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Chopperman 1

A New Superhero is Born

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 8, 2010 12:56 | Go to Chopperman

-> RTS Page for Chopperman 1

*Only for use by Mangastream.

tl by molokidan

right: Our health teacher is a reindeer man?!
left: A new super hero is born!!

Manga / Takei Hirofumi

sign: Health Office
1: A merry-looking health office...
2: Health Teacher: Chopper-sensei

1: What's that mushroom called, Chopper-sensei?
2: This is a Poop-Smothered Mushroom.
3: A Poop-smothered mushroom?!
4: I'm going to put it in your lunches so that you can all poop healthily.
5: Chopper-sensei!!!
6: Please don't give weird mushrooms to the children!!
7: Principal Nami
8: How many times do I have to warn you?!
9: Uwaaaah, the Principal! Run, ruuuun!!!
10(2b): Principal! The Poop-Smothered mushroom isn't a weird mushroom!
11: You're hiding the wrong way, sensei!!
12: The Poop-smothered mushroom isn't a weird mushroom.
13: Yeah, yeah! Don't make fun of Chopper-sensei!
14: Mmmmmm

side box: Chopper's Secret-
Chopper is a "One Piece" character. He's part of Luffy's crew, and can understand their language and talk with them!!
1: Wanna try it?
2: It'll fix your constipation.
3: I'd rather die than eat that!! (And who are you calling constipated?!)
4: Ugyaaaah!!
5: Don't come near me!!
6: Guys!!
7: Why are you all hurt?!
8: Owww!!
9: The paaaain!!
10: Awawa!

1: Disinfectant mushroom and band-aid mushroom, STAT!!!
2: Roger, sensei!!
3: Move it, Principal!! you're stepping on the disinfectant mushrooms!!
4: S-sorry!!
5-6: Sssh
7: Disinfectant mushroom
8-9: stick
10: Band-aid mushroom
11: Coby-kun! What happened?!
12: Uggh...
13: In!
14: the schoolyard!
15: A huge robot is going wild in the schoolyard!
16: A huge robot!!?

side: One Piece Trivia:
Over 200 million One Piece volumes have been produced!! This a world record in both speed and amount!!
1: It's super-cool!!!
2: I wanna play with it!!!
3: Now isn't the time to be playing, sensei!!
4: W-we wanted to play with it too, so we got near it,
5: but then it attacked us all of a sudden!!

1: Kyaaaaa!!
2: Uwaaahh!!
3-4: Dabadaaaa!!
5: Da...
6: Dabada?
7: H...

1: How dare you hurt my precious students?!
2: I will not permit this!!!
3: Wait a minute, Chopper-sensei!!
4: Please be careful!!
5: That might be Dr. Usodabada's!!
6: Doctor Usodabada?
7: Yes...

1: An evil man plotting to take over the world who is so cowardly that he attacks only children!!
2: He is a genius inventor who creates evil monsters, beasts, and robots!!
3: It's too dangerous, Chopper-sensei!!
4: There's no way you could beat something that huge!!!
5: He isn't listening!!
6: Stop, you fiend!!

1: Hebuuuuhhhh...
2: Chopper-sensei!!!
3: Chopper-sensei's here to save us!!
4: Everyone alright?!
5: Yeah!!!
6: That reindeer spoke?!
7: Who in the world are you?!

1: I'm a health teacher...
2: and
3: the friend of all these children!!
4(2b): Hmph! Teacher, friend, whatever! I don't give a crap who you are!
5: Well you better start giving a crap!! Who are YOU, anyway!!
6: I just explained it to him.
7: I am
8: Doctor Usodabada!!
9: An amazing man planning world domination
10: so that I can be super popular with the ladies!!!
11: What a shameless ambition-dabadaaaa!
12: SHUT UP!!

side: Hero Secret: Copper apparently takes off his horns when he goes into the tub!
1: I'm frightened...I'm frightened by my own ability!
2: I can easily create massive weapons like this one, you see!
3: Sensei, this manga was great.
4: Really?!
5: Listen to people when they talk to you!!
6(2b): Don't underestimate us!! All those who stand in the way of our world domination are our enemies!!
7: Alright, men! Smash that fool into the dirt!!!
8: Dabadaaa!!
9: Everyone, escape to the health office!!
10: Chopper-sensei!!

1-2: Dabadaaaa!!

side: Chopperman's Secret: Chopper is the doctor of the Straw Hats' crew!! He excels at medical knowledge, and heals his crewmates' injuries!!
1: Special Move!!
2: "Kyuuun Spark"!!!
3: Guh!!
4: Woahh!!
5: Wha?!

1(2b): He used it!! Chopper-sensei's Mero-Mero Attack!! (*to be melted with love)
2: Guhoh!!
3: What cuteness!!
4: Curses!!
5: He's too cute!!

side: One Piece trivia: Over 3,400,000 volumes have been published!! This is a new record for the manga world!!
1: He did it!!
2: He beat them!!
3: Chopper-sensei!!
4: No!
5: It didn't work on Usodabada!!
6: Fufufu
7: Fool!

1: You think a girly attack like that will work on me?!?!
2: Run, Chopper-sensei!!
3: bah
4: Sensei!!

1: Fuhahahaha!!
2: Die, diiiiiieeee!!!
3-4: bah
5: Go ahead, run around like an idiot! You'll just use up your stamina, and then you'll be done for!!
6: How about going out in style?!

1(2b): It doesn't matter how cool you act in front of the kids! You'll still just be a mere reindeer!!
2: Just a small-time puny little reindeer!!
3: Chopper-sensei isn't small-time!!
4: He always heals us no matter what kind of wounds we have!!
5: Don't make fun of our beloved sensei!!!
6(2b): THat's right!! You stupid long-nosed coward who attacks children!!
7: You're the one who's small-time!!
8(2b): Nununu...what'd you say?!
9: Did you just call me a stupid long-nose?!

1(2b): Super Robo: "Giant Luffy Bomber!!"
2: Align all cannons to the health office!!!
3: Roger.
4: All cannons
5: locked on to the health office!
6: Don't move an inch.
7: Resist, and you know what'll happen, you shrimpy reindeer!!
8: Guh!!

1: That isn't fair, Usodabada!!
2: Fuhaha
3: You lose!!
4: Cho
5: Chopper-sensei!!!

Super Hero Secret: Usodabada is having underling auditions next week!!?
1: Bwahahahaha!!
2: Achoo
3: click
4: Ah
5: Now firing all cannons.
6: Everyone!!!

1: Hurry up and ruuuuun!!!
2: U
3: Uwaaahh!!

side: One Piece trivia: Anime, games, cards, goods: One Piece is the strongest series in the world, enjoyable over myriad media formats!!
1: Gyahahaha!!
2: That was an accident! An accident!
3: Is everyone alright?!
4: Yes, somehow!!
5: Uwaaan! I'm scared!!
6: You devil!
7: Ultimate Rumble
8: paku
9: Ball!!

1: I will never!!!
2: forgive you!!!!
3: Cho
4: Chopper-sensei!!

side: Chopperman's Secret: Chopper can temporarily power up parts of him like his body and his horns and fight while transforming!!
1: He!!
2: He transformed!!!
3: What's going on!!?
4: Chopper-sensei can transform! He can transform!!
5: This is so cool!!!
6: H-he transformed?!
7(2b): You think you can take me on just because you've turned into a BIG reindeer?!

1: Just hurry up and
2: die nice and quietly!
3: Whaaaaat!?
4: The arm broke off!!!

1: Chopper

1: Violence!!!
2: Gyaaaaaaaahhh!!!!

1: He's super strong!!!
2: Chopper-sensei protected us! He's our hero!!
3: He's "Chopperman!!!"
4: Is everyone alright?!
5: Yeah! Thanks, Chopperman!!

1: Curse you...how dare you ruin my world domination plan...
2: I'll get you...I'll get you for this, you shrimpy reindeer!!
3: I'll crush you into pieceeeeeees!!!
4: C'mon, c'mon, let's just go home for today-dabada.
5: And thus
6: the fuse for the battle between Chopperman and Dr. Usodabada was lit!!

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