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Translations: Gintama 687 (2) , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Fairy Tail 173


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 24, 2010 17:45 | Go to Fairy Tail

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tl by molokidan

left side: Vol. 20 on sale March 17 (Wednesday)!!
middle text: Continuing down the "path" they chose, without being misled!!
bottom left: In the SP #3 edition of Magazine, there will be a postcard drawn by Mashima-sensei!! Make sure you grab the sexy Lucy & Erza swimsuit card, everyone!!

1: The town of Sikka
2: With EdoLucy, this emergency situation has suddenly become a comfortable outing for Natsu and co!!
3: Royal City
4: Tria
5: Sikka
6: Luen
Chapter 173 - Fireball
7: Look!!
8: She even has the same body as me!!
9: Daaaaahhh!!! Don't go outside looking like thaaaat!!!!!
10: The story thus far
FT was sucked into another world called "Edoras!!" Here, magic power is running dry, so Edoras decided to absorb more from another world. In order to save his friends, Natsu charged into Edoras!! And it truly was a strange world. FT existed here too, but all of his friends were like completely different people. Receiving help from Edoras's "Scary" Lucy, they head toward the Royal City in order to save their allies!!

1: EdoLucy-san!! Natsu-san's here!!!
2: Like I care about that.
3: I do!!
4: The Doublucies sure are lively.
5: Do you...think you just said something clever now?
6: What, Natsu, you wanna see?
7: Stoooooo!!!
8: Pu
9(2b): Wh...what's so funny? I get it...you just barely managed to keep in some comment about how EdoLucy has a better body than mine or something?
10: Don't take a bath with yourself!
11: Now that he mentions it!!!

1: Really, though, there's no way to tell you apart.
2: To think our butts would even be the same shape.
3: Don't say stuff like that!!!
4: You can do a mirror mimicry skit!!
5: I'm not doing that!!!
6: Ahhh...even their breath is the same.
7: It's quite sad.
8: You...don't you have some kind of spirit that can change your hair?
9: Yeah...Cancer?
10: Is this to your liking-ebi?
11(2b): Yep! This'll fix all the confusion.

1: You sure it's alright?
2: Hm? Is there some custom about treasuring one's hair in Earthland?
3: Well...I think all girls are like that-ebi!
4: Girls, huh?
5: In this world, it's gonna become ridiculous to think of things in terms of men and women.
6: We're all desperate just to survive, you know.
7: But everyone in this Guild looks like they're enjoying themselves.
8: Of course they do. If you don't manage to make a smile somehow, your heart will break in a snap.
9: Also, there are people in this world who need us.
10: That's why...even if we fall into darkness, we are a Guild, and will continue.

1: But...just that alone isn't enough.
2: Eh?
3: Nah...nothing.
4: I can't believe this!!!
5: What is thiiiiis?!?!
6: You're really wound up this early.
7: What's wrong?
8: The Edoras me ran away!!!

1: The Royal City is a three days' walk to the east. I'm going back to the Guild. See ya, good luck!
2(2b): I thought she was going to help us?! Arrrrggh!! What kind of nerve does she have?!
3: She's just like Lucy.
4: Shut up!!!!
5: There's no helping it...she did say that she was never intending to fight.
6: Yup.
7: Well I won't forgive her!!! As the same person, I can't!!!
8: Who cares?
9: I care!! Grrrrr!
10: Let's head out, then.
11: Aye sir!
12: They might be able to change the world?
13: How can I be thinking of something so naive...

1(2b): If one really wants to change the world...they have to do it by their own hands!!!!
2: If they can rescue their friends with their own power, that's fine...
3: But taking on the Kingdom will be difficult.
4: That's why I have to try and convince everyone in the Guild!!!!
5: Everyone...please rise and heed my call!!! So that we can fight together!!!!

Mashima's Musings[1] I'm excited for Monster Hunter on the Xbox 360, but will I have time to play it...?
1: Uwaaah...she's back to normal already.
2: I guess she's happy about finding some rare book.
3: Aren't you all interested in learning a little about this world?
4: Nope.
5: This historical narrative tells so much.
6: This world is interesting!!
7: For example, over 100 years ago...a race called the Exceed used to live here.
8: Sounds boring.

1: What?
2: Hm?
3: Up there!!
4: That's...!!?
5: An airship!!!?

1: Hurryyyyy!!
2: We're leaving at once!!
3: The Royal Army!
4: Muh!
5: Hide!!
6: squeeze
7: Two more days until the Giant Lachryma's magic extraction!!
8: Uhyooooh!
9: If we're late, we'll miss the event of the century!
10: Giant Lachryma...
11: They're talking about Magnolia.
12(2b): Two days until the extraction? If we try to walk there, we won't make it in time!
13: What's going to happen to everyone?!
14: Once the extraction begins,
15: we'll never...be able to return them to their original forms again.

1: How about stealing that ship?
2: Normally it's "sneak on to that ship," isn't it?
3: I don't like hiding.
4: It's rare for you to want to ride on stuff, Natsu.
5: Fufufu...as long as we have Wendy's Troia, we don't need such a
6: I can't use magic here.
7: Motion Repealed.
8: Hey!!

1(2b): I agree!! If we don't steal that, we won't make it!
2: But how?
3(2b): With my magic <3 Don't you know? I'm in my prime right now!
4: I realized it when we fought in Luen.
5: I'm pretty sure Earthland's "magic" is more advanced than this world's.
6: You might be right about that.
7: Just watch me!!!
8: OK!!
9: Do your best, Lucy!
10: Who are you?!
11: Open!! Door of the Lion...

1: Loke!!!!
2: Sorry to keep you waiting, ma'am.
3: .....what the hell?!
5: Hey, what's the meaning of this!!?
6: Brother's in the middle of a date right now, so he can't be summoned.
7: B...brother!!?
8: Yes...Leo-sama ordered me to call him that.
9: That guy is such an idiot!!!!
10: That woman is...Lucy!!
11: Capture herrrrrr!
12: Now what should I do?! I was planning on having Loke take care of everyone...
13: Ma'am...excuse me for being presumptuous, but if I go all-out here...

1: I could even dance.
2: Go away!!!
3: Lucy, Aquarius!!
4: There's...no water here.
5: Taurus!!
6: That's impossible now...
(Ahh, what should I do?!)
7: We've got no choice!! Time to play by their rules.
box: Edoras Magic
Fuuenken (*Sealed Flame Sword)
Spews out flame and creates the shape of a sword. Recently had its magic replenished.
8: I know how to use it now!
box: Edoras Magic
Kuuretsuhou (*Air Blast Cannon)
Shoots magic air bullets. Recently had its magic replenished.
9: Let's go!!!
10: OK!!!

1: Huuuuuuuh!!!?
2: Noooooooo!!!!
3(2b): Natsu and Wendy aren't doing good at all!!! They did better than Lucy, though.
4: I'm sorrrry!
5: This is bad!! The airship...
6: If we don't get on that, we won't make it...
7: Dammit...

1: Dammiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!
2: Wh...what!!?

1: screeeeeech
2: A magic four-wheeler!?
3: It has Fairy Tail's symbol on it!!!
4(2b): I heard about what happened from Lucy. Get in.
5: Ohhhhhhh!!!!
6: We're gonna fly.
7: Don't fall off.

1: Tch!
2: You really saved us!
3: Thank you so much!
4: Oh...ohhhhh...
5: You want to go to the Royal City, right? This sucker's way faster than that hunk of junk.
6: Kuku...
7: The fastest man in Fairy Tail...

1: Natsu the Fireball -- that's me.
white: Connected hope!! The savior is "EdoNatsu!!"
2: Natsuuuuuuuuuu!!!?
3: M...me!?
To Be Continued in Chapter 174 - "Revelation"

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#1. by KayalhawK ()
Posted on Feb 24, 2010
#2. by KayalhawK ()
Posted on Feb 24, 2010
On page 9:
7: For example, over 100 years ago...a race called the Exceed us to live here.

"Exceed USED to live here"
#3. by molokidan (Hidden Boss ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)ナヌッ)
Posted on Feb 25, 2010
Thanks for pointing out the typo!
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