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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

One Piece 609

"Adventure on Fishman Island"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 26, 2010 01:00 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 609

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tl by molokidan

side: Things are looking better and better!! A color page in commemoration of the charge into Fishman Island!!
Chapter 609 - "Adventure on Fishman Island"

white: Paradise!!
1: I'm...
2: going...!!
3: to live heeeere!!!
4: You're so much fun, Sanji-chaaaaan!!
5: Must be nice to swim like you guys.
6(top middle): If you put a bubble on, Luffy-chin, you could swim too.
7(top left): Really?!
8: Now that we're here, he's right back to usual...is it just his nature...?
9(2b): I'm glad. I'm completely out of blood stock of his type, so I wouldn't be able to cover any more nosebleeds...Sanji has a rare blood type, you know.
10: Hey, Keimi! There's someone on this Fishman Island that I just have to see!!
11: Really, who?! The Mermaid Princess?
12: No

1: Jinbe!!!
2: Boss Jinbe?
3: Fishman Island
Ryuuguu Kingdom

1(2b): Two years ago, Ace died...but the only reason I didn't end up completely broken was because of him! I want to see Jinbe!!!
2: Hey, Luffy..."Jinbe"...do you mean that Shichibukai!!? Ah...ex-Shichibukai!!?
3: Yeah, he's my friend.
4: What is WITH you?!
5: Let's meet at Fishman Island two years from now!!
6: I'll be waiting in excitement for the day you and your crewmates come!!
7: I promised I'd see him again on this island.
8: That reminds me, I read an article somewhere saying that Luffy-chin and Boss Jinbe were seen together!
9: Where's Jinbe?!
10: --ummm...but the boss isn't on the island right now.
sfx: kyahaha...
11: Ehh?!

1: He stopped being a "Shichibukai" when the war happened, right?
2(2b): --which means that the people who were part of the "Fishmen Pirates" couldn't stay on this island anymore, so they all left with boss Jinbe.
3: Ehhhh?! So then I can't see Jinbe?!
sfx: aaaah
4: If I tell you the details, it'll end up being a long story, but the war ended up affecting this island a great deal once it ended...
5: Keimi, Keimi, Keimi, Keimi, Keimi!!
6: A ship's coming!!
7: It might be a ship!!
8: A ship from the Kingdom is coming!!
9: No one might be on it!
10: Obviously someone's on it!!
11: Who's on it?! Medaka-chan's gang?!
12: We still don't know!
13: It's a rare kingdom ship!!
14: One that rarely ever comes here!
15: They might have come here to arrest Luffy-chin for illegal entry!!
16: Eh?!
17: Luffy-chin!! You have to hide!!

1: Huh? A Royal Gondola!!
2: So we were right?
3: Yeah, we were!
4: No we weren't!!
5: Weren't we?
6: So what if we were?!
7(2b): --there's no way an actual member of the royal family would be on there, though. Why would they come all the way from Ryuuguu Palace to a tiny little corner of the island like this...
8: pappapaaaaa paparapapapappapaaaa
9: The Three Neptune Brothers have ascendeeeeeeeeed!!!
10: Hello, ladies of the cove...I have a question for you.
11(2b): Kyaaaaaaa!!! The Princeeeeees <3 Why are you heeere <3
12: Princes?
13: twitch
14: Just hold still here, Sanji-chan...
15: squeeze

1: We received a report of illegal entry, has anyone come by here?!
2(2b): Akkamanbo! Yaaaay, yaaaay! Waaaaaaaahhhh!! I wants ta come play here toooooo!!
3: Third Son
(Moonfish Merman)
4: Ryuuguu Kingdom
The Three Brothers of the Neptune House
First Son
(Shark Merman)
5: Second Son
(Oarfish Merman)

1: If you're here, let me know mi-fa-so-la-si-dooooo
2: If you're not, oh well mi-re-dooooo
3: ...n...no!! No one's come by here...
4: Are they really that important of people?!
5: For you Princes to come all the way out here?!
6: Mmm...well...we haven't found out for sure whether they're the people I'm thinking of,
7: We aren't sure mi-re-doooo
8: Let's daaaance!! Akkamanbo!
9: --what's going on?
10: ...those are the "Three Strongest" from the Neptune Army...!!
11: Why are they here...?! This is problematic...
12: ---hmmm...I see. Thank you very much. I guess we'll try somewhere else...the border patrol must have made a mistake...
13: Sorry for disturbing your frolicking.
14: Noo, not at all <3
15: Let's all dance together next time
16: Sorry soooo-faaaa-mi-re-doooo
17: Hoh

1: Sanjiiiiiiii!!!
2: Kyaaaaaaaaa!!
3: Sanji-chan?!
4: That's a dangerous amount of blood to lose, Sanji!!
5: He couldn't take it after all! The excitement he kept down for so long just exploded!!!
6: That's...!!
7: It has to be...!!

1: The pirate "Straw Hat Luffy"!!!
2: Ammoknights!!!
3: Yes sir!!!
4: Hey, there are some people down there!! It's the "Straw Hats"!!
5: What should we do? Let's capture them first!!
6: But it'll be bad if we get into a fight with the Neptune army here!!!
7: And of all things, the Princes are also present...!!
8: Wait a moment!!! ...we're sorry for entering illegally!! But please wait to arrest us!!
9(2b): Before that, could someone...!!! Donate some blood right this instant!!? If we leave him like this!! Our ally will die in about a half hour!!!
10: His blood type is S RH-!! It's a bit rare, but
11: is there anyone here with that blood type?! Or is the blood that flows through Fishmen and Mermaids different!!?

1: Hey!! Please, I'm begging you!! Someone!!! Someone give Sanji blood!!
2: Hurry!!! Is there anyone with that blood type!!?
3: We can't let him die in such a stupid way...!!! Someone!!!
4: Chopper-chin! Mermaids, Fishmen, and humans all have the same blood! And it can be transfused...but
5: Hamo hamo hamooo!!!
6: You humaaaans!!! You gotta be outta your minds!!!
7(2b): There isn't a single creature on this island who would wanna give blood to a shitstain, "inferior race" like you humans!!!
8: And if someone did, they would simply get a "judgment in the dark" from one of the people who hate humans!!!
9: Those are the guys who brought those sea monsters out!!
10: Eh
11: Keimiii!!?

1: Prince Fukaboshi!! It's Hammond from the Fishman District!!!
2(4b): Just go on laying like that...bleeding like mad, and die like the helpless creature you are...!! There's a rule that's been in place since ancient times on this island!! "It is forbidden to share blood with humans!!!!"
3: What...!!?
4(2b): And this is a rule that was pretty much decided by you humans!!! Over a long period of history of fearing us like we were monsters...!! You prevented the mixing of our bloodlines!!!
5: The death of the hero of the Fishmen, "Fisher Tiger," was also exactly because of that!!!
6: Hm?
7: The man who risked his life freeing slaves regardless of their race...!!!
8: at the end of the bloody battle – he could have clearly survived, if only he had been given blood...yet that life was easily abandoned!
9: His transfusion was prevented by those heartless humans...and so he died!!!!

1: Now, give up the measly life of a single member of your crew...and come with us to the "Fishman District!!!"
2(2b): Captain of the "New Fishman Pirates," "Master Hodi Jones" has summoned you!!!
3(2b): Hey...I don't know the details of that law, but please, I'm begging you!!! Is there anyone here!? With "S RH-" blood!!! I'll thank you in any way possible!! Just please, save this man's life!!!
4: We'll just take you by force, then...
5: "Trawl Net"!!!

1: I'm not gonna listen...
2: to what you say!!
3: Didn't I tell you already?!
4: "JET PISTOL"!!!

1: Hammond's gang from the Fishman District...!!!
2: zah!!
3: Grrrrr!!!
4: Luffy!! Behind you, a sea monster!!!
5: A sea monster...acknowledged its loss without fighting...!!
6: What was that?! Luffy-chin is amazing!!
7: As I expected...
8: Luffy-chiiiiiiin!!
9: Eh?!

1: Put Sanji-chin on!! Let's go into town!!!
2: Keimiiii!!
3: There are a ton of humans at the town port!!! Let's hurry!!!
4: Wait, you!!! The Ryuuguu is the Princes'...
5: I'm sorry, I promise to return it once we save Sanji-chin!!
6: Alright!! We're on, Keimi, let's go!!!
7: Please, Ryuuguu-chin!! To the town!
8: Mosu!!
9: --I'm sorry, if I was the same blood type, I wouldn't refuse!!
10(3b): There's nothing for you to apologize about!! It all stems back to him having impure thoughts! Look, he's even smirking a bit!!
11(2b): Sanjiii!! Get over it already! Don't think of anything!! Every single second counts here!!!

1(3b): --but it looks like the "discrimination" you and Hachi received two years ago at Sabaody has very deep roots...!! I can't believe that pervert's nosebleed would lead to such a dire situation...
2: Yeah...
3(3b): Sorry to change the subject, but I'm a little worried about reaching town! Who knows if we'll be able to find a donor or not...this past month, no humans have been coming to the island at all...you guys are our first guests in a while!
4: Why? Isn't this a famous spock?
5: --yeah, it's a famous SPOT, but
6(2b): I don't know...maybe someone was preventing them from coming here --rumors are spreading through the kingdom that some big shadow is moving it all...
7: This is really a problem, you all...
8: Why were you covering for those pirates...?!
9: We're sorry, Prince Fukaboshi...

1: They said they were Keimi's friends...
2(2b): And they weren't bad people. We felt it would be too sad for them to be arrested for illegal entry.
3: I wonder if Sanji-chan will be alright..
4: Akkamanbo! Akkamanbo!
5(2b): --You were jumping to conclusions. They're already famous pirates, so regardless of whether they entered this country illegally or not...we more or less know who they are.
6: We were looking for them for a different reason re-mi-faaaaa
7: ...oh, really?
8: Now, we lost our chance to give them
9: Jinbe's message...
white: They aren't enemies...?!

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