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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 581

"The Creeping Future"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 14, 2010 22:51 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 581 - "The Creeping Future"

1: We now bring you an emergency news bulletin--
white: Good news, galloping ahead!!
2: The war on the summit is overrrrrr!!!
3: The Marine HQ has achieved "victoryyyy!!!"
4: The legendary pirate "Whitebeard" has been defeateeeed!!!
5: From the Marine HQ to all branches of the world--
6(2b): Reporting---zzzz--...!! At the bay of Marineford
7: Captain Drake!!
8: At the stage of the war on the summit,
9: the seven ships floating in the Marineford bay--

1: as "the ones" who now bore the New Age of Pirates on their backs,
2: were not about to miss this critical juncture in history--
3(2b): and stared deeply at the tumult of war rising up from Marineford, the "symbol of balance" for the Great Age of Pirates--
4: So things have finally concluded...
5: --the Marines also...must change...!!
6: The frenzied flow of time
7: In the blink of an eye...
8: resonating in their skin--
9: Whitebeard's "territorial waters"...were transformed into a sea of blood.

1: The key is "Blackbeard."
2: Without a doubt, he'll be the eye of the typhoon for quite a while...!!!
3(2b): A man who will eventually become your enemy?! Who on earth would think of saving him?! Seriously...!!
4: What are you talking about, Apoo-san?!
5(2b): Trafalgar Law!! That bastard!!! He's infamous for his cruelty, you know?!
6: --it's all HIS fault...!!!
7: We must find him at once!! Off we go!! To the "New World!!!"
8: Strange...
9: What's wrong, Captain Hawkins?
10(2b): No matter how many times I try..."Straw Hat Luffy's" 'survival rate'...never becomes zero...!!

1(2b): I was honestly surprised by this sudden breakout of war, but...the great pirate "Whitebeard" has died...!!
2: With this, it's over...
3: Hahaha...!! What's over?!
4(2b): The force known as "Blackbeard" that's been born from this has got quite the balls...!!! The "New World" is a sea controlled by the "Four Emperors!"
5(2b): "Red-Hair," "Kaidou," "Big Mum"...!!! Now that the balance has crumbled, who knows what'll happen!!
6: It begins now!!!
7: A "New Age" like nothing anyone's ever seen before!!!

1: "East Blue," "West Blue"--
2: "South Blue," "North Blue," and the "Grand Line"--
3: "Whitebeard" said so!!! "One Piece"
4(2b): As if history is to be pushed in a certain direction, news is shaved down the more it travels,
5: truly exists!!! And we're gonna go find it!!!
6: There are still dreams that have yet to be seen in this ocean!!!
7: and the letters of the Marines' "victory" went dancing in the sea wind.
8: Extra
9: Extraaaa!!!
10: "Whitebeard" is deaaaad!!

1: This huge event agitated the world,
2: The Marines won!!! Hooraaaaay!!!
3: The "Marines" are unstoppable!!!
4: Approbation to our heroes!!!
5: Uooooooohhhhhhh!!!
6: Someday, I too...
7: will become a Marine strong enough to be called to the HQ!!
8: and no one notices--
9: Uwaaahhhh!! Don't take another step! Don't go into that town!!!
10: Th...this island...!!!
11: Ngaaaaahhhh...nnnn!? "This island?" ...is what?
12(2b): "Whitebeard's Turf!" Oh yeah, it waaaas! You remember that much, riiiight?
13: Now, did you guys hear the news?

1: This mark has no absolutely no value anymore!!!
2: That bastard's sleeping with the fishes now!!!
3: And now, with "Whitebeard" gone, it is we who will claim the world!!!
4: Kyaaaaaaahhh!!!
5: Burn this into your eyes!!!
6: From this day forward, this island is controlled by
7: this pirate, "Brownbeard"-samaaa!!! Uoh hoh hoh!!!
8(2b): The Marines' Victory -- and so, what the war brought was certainly not peace,
9: but tumultuous, escalating chaos to the ocean that had lost the deterrence known as "the threat of Whitebeard"...

1: What is Luffy's condition...?!
2(2b): Man, good job figuring out that we emerged here...I thought the Marines were still tracing us or something, is this some kind of sick joke?
3: I had Salome trace you on the ocean floor.
4: And how dare you try and change the subject like that, you mere beast?!
5: Sorry...
6: So weak-willed!!
7: Gacha...
8: Captain!!

1: I did all that I could.
2: By this category of operation, his life is currently still being preserved--but
sfx: gakon...
3: He's accumulated an unbelievable amount of damage--there's no proof that he'll be able to come back to life.
4(2b): Damn straiiiiiight!!! Hee haaaaaaw!!
5: What in God's name is that?!
6: That's right, Straw Hat gave it his best!
7: Thanks to him, we managed to escape!!
8(2b): The prisoners from Impel Down...it seems that they're on Luffy's side. They snuck onto a Marine ship!
9: Now we can finally journey to the "Kamabakka Kingdom" we've been dreaming of for years!!!
10: From Newkama Land to the headquarters of Newkamas!!!

1(2b): Strawboy's body was already withered to the point where he could no longer even stand in Impel Down!! Still gotta hand it to the little bugger for going that wild, though!!!
2: Yeaaahh!!
3: He really outdid himself!!
4: Trust us!!
5: All for the sake of rescuing his elder brother Ace!!
6: --and to think that that same elder brother died in front of his very eyes, so that he would be saved...
7: If I give up here, I'll regret it!!!
8(2b): What God or Buddha would permit that...?! That's something that would easily crumble one, nay, two minds!!!
9: Awwww, come on, you can do it, Straw Haaaat!!!
10: Hang in therrrrre!!!
11(2b): What a tragedy...I wish I could have gone in his place...poor, poor Luffy...
12: M...man that must be nice! Getting doted on by the Pirate Empress like that...
13: By the way, are you a friend of Strawboy's or something, sweetie?
14: ...no.

1(2b): I have no obligation to save him, either...but if kindness makes you uncomfortable, shall I make up some reason?
2(2b): Nooo thank you! There are times when instinct moves our bodies, after all.
3: Hey, wait!!
4: Jinbei...!!
5(2b): ...haa...hah!
6: Trafalgar Law, of "north Blue!"
7: I thank you...you saved my life...!!
8: Sleep. You're gonna die.
9(2b): My heart will not settle down...it's impossible...for what I've lost this time around...is far too great for me to bear...!!!

1(2b): Therefore--I cannot even begin to fathom the condition of Luffy-kun's heart at this moment...his fainting back there
2(2b): must have been, at least, some sort of defense instinct...even if his life is saved...what I fear most...is the moment when he wakes up...
3: Beast! Do you have a Den-Den Mushi?
4: Yeah.
5: Ah...! Yes, we do, ma'am! Sorry!
6: Aw, that's not fair...you're like the Empress's slave or something!
7(2b): If we call the Kuja Fleet, this whole submarine will be able to cross the Calm Belt...!!
8(2b): If Luffy's survival is made known to the government, they will surely send pursuers. We must hide at "Nyouga Island." (*The Isle of Women)
9(2b): As long as I am still a "Shichibukai," we will be able to treat him in safety.

1: The Marine HQ--
2(2b): Admiral Sengoku...!! --so this is where you've been!!
3: We have validated the conditions of Impel Down!
4: Is Magellan alive...?
5(2b): It seems as if he was beaten within an inch of his life...!! He is currently receiving intensive care from the Medical Unit.
6: What a serious man...!! He's apparently talking about taking responsibility already...in a mental state where moving could very well end up killing him...
7(2b): ...absolutely DO NOT allow him to do something so idiotic!!! --Just what happened in the prison...!?
8: --Judging from the result,
9: LEVEL 6 was especially tragic...

1: ...tragic?!
2: Fare well!! Behind these locked bars!
3: Prisoners...who will never dream again for the rest of your lives!!!
4(2b): Zehahaha!! All you'll do with this leftover time is wait to die...!!! Now how does that feel?!?! How about starting up a little "massacre" in that cage, eh?!
5: Then I'll take whoever manages to survive out into the world as my new crew members! Sound good?!?!
6: ...!! You serious, man?!?!
7: So he chose the best members out of that cage filled with the worst criminals in the world...?!?!
8: Yes--but he only took four with him...!! And yet there is clearly a number of prisoners greater than that who are missing.

1: --so that means there others from LEVEL 6 who have escaped...!!!
2(2b): We are hurrying to confirm the number and their names. Hurry and send out their wanted posters to the world!!!
3: If even a single LEVEL 6-class prisoner manages to mix in to some country, the level of danger its people will face is astronomically high!
4: What's wrong...?
5: Yes, well...
6: The World Government has...regarding the LEVEL 6 case...
7(2b): Told us to hide it...!! That any loss of face greater than this could result in a loss of trust in the Government...

1: The backstreets of Marineford--
2: Kuh...!!
3: ...you bastard!!! Doflamingo...!!!
4: ...Fu fu fu fu fu fu!!!
5: Moria...you've become far too weak to continue wearing the badge of a "Shichibukai"...
6: Don't you think it'll be cooler...if we say that you "died fighting in the war on the summit?" Rather than being "erased by the government!!"
7: ...who is responsible for this...haa...haa...!! Sengoku...!!?
8: Nope...!!
9: Try higher...!!!
white: Behind the Marines...

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#1. by kuro-sensei ()
Posted on Apr 15, 2010
Thanks a lot, One Piece is the best manga ever!
#2. by kuro-sensei ()
Posted on Apr 15, 2010
Thanks a lot, One Piece is the best manga ever! ;D
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