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Akame ga Kill 3

Kill Authority

+ posted by umeboshi110 as translation on Jul 7, 2011 15:37 | Go to Akame ga Kill

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[Scanslation with this translation reserved for otakami]

Akame ga Kill!
Chapter 03
Kill Authority

Sayo: Let’s increase our skills to help rise through the ranks.
Chapter 3: Kill Authority
Ieyasu: We can avoid running out of provisions if we’re knowledgeable on what we can use for food.

Box: Sayo... Ieyasu...
Box: I’m... glad I learned how to cook.

Box: Thanks to that,

Everyone: Seconds.
They completely treat me like the cook.

Chapter 3: Kill Authority

Box: Kitchen
Tatsumi: Damn~

Tatsumi: We’re assassins, but it’s cooking day after day.
Akame: It can’t be helped.

Akame: I’m in charge of cooking at the base.
Akame: Since you’re with me, of course you’d also be cooking.

Tatsumi: So you cook because there’s unlimited tasting and sampling?
Akame: That’s not true at all.
Tatsumi: You’re not very convincing.

Main: Just as I thought, this suits the newbie best.
Tatsumi: Whaat!?

Tatsumi: ...Huh?
Tatsumi: Are all of you going somewhere?

Main: Yup.
Main: To kill in the Capital since we got a commission.
Tatsumi: A commission?

Now that you mention it...
Outwardly we are an organization that carries out assassinations
Through requests from imperial citizens.

That’s somewhat convenient for us.
Eventually we’ll ask this of you too. Be ready for it.

Schere: Please take care of everything while we’re gone.
Tatsumi: Huh? What about me?

Main: Akame and the newbie stay here!
Main: Cut off cucumber stems or something like a good boy!
Why is this girl so much more overbearing than necessary?

Main: See you~ <3
Tatsumi: Nnngh
Akame: ......

Akame: All right.

Akame: Let’s go take some lives ourselves, then.
Tatsumi: It’s just the cooking team’s hunting, right?
Tatsumi: I can tell.


Tatsumi: Hey,
Is it okay? We’ve gotten pretty far from the base.
Akame: It’s not a problem for going deep into the mountains.

Tatsumi: ...There’s nothing to talk about.
Akame: We’re here.

Tatsumi: Wow, what a beautiful place.
Akame: We’ll eliminate the prey in the river.

Tatsumi: !?
Tatsumi: Don’t tell me you’re doing it nude...!?

Akame: In clothes that’ll make it easier to move underwater.

Akame: We’re aiming for Kouga tuna.
Akame: This is important.

Tatsumi: Wha...
Tatsumi: Weren’t those rare monster fish that are very cautious...

A huge haul!?

SFX: *breathe*

Akame: Dive to the riverbed, erase your presence,
Akame: And attack the instant the prey passes by.

Akame: It’s crucial to put everything into it.
Akame: Can you do it?

Tatsumi: You’re on!!!

Nadezhda: —And so,

Nadezhda: In the end, Tatsumi caught two of them...

Nadezhda: Well done for your first try.
Leone: You threw off your clothes and said “bring it on!”?

Akame: You’re still too soft.

Damn! She’s hasn’t acknowledged me at all...
And I can never tell what she’s thinking...
Fish mutter: Please hurry up and eat me

I don’t like her after all!
Nadezhda: Leone,

Nadezhda: Tell me about the request you got at the capital a few days ago.
Tatsumi: !

Leone: The targets are Orga of the capital guards
And a guy named Gamal from the oilery.
Leone: According to the client,
Client: Orga is receiving a large amount of bribes from Gamal.

I don’t sense any third parties in our surroundings.
Leone: Go on.

Client: Every time Gamal commits a crime,
Orga fakes a criminal to take his place.
Leone: My fiancé was also framed and given the death sentence.

Client: In prison he heard to those two conversing in secret
Client: And let me know in a letter before being executed.

Client: Please,

Client: Please, this deep resentment...

Leone: ...I got it.
Leone: I’ll beat those guys down to hell!

Client: Thank you so much!!
Client: Thank you so much!!

Leone: This is the payment from then.

Tatsumi: I’m surprised that person could save up all this.
Leone: She smelled of STD’s...

Leone: She probably kept selling off her body to earn it.
Tatsumi: !

Tatsumi: ...No way.
Nadezhda: Have you confirmed the facts?

Leone: Guilty.
Leone: I was able to make sure of it in the attic of the oilery.

Nadezhda: ...Good.

Nadezhda: Night Raid will accept this commission.
Nadezhda: We don’t need treacherous pieces of crap in the new country.
Let’s grant them their divine retribution.

Leone: Killing Gamal will be simple,

Leone: But Orga’s a fairly formidable foe.

Box: Orga the ogre
Box: He is called an ogre...
As criminals fear his skill with the sword.

Box: He is usually out on patrol with a large number of subordinates.
Box: Other than that, he spends his time in the guardhouse.

Box: He brings Gamal to his room to take the bribes.

Box: On his days off, being unable to stray far away from the guardhouse considering his position,
Box: He drinks on Main Street, which is near the palace.

Tatsumi: Looks like we’ll only be able to do it when he has a day off.
Nadezhda: ...However, security will be strict near the palace.
Nadezhda: It’s dangerous to let Akame do it since she’s wanted.
Akame: How about waiting for Main and the others?

Tatsumi: But we don’t know when they’ll be done with their job, right?
Akame: Uh huh.

Tatsumi: In that case,
Tatsumi: Let’s do it just by ourselves!

Nadezhda: Oh... are you saying you’ll defeat Orga?
Tatsumi: Huh?
Leone: My identity hasn’t been revealed either,
Leone: But I’d like you to take responsibility for that remark.

Akame: It’s too much for you as you are now...

Tatsumi: While we’re sitting here doing this,
There might be people who’re being falsely accused again, right?
Tatsumi: Then I’ll do it.

Tatsumi: Having people important to you stolen away unfairly...
Tatsumi: I don’t want anyone to go through that anymore.

Akame: .........

Nadezhda: I understand...
We’ll take your determination into account.
Nadezhda: Erase Orga.

Leone: Well said, Tatsumi!
[small empty bubble?]
Leone: I like your resolve!

Nadezhda: I’ll leave the oilery to Leone and Akame.
Leone: Got it.

Tatsumi: How’s this, Akame!
Tatsumi: I can go through with it when I need to!

Akame: ...It can only be praiseworthy
Akame: Once you properly carry out the mission and finish reporting.

Akame: You’re going to die if you’re getting full of yourself at this point.
Tatsumi: Wha!

Damn it...

I’ll make sure to succeed and make her acknowledge me!

Leone: Main Street is straight through here.
Tatsumi: Got it.

Leone: ...This is a story about Akame’s past.
Tatsumi: Hm?

Leone: When Akame was a child, she was bought by the empire along with her sister.
Leone: Well...
You hear about poor parents selling off their children all the time.

Leone: Then they were put into an assassin training institution with other children in similar situations.
Leone: She was taught to kill...
Leone: And lived through cruel situations.

Leone: And then, an assassin was completed...
Leone: One who would accomplish her tasks as ordered by the empire.

Leone: However, as Akame completed her missions, she picked up on the empire’s darkness.

Leone: She was persuaded by the boss, who was her target at that time,
Leone: Defected from the empire,
Leone: And joined the side of the revolutionary army, which truly thinks of the people.

Leone: It seems that until then, most of her comrades she grew up with had died...
Tatsumi: .........

Leone: Do you know what I’m trying to say?
Tatsumi: You want to say that as a professional assassin, I’m a half-hearted amateur, right?

Leone: Well...
Leone: You’ll understand if you succeed today.

Tatsumi: Yeah!
Tatsumi: I’ll succeed for sure!
Leone: Good kill!

Gamal: Fweee

Gamal: Now that I’ve relieved myself at the bathroom,
Gamal: How about I do it again?

Leone: Yeah...
We’ll [ b]do you in,[ /b] Gamaru.

Gamal: Ah!


Gamal: Urgh!

Leone: You must be happy you got two beautiful girls!

Leone: Now...

Leone: I wonder how Tatsumi’s doing with the formidable foe...
Akame: ......

SFX: Wheee

Orga: Sake tastes great after a lot of interrogation.

Man: Sir Orga!
Orga: Hmm?

Man: You’re doing a splendid job.
Man2: Thank you for the other day.

Orga: Yeah.
Orga: Come tell me whenever you have a problem.

In this city, I’m the king!
Authority is awesome
I can do whatever I want!

Tatsumi: ...’Scuse me,
Tatsumi: Sir Orga.
Orga: Hmm?

Tatsumi: There’s something I would like you to hear about...

Orga: What is it...? Tell me.
Tatsumi: It’s not something to be said out in the open...

Tatsumi: Can we talk in an alleyway?

Doesn’t seem to be anyone around...
Orga: C’mon.
Orga: This is okay, isn’t it?

Sayo... Ieyasu...

Lend me your strength

Tatsumi: I beg of you!!
Tatsumi: Please let me into the capital guards!

Tatsumi: I have to make money and send some back home.
Orga: Sigh...
Orga: I knew it was something like this.

Orga: Go follow the formal procedures, idiot!
Tatsumi: ...But,

Tatsumi: There’s too much competition from the recession.

Orga: That’s too bad.

Orga: It just means you weren’t strong enough.



He fearlessly put everything into it—
To think there’d be someone who’s willing to defy me...

Tatsumi: ...I did it!

It can only be praiseworthy
Once you properly carry out the mission and finish reporting.

Tatsumi: ...Oh,
Tatsumi: That’s right...

Tatsumi: I have to go and report right away...


Orga: ...Like I...
Orga: The great Orga...
Orga: Could ever be killed by the likes of a fucking brat like you...

Orga: It doesn’t matter what the weak grumble about—
Orga: The strong are absolute in this city...

Orga: I’m the one who judges people!!
Orga: I’ll be damned if I get judged myself!!!

Orga: !

Tatsumi: Stop it with your bullcrap!

Orga: Hmph!!!

Orga: I see...
Orga: You’re part of Night Raid, aren’t you?

Orga: Who requested it?
Orga: I know lots of possibilities...
Orga: If it’s recent, maybe the fiancé of that guy I killed the other day?

Tatsumi: !?

Orga: I guess I got it right...
I should have killed that woman as well at the time...
Orga: No... it’s not too late now!

Orga: First I’ll hunt that woman down,
Orga: Paint her family as felons,
Orga: And kill them all right in front of her!

Orga: After I kill you, of course!!


Orga: Wha—

These guys are all the same.
They flaunt the authority they get
And only use it unjustly...

Scum like you...

I will
Carve them up!!!


SFX: Clink

Nadezhda: Good job taking care of that strong enemy!
Nadezhda: Splendid!
Tatsumi: Yeah!

Tatsumi: How’s that, Akame!
Tatsumi: I’ve finished reporting. Mission accomplished.
I somehow did it unscathed!

Akame: ......

Tatsumi: Now, acknowledge me...

Tatsumi: Wha...
Tatsumi: What!? What’re you doing!?

Akame: Leone, boss, hold him down!
Nadezhda: Got it.
Leone: Ah! Looks like fun.

Tatsumi: Huh... what is... this development...
Tatsumi: Could this be...!

Tatsumi: Nooooooo!!

Akame: ...Thank goodness...


Akame: I’ve seen a comrade who put up a strong front and died from poison because he didn’t report an injury.
Akame: I’m glad you took no damage.

Akame: First missions have a high death rate...
Good job overcoming it!
Tatsumi: Y...yeah.

Leone: Akame was being strict on you because she didn’t want you to die.

Nadezhda: Cooking was for communication with your comrades.
Nadezhda: Difficult hunting to learn to assassinate...
Nadezhda: Did you notice that everything you did in those days was beneficial to you?

Tatsumi: Huh...?
Tatsumi: Uh...
Tatsumi: Really?

Tatsumi: Sorry, Akame...
Tatsumi: I’ve been... misunderstanding.
Akame: It’s fine.

Akame: Keep surviving from now on...
Akame: Tatsumi.

Tatsumi: Sure!
Tatsumi: I’ll be looking forward to working with you, Akame!

Leone: What’re you looking forward to with no clothes on?
Tatsumi: You people took them off!

Nadezhda: ...All right.

Nadezhda: Then try doing your best under Main next.
Tatsumi: ...Huh?

Leone: One disaster after another.

Tatsumi: H...

Tatsumi: Her~!?
Main: I’m shuddering for some reason...

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