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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Billy Bat 9

Bat Boy's Great Adventure [Part 1]

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 15, 2009 16:40 | Go to Billy Bat

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tl by molokidan

B: So this building is their hideout, huh?
B: That door looks pretty suspicious...
Sign: Entry Prohibited
B: Th...this is...!!

sfx: kah x2
K: Why...
K: Why did Kurusu come out from this building...?

U: What are you doing?
U: Hiding in a place like that...

U: I have something I want to show you.

Chapter 9 - Bat Boy's Great Adventure [Part 1]
U: Get in.
U: I figured you'd come here.
sfx: kakon x2
K: Eh...?
U: You got here quicker than I expected, though.
K(2b): Quicker than you expected...? What is this place...why are you...?

U: Did you come here just like how it was drawn in the manga?
K: Wh...why do you know about the manga...
U: Have I showed up yet? In the manga...
sfx: chiiin
sfx: kagoon
U: Get out.
U: Good evening.
M: Yo.

U: They're guests here at the salon.
K: Salon...guests...?
U: Frank Kitagawa-san from the Canon Unit,
U: and Ikeuchi-san from the Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party...
K: Why would someone from GHQ and the Communist Party be together?
U: Because this is the salon.
U: Come on in.
U: What would you do?
sfx: gacha

B: Th...this is...!!
K: It's just like in the manga...
U: Gold bars. They're all after this.

K: Where did you get these...
U: You could call them the foundation for Japan's revival.
U: Created by an auxiliary organization of the now-defunct National Treasury.
K: Huh?
U: It was all withdrawn as war funds from Japanese citizens and other Asian countries.
K: And what do you intend to do by showing this to me?
U: I thought you might know a good cause for us to put it toward.
K: A good cause...?
U: You know, to decide for whom or what it will be used.
K: There's no way I'd be able to answer such a...
U: White? Or Black?

K: Eh?
U: Which one are you for, white or black?
U: It all depends on that answer...
K: What are you talking about? This has nothing to do with me!!
U: He gave us the wrong answer.
U: That's why we didn't let Shimoyama have it.
K: Shimoyama...the President...?
K: You...you're the one...

K: Charlie...
K: You...you're the one...
K: Why did you make me do something like that?!
U: Show me that manga.
U: What happens in the battle between white and black in the manga?
K: Th...the hero beats up the villain, of course!!

U: Huh? That's strange...the truth should be written there...
U: You fail.
U: You're useless.
U: Should we kill you at Mitaka, or Fukushima?
U: For now, just take him to the Kosuge factory.
K: Hiieeeee!!
K: St...stop...
M: Yo, yoo...
M: What are you all having so much fun with in a place like this?
M: Long time no see.
K: Hie...?

M: Yo, Kurosu-kun. I see you really like that hat I gave you.
U: My name isn't Kurosu,
U: It's Kurusu.
M: Well, whatever...this guy is an old friend of mine, so I'm gonna borrow him for a bit.
sfx: kagoon x4
K: Th...thank you so much for saving me.
K: If possible, could I have your name...

S: Shirasu...
S: Shirasu Jirou.
sfx: kiiin
K: How should I repay you...?
S: You don't need to. Run.
S: You're going to have to survive on your own from here on out.
S: Now run, as fast as you can.
K: Okay!!

sfx: kararan
K: haa x12

K: haa x2
K: What was all that about...black and white...
K: asking me which one I am...
K: What's going on...
G: sniff sniff

G: Hi...
G: Hic!
K: You're...
K: What are those wounds from...?!
G: Nothing!!
K: Did a customer do something to you?!
G: It's to be expected, in this kind of job...
K: But...
G: Uwaaaahhhh!!

G: There's no electricity, you know.
K: O...ohh...
G: The five of us always sleep here n a huddle.
G: Then at night, we go out to work, so we don't need electricity.
K: I'm sorry...thank you for sheltering me...
G: No, it's no trouble.
K: Yes, but...
G: Your story...
G: I was thinking about it...

G: I don't believe that you killed your friend.
K: Thank you...
G: It's true! You didn't do it!!
G: It's true...
K: Hey, hey, wa...wait a minute!!

K: I...I didn't come here for that...
G: You're an artist, right?
G: Draw my picture.
G: I know I'm a little dirty...
G: Just fib a little and draw me beautifully.
K: That'll be no trouble at all...
K: You're very pretty.

G: That's just because the moon is pretty.
sfx: sha sha sha
K: No, the moon is watching over us...
K: You didn't take the wrong path.
K: And neither did i...
K: If someone was there, looking down on us with a big telescope...

K: they'd tell us we aren't on the wrong paths...
K: If someone was really there...

A: That's one small step for man...
A: and one giant leap for mankind.
A: Captain!!
A: What's wrong?
A: This way!! Hurry up and come this way, please!!

A: Just what did you find?
A: This...!!
A: Wha...?!
A: What is this...?!

Next Chapter: May 21

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#1. by ¬Bol ()
Posted on May 4, 2009
I want to thank you a lot for your translations of Billy Bat, which allowed me to read this manga that I like a lot, maybe because it remembers me 20th Century Boys (I think because of the conspiration, the symbol, the mistery).
Thank you again!
#2. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on May 7, 2009
Thank you very much for the comment! Glad you're enjoying it.
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