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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 585

Brother's Cups

+ posted by molokidan as translation on May 26, 2010 13:43 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 585 - "Brothers' Cups"

1: "Gomu gomu noooooooo"
2: "Pistol!!!"
3: Bu
4: Like I said, what in the
5: hell are you trying to do?!?!
6: Doheh!!
7: One more win for Ace!!
8: Does that ability of yours even serve any real purpose?
9(3b): Grrrrrr...it's not going I want it to! (little bubble: PISTOL!!) If only it'd go how I'm imagining it, you guys would both be super super super super dead right now!!
10: Once more!!
11: Nope. Only 100 fights per day for each person! See you again tomorrow.

1(3b): Yeah, Luffy, you lost 50 times each to me and Ace...who were 24 to 26. Dammiiiiit!!
2: Once I turn 10, I'm gonna kick both your butts straight to the moon, you got that?!
3: When that time comes, I'll be 13. I'm going to go catch dinner.
4: Alright!
5: Who's up for some gator?
6: Yeah, gator rice is so goood...
7(2b): You'd better not get eaten this time, got that, Luffy?! We did manage to save you last time when he had you right in his throat!
8: Mt. Colbo's merciless environment
9: made them stronger and stronger with each day--
10: And to the north of this mountain--

1: lies the "Grey Terminal," otherwise known as "Trash Mountain." Even farther north from there is a town,
2: but it is coupled with a fortified stone wall--making it impenetrable.
3: The gate called the "Great Gate" acts as the only way inside.
4: Twice a day, trash gathered from all over the kingdom
5: is transported through.
6: Ohhhh!! The trash is here!!
7: Here we go! It's treasure-huntin' time!!
8: rustle rustle
9: I wonder how the food looks today!!
10: Sometimes, people from Trash Mountain go into town and sell and live off rebuilt goods--
11: Hey, you, what's that package of?
12: Alligator skin. I'm going to sell it.
13: They would never think of living permanently in the town, however--no one would want to experience such a miserable life.

1: After crossing under the Great Gate, the street widens before entrant's eyes--
2: Hey, you!
3(2b): After the evening, the "Trash Hunter Squad" is going to come into town. We can't ensure your lives!
4: as they enter the "edge town," where a foul smell still hangs slightly in the air.
5: The "edge town" is where the town's delinquents and hoodlums gather.
6: Hey!! You guys came from Trash Mountain, didn't you?!
7: Whatcha got there?! Let us see!!
8: stagger stagger...
9: Shut up, you lowlifes!!
10: Ah..it's them!!
11: Continuing on...we come to the slightly trim "Town Centre."
12: In the centremost area, there stands another high stone wall
13: which contains the "High Town" where the "Royals" and "Nobles" lived.

1: This country's name is the "Goa Kingdom,"
2: and is said to be the most beautiful country in "East Blue," without a speck of trash.
3: This country, having neatly expelled all that is unnecessary, is also a successful example of a "segregated society."
4: Windmill Village, where Luffy was born, while seemingly half-forgotten,
5: also belongs to this kingdom--
6(clockwise from the top left): Royal Palace
7: Windmill Village
8: Mt. Colbo
9: Grey Terminal
10: Edge Town
11: Town Centre
12: High Town

1: Goa Kingdom, Town Centre
2: Bill jumperrrrrrrs!!!
3: Someone arrest theeeem!!!
4: Puhaaaah, that was delicious!
5: See, I told you!!
6(2b): boyon!! bafun!!
7: gashan!!
8: That trio again?!
9: They're recidivists! Why did you let them inside?!
10(2b): Don't let those three kids get away! Someone seize them!!!
11: Eh...

1: Sabo!!?
2(2b): You're Sabo, aren't you?! Wait, I say!!! So you are alive!!!
3: You're going home!!!
4: ...!? Hey, Sabo!! That guy's calling for you!!
5: Waaaaait
6: Who?! Who is it...?!
7: ...!! He's mistaking me for someone else! Let's go!!!
Ace's shirt: VIOLENCE
8: To think they'd escape through the window...this is the fourth floor!!
9: So we lost 26 bowls of ramen and one frame of glass.
10: Mr. Manager!!
11: They wrote something and left it here...!!
12: Treasure Credit...??
page: Treasure Credit

1: What?! I'm not hiding anything!!
2: Ah...really?
3: The hell you aren't!! Tell us, Sabo!!
4(2b): You sure it's alright for there to be a secret between us? Out with it!
5: Out with it already, dammit!!! Or else I'm gonna kick your ass!!!
6: .....ggh!! ........ff!! I'll!! I'll tell you, I'll tell you!!
7: The son of a noble!!?
8: Who is?!
9: ....me...!
10: So?
11: You're the ones who asked!!!
12(2b): ....--the truth is, both of my parents are alive...not only am I not an orphan, but I wasn't even born in Trash Mountain.
13: The one who called out to me today was my father.

1: Sorry for lying to you guys.
2: You apologized so it's ok!! I forgive you.
3(2b): Because of the circumstances, I'm shocked. You were born into a noble house...--why would you come all the way down here to Trash Mountain on purpose?!
4: Listen closely, Sabo.
5: You must grow to become a man who can get married with a Royal woman.
6: If you do, then our family will be secured!! And you'll surely be happy as well!!
7: I'm tired from work, Sabo!!
8: If you've got the time to draw pictures like this, then go into your room and study!!
9: Fighting with a royal child?!
10: Yeah, and I got hurt...!! He used a weapon!
11: Mom!! I'm hurt!!
12: I am so sorry!! Did he hurt you anywhere?
13: Who they loved was "someone" who protects [status] and [assets],
14: not me!!
15(2b): If I can't get married with a royal woman, then I'm trash. Because of that, I had to study and take lessons every day.
16(2b): My parents fought every day over my poor results. To that family, I was a hindrance.

1: I know it may sound rude to you guys, but--even though I had parents, I was "alone."
2(2b): Don't you go near that Trash Mountain!! The things that live there aren't human!
3: They're people-shaped trash...!!
4: The nobles despise Trash Mountain, but...it seemed better to me
5: than living a live already planned out for decades within that choked-up "High Town.."
6: --is that so...
7: Ace, Luffy...!!
8(2b): We're going out to the seas, no matter what!! Let's fly out of this kingdom and become free!!!
9(2b): I want to see the wide world and then write a book that tells all about it!! If it's studying how to sail, then I won't suffer at all!!
10: Let's get even stronger and become pirates!!!

1: Hee hee
2: You bet I will -- and I don't need you to tell me!
3(2b): I'm gonna become a pirate and win, win, do nothing but win until I get the best "reputation" there is!! Then that, and only that, will be the proof that I lived!!!
4: Regardless of if those bastards out there in the world don't acknowledge my existence, no matter how much they hate me!!!
5: I'm gonna become a "great pirate" and stare back at them!!!
6(2b): I won't run from anyone!!! I won't lost to anyone!!! No fear, anything goes!! I'm going to teach my name to the world!!!
7: Shishishi...!!
8: Oh yeah? Alright!
9: Well IIIIIII'M!!!

1: Huh??
2: Na ha ha ha ha ha!
3: ...you...the stuff that comes out of your mouth...
4: Ahahaha, Luffy, you're hilarious!!
5: I can't wait to see what happens to you!!
6: --but isn't it a problem if all three of us want to become Captain?
7: That's a pitfall I didn't see coming. I thought for sure you'd become my navigator, Sabo!
8: Ride on my boat, you guys!!
9: Let's decide stuff about the future in the future.
10: Who knows, we might each end up on all different ships!!
11: Ah! You stole some of Dadan's alcohol?!
12: You guys ever heard of this?

1: When men share cups of alcohol, they become "brothers!"
2: Brothers?!
3: Really?!
4(2b): We might not be able to be crewmates when we become pirates, but we'll be able to tie our bonds together as "brothers!!"
5(2b): No matter what we do or where we are, these bonds will never break...!!
6: And so, from this day forward, we are
7: brothers!!
8: Yeah!!!

sign: I'm going to live on my own

1: One day--
2: Give back Sabo!!!
3: Bluejam!!!
4: Fufufu...
5: "Give back?!" Do you even know what that word means?!
6(2b): Sabo is my child!!! And it's a child's natural duty to live by the orders of the parents who gave him life!!! How dare you fiends instigate him into leaving home?!
7: You trash...what, were you after our assets?!
8: What'd you say!!?
9(3b): Hey now, pirates!! You should be careful when you hit children, too!! Look, now you went and got some Trash Mountain child blood on my face! How disgusting! I'll have to disinfect it now!
10: Please, stop this!! ...I wasn't instigated, or anything!! I left home by my own will!!
11: You be quiet!!!

1: --I'm trusting you to take care of the rest, pirates.
2(2b): Of course, master. We've already received our reward, after all. We'll make sure to "take care" of them so that they'll NEVER get close to the little master again.
3: !!... Wait a minute!! Bluejam!
4: Enough of this, father! I understand!
5: And just what do you understand, Sabo?
6: Stop, Sabo!!!
7(2b): I'll do whatever you say now...!! Because I'll live my life by your command!!! Just please...don't do anything to hurt these two!!
8: I beg you...for they're my precious...brothers!!!
9: Sabo...!!
10: ...hey...!? Don't go!!!
11: Shake free!! We'll be fine!!! I thought we were going to become free together!!?
12: Are you going to end it all here!!?
13: Saboooooo!!!
white: An obstacle impossible to overcome...

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