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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Fairy Tail 225


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 12, 2011 00:49 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 225

*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

slanted: Dig out your own path...right?!

slanted: A nice stroll on Tenrou Island...as these three search for their enemies!
Their bonds give them the only hope midst this furious struggle...
1: Hey,
2: how about we split up and look for the 7 Kin?
3: uh?
4: No way, I don't want to be alone!
Chapter 225 - "Tear"

1: It's alright, I'll protect you, Lucy.
2: How about splitting into two groups, then?
3: What, you mean you don't want to hear our girl talk?
4(small): S...stop!
sfx: grope
5: Is...is that really what you do?!
6: I don't think dividing our power would be best here, though.
7(2b): I want to eliminate the enemy as quickly as possible, so that we can continue on with the exam.
8(2b): That's why we need to split up. Or are you scared to go alone, Grey?
9: Cana...
10: Fine, then let's split up for the time being.
11: Be careful, Grey.
12: You too.
Mashima's Musing: I asked a zombie fan, "Have you seen Zombieland?" And he made a face as if to say "I would never do something so obvious!" Maybe it's the new style of zombie cliche movie? It was good, though.

1: Maguilty Sodom!!!!
2: Magic blades!!?
3: Go!
4: Kuh
5: Uuh

1: Auuu!
2: Juvia!!
3: My water body...
4: took damage...
5: What...
6: is this magic?!
7: Eliminate the enemy.
8: That is my mission.

1: This way, I can smell him!!
2: Wait, Natsu!!
3: Ngahh!
4: Natsuuu!
5: Gyaaaaaaaaaaa

1: Oof
2: But it was just a leaf...
3: Abih
4: It's him...

1: Natsu!! The ground!!

1: There was a little sprout there.
2: I just led it to the future with Time Arc.
3: Where will your future go?
4: Natsu Dragneel.
5(2b): I can smell it...you're that one guy!
6: The one who used Leon's group on Garuna Island?
7: So you're a crossdresser!
8: This is my true form.
9: I'm the leader of the 7 Kin of Purgatory:
10: Ultear Milkovich.

1: Don't tell me you're also after Zeref?
2: Zeref?
3: This guy is Zeref!!?
4: No way!! Zeref lived a long time ago!!
5: I'm not going to let you have him, though.
6: He's mine now.
7(2b): I don't need him!!!! He hurt my friends!!!!
8: I'm never going to forgive you all!!!!

1: Oh really?
2: Then I need to return what I owe you.
3: This time I'm serious.
4: If only you hadn't shown up...
5: I could be an S-class mage now!!!!
6: Is that your future?

1: These bubbles all represent future possibilities.
2: Parallel worlds.
3: I can imagine an infinite number of futures,
4: compress them,
5: and point you towards only one.

1: Flash Forward!!!!
2: Uwaaaaaahhhh!!!!
3: Natsuuuuu!!!
4: But the fun
5: has just begun.

1: Tenrou Island
Base camp ruins
2: Both of them are breathing...they're alright.
3: Gajeel barely won,
4: and even Mira lost...
5: It's my fault...
6: My...
7: It's no one's fault.

1: They're strong...
2: Elfman!
3(2b): It hurts, but they're too strong. We can't do anything...dammit!
4: As a man, it's pathetic...
5: I couldn't protect sis, or my partner...
6: We need to unite.
7: Levi!

1: The exam split us apart.
2: It was temporary, but...everyone prioritized themselves over their allies.
3: But...we can't stay like that now.
4(2b): The enemy is a great one! Therefore we, Fairy Tail!!!
5: Must combine our strengths...and win!!!!
6: Everyone...please...
7: Unite your feelings!
8: Please...

1: Mevius's grave?
2(2b): Yeah! Didn't you say you knew where it was? A lot happened, so I only heard that much, but it stuck in my mind.
3(2b): Mmm...yeah...I only half-know, though.
4: First of all, grave made me imagine different things.
5(2b): "Death," "sleep," "dirt," "rock," "star," and "end." But none of them are six letters.
6: Wait! Why do they have to be 6 letters?!
7(2b): The time limit. We have to find it within 6 hours.
8: It may seem a bit forced, but I did find one work that fits with both 6 and grave.
7: Demise. That comes from grave, and is 6 letters.

1: It's still just a hunch, but I think there are some un-needed letters within here.
2: The only letter that appears twice is E. Isn't that suspicious?
3: Remember how our first paths were lined up by letters?
4: There was an E path...

1: Thanks, Lucy.
2-3: zzzz
4: And sorry.

1: Woowee...
slanted: For some reason Cana "retires from battle!!" Will this tear in the bonds of FT bring destruction...?!

TBC in Chapter 226 - "Mid-Day Mass"

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