hiding in the area.

B7: Continue.

B8: Every time Gamal commits a crime,
>Ogre will frame someone to take the fall for him.

B9: My fiance was framed for one of his crimes and was sentenced to death.


B1: He heard them talking to each other while in his cell.

B2: Before his execution, he sent me a letter so I would know all this.

B3: Please.

B4: Please, somehow, help me clear this regret from my heart....

B1: ...understood.

B2: We'll send them both screaming to hell!!


B1: Thank you so much, miss!!

B2: I can't thank you enough!

B3: This is the payment for the job.

B4: That person saved up this much money?

B5: I caught the scent of a venereal disease from her....

B6: So she must have been selling her body to earn all of that.

B7: !

B8: ...that's..

B9: Did you check out her story?


B1: They're guilty.

B2: I observed them for a time from the attic of the merchant's shop.

B3: ...okay.

B4: Night Raid will accept this request.

B5: We will deliver divine punishment upon the heads of these heinous monsters.
>And send them to the hereafter.

B6: Taking out Gamal will be simple,

B7: But Ogre will be a formidable opponent.


B1: Ogre the demon.

B2:He is called "the demon"...
>Because his skill with the sword makes him an object of terror to the criminals of the capital.

B3: Usually, he spends his time out on patrols with his subordinates.

B4: But other than that, he hangs out at the garrison headquarters.

B5: Gamal comes to his private room to give him the bribes.

B6: Due to his station, on his days off he leaves headquarters...

B7: And spends the day drinking on main street, close to the palace.


B1: It seems the only time to attack would be on his day off.

B2: ...however, the security around the palace will be tough.

B3: For Akame, who is on the capital's most wanted list, this will be a dangerous mission.

B4: Shall we wait for the group to come back?

B5: But we don't know when they will finish their job, right?

B6: Yes.

B7: If that's the case,

B8: Just send us! We can take care of it!

B9: Ohhh...? Are you saying you can kill Ogre yourself?

B10: Huh?

B11: Not that I can't handle it,

B12: But it almost sounded like you want to take him on yourself, huh?


B1: As you are now, you stand no chance...

B2: While we stand here debating,
>There may be other innocent people being framed for crimes they didn't commit!!

B3: If that's the case, I'll handle him myself!

B4: The feeling of your most cherished person being cruelly taken away...

B5: I don't want anyone to have to experience that loss...

B6: .........

B7: Understood...
>I can appreciate your decision.

B8: Go kill the demon.


B1: Well said, Tatsumi!

B2: It's good that you're so dedicated

B3: Leone, Akame, I leave the oil merchant to you.

B4: You got it, boss.

B5: How about that, Akame!

B6: When it's time, I can step up!

B7: ...where does this self confidence come from?

B8: You haven't had a successful mission until after you have given your first report.

B9: As you are now, so full of yourself, you'll just end up dead.

B10: Wha-


B1: Damn it...

B2: I'm definitely going to succeed and make you see me in a new light...!

B3: If you go straight that way, it'll lead you straight to main street.

B4: Got it!

B5: ...you wanna hear a story about Akame?

B6: Huh?


B1: When Akame was young, her and her sister were both bought by the empire.

B2: Well, you know...
>Poor parents selling their kids is a pretty common story.

B3: Anyways, her and her sister were placed in an institution that trained them to be assassins.

B4: There she learned how to kill people...

B5: She survived, in that hellish situation.

B6: And she worked under the orders of the empire.

B7: She was the perfect assassin...


B1: But, each time she carried out her duty, she could feel more of the darkness within the empire.

B2: The boss, who was her target at the time, succeeded in persuading her...

B3: To defect from the empire.

B4: And join the revolutionary army that cared only about the people.

B5: By that time, it seems most of the comrades she had grown up and trained with were all dead...

B6: ........

B7: Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

B8: As an amateur, I should shut up and listen to the professional killer, right?

B9: Well...

B10: You'll understand if you're successful today.


B1: Yeah!

B2: I'm definitely gonna do this!

B3: Good hunting!

B4: Hahh.

B5: I need to use the toilet.

B6: I wonder if I'll have to take it again.


B1: Don't worry...
>I'll give it to you, Gamal.

B2: Ah!


B1: Gah!

B2: You're lucky to have been killed by two beauties!

B3: Well then...


B1: I wonder how Tatsumi is doing with the tougher target...

B2: Hu~wah~~~~

B3: Sake is so good after a thorough interrogation.

B4: Ogre-sama!

B5: Hmm?

B6: We just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done.

B7: And thank you for the other day.


B1: No problem.

B2: Come to me with whatever troubles you have any time.

B3: I am the king of this city...!

B4: The highest authority.

B5: I can do whatever I want, as much as I want!

B6: ...uhmm...

B7: Ogre-sama.

B8: What?

B9: I have something I would like to speak with you about...

B10: What...? Spit it out then.

B11: Talking about it in the open like this would be a little problematic...


B1: Can you tell me in this alleyway?

B2: He doesn't even seem human, huh...

B3: Hey.

B4: This place is fine, right?

>txt: Sayo...Ieyasu...

B5: Lend me your strength.


B1: I beg of you!!

B2: Please allow me into the capital defense force!

B3: I must earn enough money to send back to my home in the country, sir!

B4: Ha~~hhhh..

B5: I thought it would be something like this.

B6: Then apply through the normal process, idiot!

B7: ...but,


B1: In these hard times, it's so very difficult to get in.

B2: It's to be expected, isn't it?

B3: So, I take it you weren't strong enough to pass the entrance test?




B1: I know no fear. I fight with everything I've got.

B2: I didn't think there was anyone who would dare attack me

B3: ...I did it.

B4: You haven't had a successful mission

B5: Until you've given your first report.

B6: ...Ah

B7: That's right.....


B1: I need to go give my report...


B1: Did you think...

B2: That I, Ogre the demon...

B3: Would really be killed by the likes of a snot nosed little shit like you...?

B4: The weak don't matter...

B5: Only the strong matter in this city...

B6: I pass judgment on people!!

B7: Do you think you can judge me!?!


B1: !

B2: Don't just say whatever you want...!

B3: HAHH!!!

B4: I see...

B5: You belong to that night raid group, don't you?


B1: Who hired you to kill me?

B2: You happen to know a lot about me...

B3: Was it possibly the bitch fiance of the guy who was executed the other day?

B4: !?

B5: I'm right aren't I...?
>I knew it would have been best to kill her as well...

B6: No...It's still not to late to kill her!

B7: First, I'll have to find her, of course.

B8: And then, I'll find the rest of her family, and arrest them as criminals.

B9: And then I'll force her to watch as they are executed, one by one...!

B10: But only after I've killed you!!


B1: Wha...

B2: This guy is just like everyone else.

B3: Drunk with the power he's attained.

B4: Doing whatever he wants...

B5: Trash like you....


B1: I'll-----



B1: Good job on dealing with the target!

B2: Excellent!

>txt next to him: Ehehe

B3: Thanks!


B1: Not bad, huh, Akame?

B2: I've done my job and given my report.
>And I accomplished it somehow without getting hurt.

B3: ..........

B4: So now you'll have to acknowledge m--

B4: Wha...

B5: What the hell are you doing!?


B1: Leona, boss, hold him!

B2: Understood.

B3: Oh! This seems like fun.

B4: Wh...what's going on...?

B5: You can't possibly be wanting to have...!

B6: NooOOOOoOO!!

B7: ...thank goodness...


B1: I've seen friends die from poison because they wanted to be tough and not report the wound.

B2: But you seem to be undamaged.

B3: The mortality rate for those on their first mission is high...
>You did very well!

B4: Th..thanks.


B1: Akame was hoping you would live. She would have been lonely without you.

B2: You know, you learn to communicate with your comrades while cooking.

B3: You learn to kill through a difficult hunt...

B4: Which do you think actually helps you from day to day?
T/N: This line stumps me, so I went with the closest guess.

B5: Eh....

B6: Oh....

B7: Really?

B8: Sorry, Akame...

B9: I....misunderstood.

B10: It's all right.


B1: From here on, please continue coming back alive....

B2: Tatsumi.

B3: Sure.

B4: Please take care of me, Akame!

B5: I wonder what his intentions are saying that while almost naked.

B6: You guys are the one's that stripped me!


B1: ...okay.

B2: Next, you'll be working under Mein, so do your best.

B3: ...geh?

B4: It's just one thing after another, isn't it?

B5: I...

B6: I have to work with her!?

B7: For some reason I just got goose bumps...

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