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Translations: Gintama 702 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Training 1

The Ninja Rock Lee


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tl by molokidan

Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Full Power Ninja Training
right: Being hot-blooded is best!
left: Let's do our best in the world of ninjas!
bottom left: A magnificent double issue!

Chapter 1 - The Ninja Rock Lee

1: This is Konoha-gakure.
2: Here, ninjas are working hard at their training day and night--...
3: Katon Kaen no Jutsu!! (*Fire Release: Flamethrower Technique)
4: Kyaaa!
5: You're a ninja from another village!
6: I'm gonna tear this place apart!
7: Your crime ends here!!

1: sasah
2(2b): U...uwahh!! Who the heck is that?!
3(2b): I'm a ninja of Konoha-gakure!! I came here while training!!
4: A ninja?! What kind of crazy awesome techniques does he use?!
5: Konoha Poop Sticker!! (I stepped on this a few minutes ago)
6: Rock lee
A hardworking ninja
7: Gyaaaaaaaah!!!
8: What a stupid technique!!
9: Why didn't you just use ninjutsu...?!
10: Fu...what a foolish question...

1: I'm a ninja who can't use any ninjutsu at all!!
2: Ehhhhh?! (Why are you acting cool there?!)
3: I have no talent for ninjutsu!!
4: It's a big problem not being able to use ninjutsu in the world of ninja, but...
5(2b): this hardworking ninja trains his kicks daily...fighting on by perfecting his physical abilities!!
6: So ninja like him are actually possible...
7: Lee!
8(2b): Grr...you completed the mission this time by yourself, didn't you...? Ninja are supposed to move in groups!
9: Tenten
A girl in the same group as Lee who uses weapons.
10(2b): Exactly. Do not disrupt the group movement! We're members of the same group!
11: Hyuuga Neji
A rival in the same group as Lee. He's an elite genius.

1: You're right...
2: Let us return whilst training together, then!
3: No way!!
4: Lee really is hardworking though...
5: Yes!! My goal is to become a "great ninja even without using ninjutsu!!"
6: In order to achieve that, I train day and night, never missing a chance!!
7(2b): Because I sealed a burning promise with the ninja I respect...Gai-sensei!!
8: Maito Gai
Lee's leader and the captain of his group.

1: You're not a real ninja unless you can use a variety of ninjutsu, huh?!
2: Gai-sensei!
3: ...now then, let's begun our defense training!
4: *"Hakkeshou Kaiten!!" (Divination Whirl)
5: * Neji's technique that can block attacks from every angle.

1: Next up is Lee!
2-3: haa
4: OK!!
5: Eii!!
6: Fuuton...
7: Lee shouldn't be able to use ninjutsu...?!
8: Does he intend to block this by spinning and using wind ninjutsu?!
9: Konoha Kaiten!!
10-11: Hoooooo
12: The wind's so weak!!!

1: OK!
2: toh
3(2b): Why did you try to use ninjutsu all of a sudden?! You're trying to perfect your physical abilities because you can't use ninjutsu, right...?!
4: What did you hope to achieve by doing something so unprepared like that?!
5: Gai-sensei won't acknowledge me the way I am now.
6: We have a mission after this...and yet I don't know how I can face Gai-sensei!
7: Let's go, Konohamaru!
8: There's some ninja from another group...Naruto-kun and Konohamaru-kun.
9: Here's my new Sexy-no-Jutsu!
10: Th...that technique...!! Now I feel really AROUSED with motivation some reason!
11: splurt
12: You mean excited?!

1(2b): I guess we have no choice. We'll help you out a little. You just want Gai-sensei to acknowledge you, right?!
2: Eh?!
3: Yeah...we're part of the same group, after all.
4(2b): Our mission this time is to take them out. So we're going to start attacking them now!
5(2b): Gai-sensei! Leave this one to me! I'll summon up a turtle with Kuchiyose no Jutsu! (*Summon Technique)
6(2b): Ohhh?! But lee, can you really do that....?!
7: Kuchiyose no Jutsu!!

1(2b): I know it's for Lee's sake, but why do *I* have to be the turtle...? Besides, he'll see through this immediately...
2: ...Lee...
3: Wh....when did you learn this technique...?!
4: Ehhhh?!
5: Well? Let's charge in!
6: Ehhh?!
7: What am I supposed to do in this state...?
8: ...I guess I have no choice!

1: Hakkeshou Kaiten!!
2: He's surprisingly powerful!!
3: I'm not finished yet!
4: Bunshin no Jutsu! (*Replication Technique)
5: Bunshin no Jutsu?!
6: Lee...when did you learn that...?!
7: You're just running fast and creating a mirage!!
8: And now, Sexy no Jutsu!!
9: Sexy no Jutsu? But you just saw it for the first time a minute ago...?!
10: bon

1: You just put on a bikini!!
2: All men should be pretty much KOed after seeing this.
3: Yeah right!!
4: So gross...
5: Woah, no way?! It worked?!
6: Harem no Jutsu!!
7: Uu...
8: Gyaaaaaaaahhh!!!

1: Lee...using all this ninjutsu all of a sudden...what happened?!
2(2b): Well, you see...Gai-sensei, you were talking with some other ninja, weren't you? You said "you're not a real ninja unless you can use a variety of ninjutsu!"
3: If he did this much, sensei will have to acknowledge him now...!
4: I see...
5: grip
6: You idiot!!!
7: Why!!?

1(2b): Didn't you listen to the end of that conversation?!
2: I couldn't forgive what they were saying...
3(2b): You're not a real ninja unless you can use a variety of ninjutsu, right Gai-sensei?!
4: So I beat the crap out of them!!
5: How dare you laugh at my student...!!
6: Woaaaahhh!!
7: That's getting TOO angry...
8(2b): Lee! I don't know what trick you used to do this, but I have no use for lukewarm ninjutsu!!
9: What's your goal again?!
10(2b): To become a great ninja...even if you can't use ninjutsu! Right?!

1: And making you into that great ninja
2: is also my dream!
3: Gai-sensei...
4: Gai-senseiiiii!! I...I made a great misunderstanding!!
5: Enough, Lee! Don't say anything else!!
6: Sensei!!!
7: Alright, let's go, Lee! Time to prove we are moving properly down the path of the ninja!!
8: Yes!! Sensei!!

1: Konoha Super Great Huge Whirlwind!!!

1: What was that move?! They practiced that...?!
2: tah
3(2b): ...Lee...one more thing...
4: ...that Sexy no Jutsu was the only good thing!
5: No, that was the WORST!!
6: You can too it too now, Gai-sensei!
7: See!
8: I dunno, how does it look?
9: Gyaaaaaaaaahhh!!!
10-11: Zeh
12: ...Neji, what are you doing?
13: D...don't look!!
white: Do your best, Lee! Chapter 2 starts on the next page!

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