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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Fairy Tail 167

Disappearing Town

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 16, 2010 02:20 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 167

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tl by molokidan

Card: Gildartz Clive 45 years old
Magic: Crash
Likes: Guild Dislikes: Ivan Dreyar

Side black text: Vol. 19, now selling like hotcakes!

White text: Heroes must possess unbreakable hearts!!

Bottom left is just a box about the anime being broadcasted.

Bottom right:

The strongest and most famous magician in the current Fairy Tail Guild. During his challenge to complete the Magic Council's most difficult quest, the "100 Year Quest," but retired during his third year due to interference from the Black Dragon.
The spell he uses, "Crash," smashes everything he touches into dust, and is ultra-high level magic. He has a tendency to space out sometimes, and since he also tends to unconsciously destroy buildings he is near, Magnolia's main street was redesigned for him.

sfx: mrrrooow
1: No good!!!
2: You too!!
sfx: meow?
3: And you too!!!!!
sfx: meooowwwww
4: Guhoh!

167 - Disappearing Town

1: Salamander and that newbie kid had a cat...
2: I'm a Dragon Slayer just like them, so why don't I have one?
3: Oh...
4: Ohhh...
side: Mashima's Musings[1]
I was really happy to get to know the cast and staff of the anime during the end-of-the-year party.

side: Mashima's Musings[2]
Yoshikawa-san's staff and my staff played the Wii Mario all night and beat it!

1: 7/7/777?
2: The dragon who taught Natsu-san and I Dragon Slaying magic died on the same day.
3(2 bubbles): clamor, clamor
4(2b): clamor, clamor
5: That reminds me, Natsu said Gajeel's Dragon disappeared on that day too.
6: What could this mean?
7: Could it have been hiking day?
8: You say some strange things sometimes, don't you, Lucy?

1(2b): The Fire Dragon Igneel, the Iron Dragon Metalicana, the Sky Dragon Grandine...I wonder...where they all are right now?
2: Charlllle!!
3(2b): This..is a fish I caught. I thought I'd give it to you, Charle.
4: I don't want it.

Mashima's Musings[3]
[24, Season VII] was really good. Next up is [LOST Season V!]
1: I...don't like fish.
2: Oh...then what do you like? Next time I'll
3: Shut up!
4: Just stay away from me.
5: Hey, Charle!!
6: Hmph!
7(2b): She didn't have to say it like that...right, Happy?!
8: Charle!! Don't you think you're being a little too mean?!

Mashima's Musings[4] I read a lot of books for a certain plan I have, but I just couldn't come up with anything good, so I've sunken into writer's block hell...
1: "Happy," yeah right...
2: He's completely clueless...
3: Ah! Wait, Charle~
4: Doesn't it seem like Charle's being strangely cold to Happy?
5: I wonder why...?
6: Charlllle!

Mashima's Musings[5]
This year the first thing I ate was McDonald's, as usual. But that's because I like it.
1: What?
2: I told you to stay away from me, didn't I?
3: Did...I do something wrong?
4: That's not it at all.
5: You can't protect Natsu.
6: Eh?
7: I protect Wendy.

1: I will protect her no matter what.
2: I...I can protect Natsu too!!!
3: Natsu said I'm his ally!!!!
4: You can't.
5: You don't even know what you are, cat.

Mashima's Musings[6] I went to a Hirano Aya concert. It was really wonderful. Once again, I thought "the voice of Lucy belongs to an amazing person," and was moved.

1: Know what...
2: I am...?
2: What's with those wounds?
3: Shut up!!!!

1: I finally found you, Charle!
2: Wendy.
3: You'll catch a cold if you don't use an umbrella.
4: You too, Charle!
5(2b): Charle...we just entered this Guild, so I think we need to try and get along better with everyone.
6: That isn't necessary.
7: As long as you're here, everything's fine to me.
8: Ohhh, come on!! That's all you ever say.

1: Who are you?

1: Wendy.
2: Eh...?
3: That voice...
4: To think you'd come to this Guild...

1: Gerard!!!?
2: Wh...what is the meaning of this?! You should have been captured...
3: That was someone else, not me.
4: What?!?!
5: But you look just like him!!!
6: I am Mystogan of Fairy Tail.

1: Seven years ago, I, knowing little of this world,
2: allowed myself to be known to you as Gerard.
3: Eh?
4: This world?!
5: D...do you mean...
6: Ah
7: Ahhh...
8: You're the Gerard...
9: From 7 years ago...

1: I've been waiting...
2: so long to see you again.
3: I'm sorry I couldn't have come sooner.
4: Hi
5: Higuh
6: However...now is not the time to be rejoicing...

1: Eh?
2: We must leave this town at once.
3: splash
4: Gerard!!!!
5: I failed my mission...
6: The "ANIMA" has grown too big,
7: and can no longer be suppressed by my power alone.

1: Magnolia will disappear very soon.

1: Wh...what do you mean?
2: I don't understand...
3: It's going to end.
4: This disappearance is already a decided matter.
5: At the very least...I'd like to spare you...
6: What about Fairy Tail!!?
7: What about everyone at the Guild!!?
8: Is this rain...ever gonna let up?
9: Yeah.
10: Puuuun
11: I don't think this is Juvia's fault.
12: No one said anything about that!
13: Kukaaah!
14: Just how long do you intend to sleep, Natsu?
15: Let's draw some graffiti on his face.
black: The "Final Rain," which erases everything?!
What lies beyond this end premonition that beckons FT?!
16: It means....
17: they'll all die.

Continued in Chapter 168 - [Earth Land]

white text on side: Next Issue: A sudden, violent twist with two chapters together!!

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#1. by zambo92 ()
Posted on Jan 17, 2010
may i just ask where the hell you found this raw? :O :P
#2. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Jan 18, 2010
We demons have our ways >:]
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