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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Fairy Tail 171


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 10, 2010 11:39 | Go to Fairy Tail

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tl by molokidan

side text: There are times when men have just gotta strip!!
* line: This is just Gray's personal opinion, so just ignore this with all your might, children!!
boxes are advertisements, as is side line

side text: Just when we thought this was going to be a solo effort without any sort of help, it turns out that our allies in Edoras are also Fairy Tail!! (Although they are treated as a Dark Guild)...
The Story Thus Far
Natsu, Happy, Wendy, and Charle were left behind when Fairy Tail disappeared! Charle, who somehow had a grasp on what was going on, explained that everything was all sucked into Anima, a gate to another world called "Edoras." Since magic has dried up in Edoras, they are trying to absorb magic power from Earth Land. Natsu, in order to save his friends from this disaster, dove straight into Edoras, which turned out to be completely different, through and through!! Although FT did exist, all his allies seem to be complete opposites -- and not only that, but Erza is his enemy?! It seems like a lot still has yet to happen...?!

1: Sooo, what? You guys are from this other world called Earth Land,
2: and have come to Edoras in order to save your friends?
3: And there's a Fairy Tail in that world too...
4: where Erza is your ally?
5: That's the jist of it.
6: Yup!

Chapter 171 - Faust

1: It sounds too wild to be true...
2(2b): clamor clamor
3: This guy isn't the Natsu we know, though, that's for sure.
4: This girl is what I am in the other world...!!?
5: H...hello.
6(2b): Puhh!!! You've really gotten small, Wendy!
7(2b): zawa zawa
8: Anyway, we'd like you to teach us how to get to the Royal City.
9: Our friends were all sucked up by the King of this world.
10: If we don't hurry up and save them, they'll all become "magic power"...and become formless.
11: Sorry, little me, but for your own sake, you should just quit now.

1: Those who raise their blades toward the King of Edoras simultaneously forfeit their lives.
2: That's how strong the Kingdom is.
3: In this world, magic power is limited.
4: It's something that will eventually run out.
5(2b): Fearing this, King Edoras attempted to monopolize "magic." Right, Juvia-chan?
6: As a result...an order was sent out for all magician guilds to disband.
7: At first, everyone resisted.
8: But the before the Magic War Division of the Royal Army, they were all crushed one after another...
9: This is the only Guild that remains.

1: We haven't gotten by unscathed, though!
2: We lost half our comrades...
3: Even the Master was killed!
4: We're using all our strength just to keep running.
5: That's why you shouldn't get any more closer to all of this. Just go back to your own world.
6: Please!! Tell me how to get there.
7: I'm going to save my friends!!!!
8: No matter what!!!!

1: Edoras Royal City
2: Crazy!!
3: Joint Chief of Staff HQ
4: Did you see that, Erza?! That huge Lachryma?!
5: I saw it when I came, Hughes. Truly beautiful.
6: That's the magical power of tens of thousands of Earth Land humans!
7(2b): Mmmmm-- To be more precise, it's actually about 100 magicians and a great number of other lives' worth of magical power.

1: Who cares about the details, Sugarboy?
2: Royal Army
3rd Magic War Division Captain
3: All I'm trying to say is that it's crazy!
4: You get it? When I say crazy, it's not some half-assed crazy!!! It means hella crazy!
5(2b): Mmmm-- Hella crazy.
6: Missh Erza.
7: Have you shtill not taken care of Fairy Tail?
8: Byro.
9: Gushshsh! Looksh like that Fairy Hunter name of yoursh hash become obshelete.
box: Royal Army Chief of Staff
10(2b): The only Guild left now is Fairy Tail. They shertainly have the fashtesht legsh, though. But Hish Highnessh wantsh to shee shome reshultsh.

1: Don't get so panicked. The day when the Goddess will poach the fairies is nigh.
2: Yeah! Erza's sword is like, crazy, no wait, it's CRAAAAZY!!
3: Gushshshsh!
4: Stop that ghastly laugh, Byro.
5: Panther Lily!
6: I don't like noisy things.
box: Royal Army
1st Magic War Division Captain
Panther Lily
7: You neither, Hughes.

1: You neither?! Pfft...you just think you're the craziest of us all, don't you--
2: Shut your mouth a little.
3(2b): Mmm-- Lily sure is in a bad mood.
4: Hmph!
5: Seems like lately he's been unsatisfied with the strengthening of armaments as of late.
6: I'd think that's something any soldier would be happy about, though.
7: But then again, our army has conquered almost the entire earth at this point, so it's true that there doesn't really seem to be any point in strengthening our armaments any further...
8(2b): Mmmm-- Isn't it probably just because there are still some rebellious factions remaining?
9: But shouldn't we be enough to take care of that?
10: Ummm, whaaat?!?! You guys are talking about some crazy hard thing, right?! I like, don't get it!!

1: Your Highness!!!
2: Your highneeeeesss!!!!
3: The magic power will be extracted from the Giant Lachryma in four days, just as planned, sir.
box: Royal Army
Assistant to the Chief of Staff
4: They did it!!!!
5: It's not enough.
6: Hohe?

1: Your Highness...what...did you say just now?
2: I said that it's not enough.
3(4b): If I may, your Highness!!! That Lachryma is filled with all the magic power from Earth Land's magical city! It should provide an extremely suitable amount of magical power for our Kingdom to use over the next ten years!!!!
4: Our glorius Kingdom, Edoras
5: must not be limited.
6: More...
7: Bring me more magic power...

1: What I seek is eternity!!!!
2: King of Edoras

1: Magic power that will last forever!!!!

1: Uribbit...
2: Uribbit...
3: Toraaaahhh!
4: Uribbit
5: Waaait!
6: What are you doing...

1: Are we still not at the Royal City?
2: We just started walking!
3: They said it'd take us five days to get there.
4: My wings aren't working right, so we have no choice but to walk.
5: Can we not use magic anymore or something?
6: I don't know...but I can tell this is going to be a hard journey.
7: Happy, give me a hand!! I've never seen this kind of frog before!!!
7: I'm gonna give it to Lucy as a present!!
8: I don't think that'll make her happy.
9: Gotcha
10: Ngahh!

1: Dowaaaaaahhhhh!!!!
2: Huuuuge!
3: Kyaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!
4: Uribbiiiiiiiit!!!!
5: Natsu!! It's gonna attack us!!!!

1: Alright!!!
2: Karyuu no...
3: I can't use magiiiiiiiic!!!!
4: Eeeeeeehhhhhh?!?!
5: Uwaaaaaah
6: What's going on!!?
7: M...me neither!!!
8: Is it because we're in Edoras!!?

1: Do
2: ...ryaaaaaahh!!!!
3: Uribbiiiiiit

1: Ohhhh!!
2: Scary Lucy!!
3: Scary Lucy-san!!
4: You don't have to add scary!!!
5: Why are you here?

1: Well...you know...it's dangerous around here.
2: How should I put this...
3: I...I wasn't worrying or anything like that, ya know.
4: Despite how you sound, you really are Lucy!
5: What the hell kind of a conclusion is that?!?!
6: The way you yell at people like that and stuff.
7: Follow me.
side text: Will this be the new team for the time being!?
With new "bonds," onwards to the Royal City!!
8: Going on a trip without any damn weapons is suicidal!

Continued in Chapter 172 - [Key of Hope]

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