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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Vinland Saga 1


+ posted by max mahito as translation on Apr 6, 2012 17:16 | Go to Vinland Saga

-> RTS Page for Vinland Saga 1

Raw source: http://uploaded.to/file/gmg3xucs/Vinland
It's one of my top 3 favourite series, so I'll be translating it slowly, but surely.
Also, I've changed the term "Normanni" to "Norman" just to experiment with my translation.I'd like to hear from VS fans if they like my new Norman or old Normanni.

A Franky-House translation.
Send me a PM if anyone would like to use this.

<Page 03>
-From the far north---
-Beyond the cold oceans
-They raid with black clouds of war looming over them

<Page 04-05>
Top left: Yukimura Makoto
Vinland Saga 1
Title: Norman

<Page 07>
<Box: Frank Territory, 11th Century CE>

<Page 08>
<sfx: uoo (war cries)>
<sfx: hyun (arrows fire)>

<Page 09>
<more cries, bow string and arrow fire sounds>

<Page 10>
<sfx: Hyun Hyun>
<sfx: Uwaaa, Gyaaa (Pain)>
-Bring more shields!!
-Move faster!!
-Take down the gates!!
<sfx: go'on (ramming)>

<Page 11>
<sfx: Kaaaooo (maniacal shout)>
-A battering ram!!
<sfx: Goo'on (ramming)>
-Archers, to formation!!
<sfx: hyun pyun (arrow fire)>
-Both units, shoot alternatively!!
-First unit, ready!!
<sfx: Boshyu (arrow fire)>

<Page 12>
<sfx: Bakya (shield broken)>

<page 13>
-Not good, retreat!!
-Momentary retreat--!! Fallout-!!
<sfx: fuaaaa (we won!!)>
-Alright, well done!!
-Now gather as many arrows as you all can!
-Nurses! Treat to the wounded!

<Page 14>
-It will snow soon, then they have to leave
-We have to defend until then
-With the help of townsfolk, we can defend until then
<sfx: gugu (arrow)>
<sfx: zubo (arrow out)>
<inside panel: ouch..>
-We need to just defend the front gates
-The lake will protect our backs

<page 15>
-Attackers retreated
-Just as I thought.A fight between Frankish groups
-There are about 800 men in offending and defending side is smaller in quantity
-Stupids, charging head-on onto that fortress
-What should we do, Askeladd?

<page 16>
-Looks like this fortress is the biggest group around here
-Hmmm, I can smell the treasure even from here
-Oh! What now?
-Let's join the offensive side?
-That will fetch more treasure
-I don't want some petty reward.We will force open the treasure boxes and loot all its contents
-In that case....
-Thorfinn! You're going to go.

<page 17>
<sfx: kyu (laces)>
<sfx: shaku (sheath knives)>
<sfx: Zashi (walking on grass)>
-We're going to fight
-Get to the head of offensive side
-Hear out, this our message:

<page 18>
-"Your war style is ugly
-I cannot watch it!"
-"Hence, we wish to come to aid you.
-This is a good oppurtunity for you.We'll make you victors."
-"When the fortress looses, we will take half the loot.
-Mount an attack tomorrow morning."
-After delivering the message, remain in their camp and keep an eye on the battle.
-Got it? Now, go.
-I said leave, Thorfinn.
-I want a reward guarantee
-...If your mission becomes successful, I will give you 3 gold coins.
-I swear this upon Tyr.
T/N: Tyr is a battlegod of nordic myth.

<page 19>
-Don't joke around with me.
-you know what I desire, Askeladd.
-I was just joking.
-...But, lad....
-In that case, you better bring back something valuable like a General's head
<sfx: Zu- (dash)>

<page 20>
-Arrogant lad
-Why did you choose him for the negotiation, Askeladd?
-The offensive side has become reckless
-Sometimes, a messenger is slaughtered even before negotiation starts
-So, even if we lose a kid we found, what's the big deal?
-Who the heck are you!
-Hey! Kids shouldn't roam in these places!!

<page 21>
-I'm a messenger
-Anyone speaks Norse here?
-What is he talking?
-He is not a Frank
-This brat is suspicious
-He maybe a spy
-Capture him

<page 22>
<sfx: punch kick and jab>
-Ouch! What!!??
-I'm a messenger!!
-Anyone speaks Norse here!?

<page 23>
-You wish to have half of the loot?
-Bastards, acting as mercenaries.
-So, are you confident?
-Norman Boy

<Page 24>
-Even a kid knows
-That attacking only the front gates will be for naught
-Defending side has less men.
-They are defending the gates leaving the lake side open.That's where we attack.
-If that could be done, we'd have done it!!
-You butchers are really tad simple
-It is impossible to get a ship into that lake!

<Page 25>
-The only stream that connects to the lake has its flow downwards.It has a waterfall there.
-Our boats are stuck 1 mile away from here.
-That's why we can't attack the lakeside.
-....as he said
-You want to decline?
-If so, Askeladd would take his 100 men to the defensive side.
-What are you talking!? Brat!!

<Page 26>
-If you kill me, the same will happen
-If they do not receive a signal of successful negotiation from me
-The 100 men from north will join your enemy
-We agree to the deal
-If your message was a bluff, I'll have you killed.
-If true, you get half the loot, I swear upon Jesus Christ.
-.....I want my knife back.
-My dad gave it to me.

<Page 27>
<sfx: Flare signal fired>
-Are you sure about this deal, sire...
-The eyes of that lad showed no fraud
-I trust his story of 100 Norman butchers
-Ah~~~there, that's the spot
-They may just be 100 men, but it's better than making enemies out of them
-By letting them be our allies, we can lessen our army losses.

<Page 28>
-Half of loot is a bit....
-Half? Huh?
-What are you saying
-They are barbaric people from north
-Man, his head is so large-!!
-For our dishonesty to those sinners and faithless people, even God wil forgive us.
-Massage stronger, I can't enjoy it
-Yes, Sire

<Page 29>
-You saw that
-It's the fourth in a row
-Is it some kinda signla?
-Some signals to the other units....I guess
-Be alert
-Expect something different tomorrow
-Yes Sir!
-A signal from Thorfinn
-1 high, 3 low

<page 30>
-They'll mount an attack during sunrise
-Alright, that's more than sufficient for us
-we have to cross this mountain before moonrise
<sfx: wind and waterfalls>

<page 31>
<sfx: Slash and Waterfall>
-This is retarded!!
-Hafta guard ships at this place?!
-How can I become a hero if I ain't even on the battlefield?!
-I left the fields to become a knight!!
-Curse that fatso!!
-I wanna fight!!
-Stop it already, you aren't that good
-Our comrades are facing tough times up the waterfall
-We don't hafta fight anyone here

<page 32>
-Tch! Coward
-I know you since child hood
-If you don't wanna fight, why you followed me here!?
-...'cuz I was worried about ye
-Whut the heck ye talkin about, fatso
-You don't need to worry about me!!
-In our home, I was the strongest - you never even had a fight....
-What's making you all so noisy!!
-Over there....
-Above the mountain
-I saw something....

<page 33>
<sfx: Wind and surprise cries>
-....A Dragon
-A...A dragon on top of mountain!!

<page 34>
<sfx: Zemu zemu (marching)>

<page 35>
<sfx: Kuaaaa (yawn)>
-A dragon atop the mountain?
-Yes, we got a report that all the units guarding our boats saw it yesterday night.
-An evil sign, Sire
-Ha ha ha ha
T/N: I wantedly gave space between "ha" as it is sarcastic laugh
-A dragon.As if there are really dragons to see.
-Then, in any case....
-Lad!! <Shout>

<page 36>
-Your men are not here
-Even though the Sun arised
-Go, attack, you stout
-Soon, you'll understand
-....that was an insult right now, right
-I can know such things, know that.
<panel text: bastard>
-Attack!! <Shout>
-Now! Seems as if tonight's speciality would be your execution!!

<page 37>
<sfx: war cries>
-Nothing will be of use!!
-You're all going to die!!

<page 38>
<sfx: war cries and arrow fire>
-Battle started
<sfx: wind and running>
-We're running short of time, men!! Get ready!!
-A battle is awaiting!!

<page 39>
<sfx: Hard work>
<sfx: water spill>
-Boiling water!!

<page 40>
<sfx: cries and catapults>
<sfx: arrow fire>
-Kill, Kill, shoot them!!

<page 41>
<sfx: distant cries>
-Put an end to those archers!!
-Erect a ladder on the left side and don't worry of any casualities!!
<sfx: brids flying away>
-Hey translator
-Who is the general of the enemy?
-The one with plumed helm is the general
<sfx: ooooo>

<page 42>
<sfx: Dash>
-Ah!? <shout>
-Why you!? <shout>
-I knew he was a liar!
-He's running away!!
-Shoot him down!!

<page 43>
-He moves quickly
<sfx: Killing sounds, war cries>
-He rushed already into the crowd....
-Stupid fools
-They are repeating the same statergy again
-They don't have any statergy
-Looks like we overestimated them

<page 44>
<sfx: Loud shout>
-Brat escapes.Fortress doesn't bulge.No extra troops have arrived.
-What in the world is wrong with this army~~~~~!?
-Worthless Stupids! Showing off those weapons!? Eh!?
-Show some action. Do something!!
-If you're thinking that you can return home if it starts snowing, you're wrong!!
-You won't be going home unless this fortress falls.....
-Are you even listening to me!?
-I heard a strange sound....
-It's the sound of battle! In any case, listen....
<sfx: Running sound>
-N...No!! It's quickly approaching!!

<page 45>
<sfx: loud running sound>
T/N: Wrath of Vikings!

<page 46>
<sfx: maniacal running sound>

<page 47-48-49>
T/N: Still running

<page 50>
T/N: Running and shouting

<page 51>
<sfx: Shouts>
-Ships are coming from the mountain!!
-They lifted and carried their ships over mountain....
<sfx: running>

<page 52>
<sfx: Running and cries>
-R...right, that's them!!
-Steady the soldiers!!
-That's right, they're our backup!!
-Yeah!! Yeah!!
-The tables have turned!!
-All units, attack!!
-Crumble that fortress this time!!

<page 53>
<sfx: Running and sailing>
<sfx: drum sound>
-Man the oars at top speed!!

<page 54>
<sfx: Hard work and rowing sounds>
-The first ships gets twice the reward!!

<page 55>
T/N: just some arrow fire and thorfinn stunt

<page 56>
<sfx: kinves unsheathed and stuck into wall>
-The ships are approaching!!

<page 57>
-They plan to attack the lakeside!!
-Hardly someone are guarding the lakeside!?
-We'll be attacked from both sides....!
-Remain calm!!
-There're only 3 of the ships!!
-80 units of the right side, guard the dock.Do not let them land!!
-Remaining units, guard the front gate with your lives!!
-Cross bowmen!! Ambush!!

<page 58>
-Alright, we caught them bare-back!
-Land in the loading docks!
-Hahahaha, what luck
-They don't even have a barrier on the lakeside
-And on top of it, shallow water acts as an invitation of landing
-Now, CHARGE!!
<sfx: Swift rowing and arrow sound>

<page 59>
<sfx: Aroow deflect and piercing sounds>
-They pierced his shield and head from that distance!
-Ulof has been killed!!
-Cross bows, huh
-Not a few units, that too
-We're going to lose some men

<page 60>
<sfx: bolt fire>
-Simultaneously shoot as you load a bolt!!
-Use up all of the equipment if you have to!!
-They can't counter attack now!!
-Shoot as much as you can before they land!!

<page 61>
-A LAD!?

<page 62>
<sfx: slashing and cutting>
-Little prick!!

<page 63>
-The attack ceased.....
-What happened? They must've run out of arrows
-Now is our chance!!
-Prepare yourselves to land!!

<page 65>
<sfx: slaughter>

<page 66>
-Avenge the captain!!
-Kill that brat!!
<sfx: Jump, cries and splash>
-Take revenge!!
-That lad is a maniac!!

<page 67>
<sfx: Maniacal cry>

<page 68>
-The enemy are small in number!!
-They are all busy protecting the front gate!!
-Go berserk!!

<page 69>
-As expected, they're so powerless....
<sfx: Groan, throw, swirl and slash>
-Throwing axe
-Over here

<page 70>
-Sure shot!!
-Awesome, chief!
<sfx: Clappings, flexing muscles, cries>
-Ah-Ah-Look who're here at this time
-Weren't these guards be protecting the front gates
-We don't have any other choice, kill them all, men
-Else we will not get to plunder!!

<page 71>
<sfx: ramming>
-Fuck! We can't hold much longer
-Where are the other units?!
-They were dispatched to counter the lakeside breach!!
-But, they're not coming back!!

<page 72>
<sfx: Gates rammed and maniacal cries>
-More 200 men are defending insdie.Attack!!
-Charge ahead!!
-Hey, don't sto.....

<page 73>
-Those Normans....
-....are maniacs

<page 74>
-My overwhelming tactics are far superior than this fortress!!
-The captain of the defendce side has been killed
-The prisoner units say a boy killed him
-That little lad killed him?
-Most probably, he did that job with just 2 knives
-Normans can't be overlooked
Insert text: Even a boy...
-If we let those butchers to leave
-They can attack us, Frankish nobles or the King himself....

<page 75>
-How should we deal with the Normans?
-They had to climb the mountains to get here
-So, they'll do the same on way back, so we'll ambush them in the mountains
-Also, they will be slowed down with weight of treasure in their ships
-Making those seamen accutely helpless on the land
-Then all the treasure would be mine!!
-I am so intelligent!!
-Now then....
-I was not able to spot a single Norman inside the fortress....
-General Jabbatte, reporting Sir----!!
-ALL THE.....TREASURE......!!

<page 76>
-All of my....treasure.....
T/N: Gold/Money literally.

<page 77>
-The houses of rich and even the church have been looted
<sfc: rats' squeak>
-Anything or item of any worth has been looted
-They looted everything - Within a blink of an eye.....

<page 78>
-As half of the loot, I handover the victory and control of fortress to you
-On other side, we will take the treasure!! No problem, I guess

<page 79>
-I think this is quite a good deal
-Entire fortress is your's to have
-Not good
-They're going through the waterfall stream, make the ships ready!
-But...you see...
-All the ships of fortress are destroyed.
-Then send fastes horse to notify our navy below the waterfall!!
-Only if I could speak frankish~~~~

<page 80>
-Now then
-Store the treasure down in the cabin, we now leave
-Askeladd, Thorfinn didn't yet return
-In that case,
-It's really shameful
Insert text: As I thought
-He's dead already
-More share for the rest of us
-Quick, we leave now
<sfx: throw land and climb sounds>

<page 81>
<sfx: climb water drip>
-You're alive, Thorfinn!
-As tough as ever, lad
-Injured somewhere?
-You swam through freezing cold water

<page 82>
-General's head, that is.
-Oh! you got it, right
<sfx: breathe in, breathe out>
-Deal is deal
-I will not accept your rejection now

<page 83>
-Iceland's warrior, Thorfinn, son of Thors.
-I seek a duel with Askeladd upon my father's knives
-You are my father's enemy and I challenge you
-Askeladd, son of Olaf
-I accept Thorfinn's challenge to duel upon the name of Artorius
T/N: Artorius is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artorius

<page 84>
<sfx: arrow fire and ship's row>
-The duel will hae to wait, we need to get away from here!!
-If we roam around, they'll barricade the river!!

<page 85>
-Dragons are not scary things!!
-B..But you noticed its fangs
-It was roaring towards the moon
-W...what shall we do?
-I heard it roar "Gyaoooo"
-We....are on a dragon mountain
<sfx: Waterfall crow sounds>

<page 86>
<sfx: crow longship waterfalls>
-It was crow!!
-It's nothing for me to deal with 1 or 2 dragons!!
-I'll behead with my sword!!
-Hey dragon! COMEOUUUUT~!!
-Do....Don't, it'll hear you!!

<page 87>
<sfx: Shouts of cowards>
<sfx: ships fall from waterfall>
-God save us God save us

<page 88>
-Good bye Franks~~~~!!
<box: For about 300 years from late 700s>
<box: A tribe of northern european people were famous for their dragon-head ships

<page 89>
<box: Europe, Russia, North Africa, Turkey and the middle east>
<box: They appeared in all these lands, fought, looted and left>
<box: They were "Normans" for the Franks>
<box: "Danes" for Britons and "Rus/Ros" for Byzantines>

<page 90-91-92>
<box: In future, they would come to be known as "Vikings"

<page 93>
T/N: How happy the ending scene of this chapter is

Holy crap! 2500 words.Took me more than 8 hours to do this.
Next time, we'll see the flashback of Thorfinn.Till then!

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