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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 612

"Brought by the Shark they Saved"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2011 00:38 | Go to One Piece

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top yellow: The volume sold have broken 200,000,000!! So we're doing a special commemoration campaign with color covers in February!!

Chapter 612 - "Brought by the Shark they Saved"

1: The Ryuuguu Kingdom - Mermaid Cove -
2: The truth about the incident becomes clear...!!
3: A few hours earlier--
4: It's so tightly sealed...!!
5: I wonder what's inside...
6: If it was treasure, this would be a treasure box, right? If this barrel is so valuable, then maybe it's some expensive alcohol?
7: It's REALLY hard to open...!!!
8: Woah there, that's good enough...!!
9: Keheheheheh!! Just opening that little part there will be moooooore than perfect!
10: Kyah
11: clang...!!
12: What...?! Don't tell me there's a PERSON inside...?!
13: No way!!
14: rip...!! snap snap snap!!
15: Kyaaaaaaah!!!

1: Thaaaaaank youuuuuuuu!!!
2: plop...
3: Kyaaaaaaaah!!
4: Naughty naaaaughty! Don't you go running now!!!
5: Hurry, into the water!!
6(2b): NOOOOOOOOO!! It's tooooo late now, sweeties!!
7: Keheeheeheeeeeeeeee! Thank you sooooo much, miss mermaid!
8: Ehh?!
9: My body...is sinking!!
10: It's a swamp!! Why is there a swamp in the middle of these rocks!!?
11(3b): Swamp, bog, call it whatever you want! This is an "bottomless bog" that is impossible to escape frooooom!! I'm an ability user...a [swamp man] who ate the "Numa-Numa Fruit!!" The more you struggle...the more you'll siiiiink!?
12: Naughty naaaaaughty! No screaming now!! Don't worry, I won't kiiiill ya!

1: Someone...
2: Naughty naaaaughty...!! Didn't I tell youuuuuu?! Sillyyyyyy!!
3: Ishley!!
4: --I'm just gonna have you go sleepy-bye for a biiit...
5: Uuu!!!
6: Help...
7: Keheeheeheehee...
8: tap tap
9(2b): Hm-hm-hmmmmm! Myyyyyyy bodyyyyy~ is infiniiiiite~ Buuuuuurp! I forget how much mermaids coooost~
10: I think at the auction house...it was 10,000,000 for one...so with three...keheeheeheeee!! I really owe the Straw Hats big time now!
11: Thanks to them, I was able to get into "Fishman Island" without any kind of immigration examinatiooooon! I can hunt as many top grade mermaids as I want!! This place is a "treasure island!!!" Keheeheeheeeeee!!!

1: The Ryuuguu Kingdom -- The port town of Coral Hill
2(2b): The "Straw Hat" pirates?! They kidnapped the girls from Mermaid Cove!!?
3(3b): No...I didn't say that -- they were very nice people, you know. And after all...they're Keimi's friends...!!
4: They may have been threatened...!!
5: It's just...
6: all the truth that we know
7(3b): is that the only ones there at the time were us guards, the girls...the guys from the Fishman District who were beaten in battle--and the "Straw Hat Pirates"...!!
8(2b): Humans always have reasons to kidnap mermaids!! In the human world, young mermaids can be sold off for hefty prices!
9: Still, though, we can't suspect them unsparingly...!!
10: Do you have any idea how many pirates have come through here, getting close to mermaids with innocent-looking faces, only to kidnap them and leave?!?!

1: Hmmm...
2: Prince Fukaboshi...!!
3(2b): --and Madam Shirley! About what you said earlier...did you really see "that kind of future?" --where the pirate "Straw Hat Luffy"
4: destroys Fishman Island...!!?
5: Have some water, Madam Shirley...!!
6: gulp...gulp...
7: ....yes.
8(2b): I really saw it...what I saw...was the truth...!!
9(2b): Madam Shirley. Word of the accuracy of your prognostication has reached even we of the "Ryuuguu Palace"...this complicates things...we intended to get in contact them since we were "indebted" to them for saving our sister's pet.
10: Even though it may be an uncertain future...we cannot leave them at large!!
11: We must "deal" with them now...!!!

1: The top residential district in the Ryuuguu Kingdom - "Gyoverly Hills" --
2: ...they're gone...
3: I can't believe they were invited to the "Ryuuguu Palace" by King Neptune himself...
4(2b): Ho ho ho!! Don't fall off now!! Neeeeeptuuuuuuuuune!!
5: Hoeeeeeeeeeeeeel!!!
6: shah shah
7: What the heck is that old guy shouting so loudly for?
8: Stop! How can you be so rude?! Dammit, Straw!! I'm scared now!! I'm scared of you!!!
9(2b): Ho ho ho, that shark..."Megalo," is a pet that my daughter loves, like, so much!! Before, she kept crying and crying over how Megalo hadn't come home, and I didn't know what to do with her...!!
10: It must have been very dangerous getting attacked by a kraken like that! Thanks for the excellent work, guys!

1: shah shah
2: Megalo
(The Mermaid Princess' Beloved Shark)
3: Shishishi!! Well, it was just a coincidence, but I'm glad we were able to help!
4: The Mermaid Princess's pet, huh...?!
5: Huh? Pappug-san, if I recall correctly...weren't you once best friends with the Mermaid Princess...?
6: Sssssssh! Ssssssssssssh!!!
7: Ahh...!! A lie, was it?!
8: A...are you sure it's alright for all of us to go to the "Ryuuguu Palace" too...?
9: He said "it's cool for your company to attend as well," so it's bound to be OK.
10(2b): Ho ho ho!! The truth is, I just sent my sons out to get you, but they never came back, so then I popped out myself!!
11: I'm excited for the banquet's menu myself, so I want to start ASAP!!
12: --oh, and I forgot to tell you, but we already found one of your companions.
13: Eh?
14(2b): He's already begun drinking. I told him that it'd be more fun if we all drank together, but he just wouldn't listen!
15: Zoro?
16: Zoro.
17: I think...his name is...
18: Zori!!
19: It's Zoro.

1: My soldiers will go find all your other companions and bring them to the castle, so no worries!
2: Nami, did you hear where they went?
3(3b): Franky said he was going to look for a relative of Tom-san's...then Robin was talking about some important history...so we split up. You didn't have any problems either, did you?
4: Mmm...well, we sorta did...and sorta didn't...
5: Hey, by the way, grandpa!
6: "God of the Sea!!" Master neptune, dammit!!!
7: Why is it bright on Fishman Island, despite the fact that we're 10,000m deep in the sea?!
8(2b): Ho ho ho! It isn't bright on Fishman Island...it's just that a long time ago...Fishmen started living on the only place on the sea floor where light shines...and then that place became Fishman Island...!!
9: --The roots of a colossal tree named "Sunlight Tree Eve," which transfers light from the surface straight down to the ocean floor reach down here...!!
10: Light?! --you mean there's a tree whose roots shine for over 10,000m?
11(2b): Indeed! Scholars have made up some kind of logic to it, but it's really a holy, mysterious tree whose roots shine from the light it absorbs on the surface, and also supply air to the ocean floor through breathing...!!
12: It's like the boss of the [Yarukiman Mangrove] at Sabaody!!

1: If sunlight shines on the surface, then it will be bright at the bottom of the ocean too...
2(2b): And when it is night on the surface, our land too will lose that light. What a kindness! ...we all may take it for granted...but it's the blessing of the sun that allows us to go on living!!
3: ...wow.
4: "The Sunlight Tree Eve"...
5(2b): It might have some kind of connection with the "Treasure Tree Adam" whose wood the Sunny is made out of!! I'm gonna tell Franky about this!!
6: Hey, hairy grandpa, I'm hungry!
7: Come on!!
8: Ho ho ho! We're almost there...
9: That's the entrance!
10: ding dong
11: Yes?
12: It's me!!
13: K...King, sir!! We will put down the corridor at once!!
14: shiiii
15: --now, let's go!! Neeeeeptuuuuuuuune!!
16: I'm so excited <3 to see the palace!
17: Hoeeeeeeeeel!!
18: Keep that bubble up tight!
19: Ohhh!!

1: Here we are!!
2: We're heeeeere!!! This place is so cool!!!
3: It makes Pappug-san's estate look like a flea!!
4: Don't compare it!!!
5: The Ryuuguu Kingdom Royal Palace
Ryuuguu Palace
6: The King is back! Open the gate!!

1: King Neptune has retuuuuuurned!!!
2: I wondered where he went...!!
3: What a beautiful castle!!
4: (chatter chatter)
5: Now opening the gate!!
6: Welcome back!! King!!
7: creaaaak...
8: Ohhh!
9: Uwaaaaaaah!! This looks like a fun castle with lots of stuff in it!!
10: Well yeah, it's my castle!!
11: Enjoy yourselves!!

1: Boy oh boy...
2(2b): What got into you?! Forgetting your entire position and going outside on a whim again like that!! It's outrageous! Going all the way down to the lower sea without taking any sort of guard with you!!! It'd be too late to call them to come to your aid if something happened, you know!! Have you forgotten what sort of situation this country is currently in?!
3: ...yes...yes...I'll make sure to take care hereafter...
4: He's getting yelled at...!!
5: Hm?
6(2b): More importantly, look...!! I brought the people who saved Megalo when he was being bullied by a kraken!! Now come on, welcome in our guests! Where's the Princess? Where is Princess Shirahoshi?!
7: --well, King, just a moment ago, it happened again...
8: What?! That's because you didn't set her up with the proper guarding in order to keep her from getting upset, you dolts!!!
9: Boy oh boy!
10: Do you not understand that you suddenly disappearing during such a time also makes the entire castle upset, King?! Think a little!
11: ...I'll really...take good care from here on out...
12: He's getting yelled at again...!!!

1: --also, we must truly apologize for bringing up such a matter when you yourself have brought guests to the palace, king, but we have something very important to talk to you about!!
2: Ryuuguu Kingdom
Minister of the Right
(Seahorse Merman)
3(2b): Yes, we just received a message from Prince Fukaboshi. Boy oh boy...!!!
4: Ryuuguu Kingdom
Minister of the Left
(Catfish Merman)
5: Hm?
6: Fukaboshi...what did he have to say?
7: The truth is...!!
8: Huh? Where's Luffy?
9: Is the banquet ready yet?
10(2b): He was just here a minute ago. He can't even stand still for a minute, can he?!
11: What is he doing wandering around this sacred land?!

1: Hmmm...
2: This way...this is where that good smell is coming from...
3: Ah...! The smell disappeared!! Could it be inside that door?!
4: clunk!
5: Ho, ho...
6: Could this be the entrance to the banquet?
7: That guy said that Zoro already got here!
8: --but what a big, thick, strong-looking door this is!!
9: These walls look really sturdy too. Just like the walls in Impel Down!! Just how delicious can the food inside there be?!

1: Yoh!
2: Wahh, it's pitch black!!
2: This isn't the banquet hall...!!
2: But there's some food that smells reeaaaaaallly good!!
3: Could this be the food vault, then? Well, whatever, I'm just gonna take a little.
4: jiggle! jiggle!
5: My stomach's already at its limit!
6: jiggle! jiggle!
7: Buh!! What is this?!
8: Guess there's coral no matter where you go on this island!
9: grope!
10: What is this? It's so soft!!
11: ...u...uuuuuun....
12(2b): Huh? Did someone just say something? Ahaha! This coral's like pudding!
13-14: jiggle!
15: Kyaa...!! Is there someone in here?!
16: Wah

1: Uwaaaaaaahhh!!!
2(2b): What do you think you're doing on someone else's body!!? ...haa...haa...
3: Ubuhh!!
4: Fishman Island Ryuuguu Kingdom Princess
Princess Shirahoshi
(Giant Smelt-Whiting Mermaid Princess)
5: Bafuh!!

1: water...
2: Who in the world are you?!?!
3: Woaaaah!! So that was a huge person...er, a huge mermaid!!
4: Have you come here to take my life as well?! But I'm not scared one bit, you know!!!
5: Because I'm the daughter of Neptune!!! I'm not scar...!!!
6: Ueeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!
7: Someoooooone!!! Father, brotherrrrrrrs!!
8: Hey, hey!! I'm not doing anything!!!
white: Cute, but huge!!

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