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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Fairy Tail 223

"The Door of Humans"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 21, 2011 08:04 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 223

*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

slanted: Full of energy every day!!
left slanted: As long as everyone's with me, my power is infinite!!

Chapter 223 - "The Door of Humans"
slanted: An emergency that threatens the world!!
Beyond this unprecedented chaos,
who will be the one grasp the future?! The fairies, the demons, or...?!
1: Hurry to aid the wounded.
2: Newly-Reformed Magic Council
4th Custody Reinforcement Unit
Captain Laharl
3: Repairs to the facilities can wait until later.
4: We are going to charge into the island now.
5: All those who are prepared for battle should...

1: Doranbalt!!?
2: Newly-Reformed Magic Council
Intelligence Operative
Doranbalt (Mest)
3: What are those wounds from!!?
4: I'm fine, how is the ship?
5: Well, I can't acll it fine...but on the good side, no one has died.
6: Is this communication Lacrima alright?
7: Yes, somehow...just what happened on that island?!
8: Fairy Tail, Grimoire Heart, and the Black Mage Zeref.
9: A three-way war has begun between them on the island.
10: The attack that hit the ship just now was from Grimoire Heart.

Mashima's Musings[1] I'm reading a bunch of novels at once, and find it hard to finish any of them. I think I'm failing at being a reader.
1: I'm going to borrow the Lacrima!! We have to report this to the HQ!!
2: I...I can't believe it...
3: The three biggest protuberances in the magic world have all gathered in this spot?!
4: How rare a coincidence could this be...?
5: Chairman Gran Doma is a stern man who does not hesitate in dealing judgment to the evil...
6: It's possible that the "sealed ray of light" may be dropped once more...
7: Etherion!!?
8: We have no choice but to follow our superior's orders, however.
9: W...wait!! It's true that the council isn't exactly friendly with Fairy Tail, but they shouldn't be compared with Zeref and Grimoire!

1: It's not up to us to decide that.
2: Now
3: hurry up and contact the HQ.
Mashima's Musings[2] "Gundam mania" has returned to me for the umpteenth time. I've been watching ZZ while I work. Were the next episode previews always that cheerful?

1: The world of ultimate magic...
2: You're going to erase all the humans who can't use magic...?!
3: That doesn't make sense!!!
4: No one will benefit from that!!! It'll be a horrible world!!!

1: It is true that I have also not arrived at the true motive for Master Hades' thoughts...
2: but I imagine that only one who knows the abyss of magic can understand.
3(2b): Zeref is on this island. When we get him in our hands,
4: the world will be enveloped with magic and reborn.
5: That's ridiculous!!!
6: You need to have a better reason than that for barging in on someone else's turf like this!!!!
7: We have two missions...the first is to obtain Zeref, and hand him over to Master Hades.
8: The second is to destroy Fairy Tail.
Mashima's Musings[3] I've been practicing guitar while I work. It seems that there are some people who want to force an amateur like me to do a concert...scary!

1: Wait.
2: Loki?
3: I'll take care of this guy.
4: Since he's a member of the 7 Kin of Purgatory, then it means there's six more guys like him.
5: You go look for the others.
Mashima's Musings[4] I bought an expensive bag, and it was the same one as my friend's boyfriend! What a coincidence.

1: What are you talking about?! All four of us couldn't even take him together!!
2: That's because of his magic.
3: He uses an ancient type of magic called "Human subordination magic."
4: Human...subordination...?!
5: It's magic that can temporarily weaken humans' battle and magic power.
6: They also call it the Ruler's magic.
Mashima's Musings[5] I bought a collection of art from Korean illustrators. I was amazed by the high quality.

1: But as a spirit, his magic doesn't work on me.
2: And you've probably already realized,
3: but he's a spirit too.
4: Capricorn, the Goat.
5: What?!
6: A spirit!!?
7: Then...
8: Please don't say anything.

1: I'm requesting a one-on-one battle between spirits,
2: Capricorn.
3: I see...for a moment I thought you forgot that you were a spirit yourself,
4: Leo.
5: Please, go, everyone...
6: But...
7: It's hard, but let's do as he says.
8(2b): We can't fight against him with our magic lowered like that. Let's leave this to him!
9: Wai...

1: I have to be here for a spirit battle!
2: Just hurry up and go!!!!
3: It's rare to see him raise his voice.
4: He must have some kind of big reason. Just trust him, Lucy.
5: You believe in him, don't you?
6: Loki!!

1: You'd better come back to me!!!!
2: No matter what!!!!
3: That girl...
4: Regulus, give me power.

1: Nuohhh

1: Guohh
2: How many years has it been since you disappeared from the spirit world?
3: 17.
4: To think you could take that long and then manifest in the human world...
5: Who is your master?
6: I have no master.
7: I myself am a master who uses "humans!!"

1: Open!!! Hero of Rubengard!
2: San Jao Shin!!!!
3: Uaaahh

1: Wh...what was that...
2: The young General San Jao Shin, who led the anti-governmental forces to victory in the Rubengard Civil War in X 799.
3: According to public documents, he went MIA.
4: But the truth is that he became my subordinate.
5(2b): You kidnapped...and can summon a human...?!
6: Next, allow me to ask about your master.

1: Why?
2: Of course so that I can make her my subordinate.
3: I already have a hunch,
4: but that blonde woman I let go just now....
5(3b): You want to fight one-on-one with me? No...you just used that as an excuse to let her get away.
6(2b): What an unpleasant duty being a spirit is...
7: You'd better come back to me!!!!
8: No matter what!!!!

1: Pleae come back to me...
2: no matter what....
3: It...can't be...
4: that...woman...
5: He noticed!!?
6: That's why you sent her away from me!!!!
7: Her...
8: That woman...

1: is Reira Heartphilia's...
text: The great flower of fate that blooms within battle!!
2: daughter!!!!
text: What are the threads connecting these hearts trying to draw?!
3: Dammit...!!!!!
4: I shall not let her get away in one piece!!!!
5: Where is that woman?!
TBC in Chapter 224 - "Zoldio's Ambition"

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