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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Defense Devil 74

Judgement 46: The Man In The Mirror

+ posted by manojuchiha as translation on Nov 22, 2010 03:38 | Go to Defense Devil

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Page 1:
Judgement 46: The Man In The Mirror

Page 2:
Bichula: Maestro, over here!
Lateral: Trying to cut the strings that link the parents of Jupiter to hell, and Bichula Kucabara up
to find their origin ... and ... have been encountered?!
Kucabara: Ahh!

Page 3:
Bichula: Ahhh ... Master ~ ~ I'm at my limit! / My power has diminished and I will return to normal!
Kucabara: Bichula Come! Just a little more!
Kucabara: Bichula ~ ~ ~ ~
Bichula Master ~ ~ ~ ~
Kucabara: Owww ... / What ... Are we saved?
Bichula: Master look!
Please keep going from here!
Hell Phoenix

Page 4:
Kucabara: Are you telling us to go up?
Bichula: It is impossible to master!
Kucabara: But here says to do this ...
We have no choice. / It is to save parents from Jupiter. / / Let's go!
Bichula: I do not want! Go it alone! / / Do not forget that this could be a trap ..!
I'm going back!
Kucabara: ... How are you going back? / You do not have wings ...
Kucabara: See how easy! / / Hoisa!
Bichula: Shit! / / Fuck you!

Page 5:
Idamaria: Do not want to return to the human world, / / what this is all about ...?
Parents: No ... We do not have .. / No intention of returning ...
We are sinners ... / / We have to stay here and take our punishment ...
Samus: Oh I see, are sinners.
Idamaria: Not true!

Page 6:
Idamaria: Both of you were Christians respected! / / Lost his life in an unfortunate accident, / /
you should have ascended to heaven! / / I can not believe that under the teachings of the father Selma
ye become sinners! / / Must be the work of a demon!
Samus: Oi, do not winch so much! / You know nothing.
Idamaria: Do not touch me / / foul fiend!
Samus: You ...

Page 7:
Samus: Tchh!
Jody: Where are you going, Samus-dono!?
Samus: Shut, Tinplate head!
Parents: Ida .. Idamaria ... We are under the punishment of God .... / / Even now at this moment ...
Please do not stand in his way ... ...
Bichula Master ~ not take it anymore ...
Kucabara: Bichula ~ Just a little more ...
I can see a house!
Bichula: Finally!
Kucabara: Let's go.

Page 8:
Bichula: No one.
But the strings are connected ...
Kucabara: Yes
Phoenix: Hmm?

Page 9:
Kucabara: Ah, good afternoon. / My name Kucabara, I'm a lawyer.
Phoenix: I am the guardian of this hell, / / Phoenix.
Kucabara: Eh? "Phoenix? / Do you ...?

Page 10:
Phoenix: Ahhh, right.
Kucabara: I thought Phoenix was a bird / The legend lives forever ...
Phoenix: Looks can be deceiving. / / I am the phoenix to which you refer.
Live in the mirror, / / looking at the lives of humans.
Kucabara: Say serious about living in the mirror!?
What the hell is this? / / But I can see you inside ...
When I turn around you're not here ...
Phoenix: The "reality" outside is just an illusion. / / The truth only shows the mirror.

Page 11:
Phoenix: I see. So you want to release these threads / / so that sinners can go home.
You're saying that / / are not sinners, / but due to the work of a demon, sent them to hell.
Kucabara: Yeah yeah!
Phoenix: Hmm, you're right. Retain non-sinners / / in the hell is obscene.
Kucabara: See?
Phoenix: I suggest a package to explain more.
Bichula: Who the hell is this guy? / / It is different from the other demons we've seen ...

Page 12:
Phoenix: Hmmm ... / / Now I understand.
So those two souls who died in an accident should have been sent to heaven. / But the reason
because here is a mystery ... / / You the have been searching through the world of demons,
/ / And finally you have found in the "Hell of the Phoenix."
I made my decision. / / The liberate.
Kucabara: Ooohh! "Really!?

Page 13:
Phoenix: But first of all ... / / you have to prove their innocence.
Kucabara: Pr ... try!?
Phoenix: I am the guardian of this hell. / I have to face many other sinners of them.
Kucabara ... ...
Phoenix: No matter what they do, they must have a reason to be here.
In the "Hell of the Phoenix", the sinners suffer Ideas --- / is to regret being born to
reflect painful thoughts for the rest of eternity.
Although there appears to be suffering, / / Stress and psychological pain is overwhelming.

Page 14:
Phoenix: Put simply, because they look like sinners, / / psychological distress exercising this hell
change their logic.
Therefore, at this point I can not say its true nature, if you have sinned or not. / / Nor
I can say that what you claim is untrue.
In that case, I need a clear and compelling people of his innocence.
After all, everything is connected.
Bichula: You bastard! Stop being a nerd! / No I have already said they are innocent!
Phoenix: That's why I am giving this opportunity to get his pardon. / So please do not deceive me.

Page 15:
Phoenix: But then, is not a question of trust in you or not ... / As a demon, I have the responsibility
to verdicts based only on facts.
You must give me the evidence. / / If not, I can not let go.
You said you were a lawyer. / Understand your position on this, right?.
Bichula: Who the hell knows, you idiot ~ ~!
Kucabara: Ahhh, I understand.
Bichula: Ehh!?

Page 16:
Phoenix: For the brain power / / You
You will take your own decision.
A wise or foolish?

Page 17:
Bichula: Here is something going strong ...!
Kucabara: We Bichula!
Bichula: Maestro!
Kucabara: It's exactly as you said. / We must find the evidence.
Bichula: But ... how?
Kucabara: Have you forgotten?
My name Kucabara, a lawyer from hell. / Finding objects of innocence is my job!
Lateral: In the next chapter, claims his former employer Kucabara --- lawyer!?

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