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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 656

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 8, 2012 14:26 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 656

*Only for MS.

Chapter 656 - "Adventure on the Burning Island"

* The fifth fan book, ONE PIECE BLUE DEEP goes on sale on March 2nd
(Friday)!! Check the next issue for more details!! "That story" that
everyone's been wanting to hear may be included too...?! Check the news!!
*This week is the final OP Dome Tour at Nagoya Dome!! The voice actors
from the entire crew are appearing day in and day out from Feb. 17 to Feb.
*OP Spring Festa in Sanrio Puroland is happening from Mar. 17 to July 10!
*On page 10 we have news about One Piece's first original picture
exhibition, the OP Exhibition!

From the Decks of the World Vol. 38 "Water Seven -The Second Sea Train is
Finally Complete-"

slanted: What is this dragon doing here...?!
1: Grrrrrrr...!!!
2: rumble...
3: Hey!! This thing talked just now!!!
4: Yeah right! You were just hearing things!!!
5: --Are you sure...?!
6: I still can't even believe this is actually a dragon...!!
7: He looks like something straight out of a fantasy tale...!!
8: Gurorororo...

1: Don't tell me...!!!
2: Uwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

1: He breathed fiiiiiiiiire!!!
2: Owowowow! There's no way something like this could exist!!! We're
3: Interesting...!!
4: Uhahahahh!!!
5: Gomu Gomu nooooo...!!!
6: Dorurun!!

2: Gurorororo...!!!
3: Ohhh!!
4: This guy's really hard!!
5: Hyuh!!
6: Hm?

1: Gurororororo!!!
2: Uwahhh!!!
3: Luffy!!!
4: Bring it on.
5: I can sense your auras! Buh!!
6: Eh?

1: Uwahh!!
2: You were right, Luffy, this dragon just said something!!
3: Three-sword style...!!
4: Ul
5: tra hunt!!!

1: Uooohhhh!!!
2: Dammit...!!!
3: He isn't just durable, he's strong, too!!!
4: ...nnnnnnn!!!
5: Stupid dragooooooon!!!
6: Guroroooo!!!

1: Luffy!!
2: It spoke!!!
3: See, I told you!!!
4: I heard it too...how?!
5: It flew!!
6: Uhoooohh!!
7: Gurororooo!!!
8: Buh!! Are you more allies of the Shichibukai!!?
9: Uwaaahhh!!!

1: Gyaaaaaahh!! it's so hot!! It's hot, and the dragon spoke again!!!
2: Hah
3: It said Shichibukai...maybe it has a grudge against them?!
4: Luffy!! Leave this guy to me!!
5: clamp...
6: I'm gonna cleave him in two!!
7: OK, got it!!
8: Alright!!
9: Nnaaahh, it's hot!!
10: I'll knock him down for you!!

1: gah!!
2: Wahh!!
3-4: Hot!
5: His body's hot, too!
6: huh??
7: Buh...nothing beats this breeze!!!
8: The breeze of these flames-buh!!!

1: Heeeey!! Guys!! On the dragon's head!!
2: Huh!!? What's going on!!?
3: There's someone stuck on the dragon's head!!!
4: --so the one who spoke was...
5-6: Wah
7: Fine, you're asking for it!! Take a bite out of your own wing!!
8: Ogggggh
9: Shishishi!! Stupid!!

1: Gurororororooohh!!!
2: Zoro, he's falling!!!
3: Usopp!!
4: Got him!! Hissatsu Midoriboshi!! (Special Technique - Green Star)
5: Trampolia!!
6: One-sword style
7: Gurororororo!!!
8: Iai...!!

1: Shi Shishi Sonson!!! (Lion's Song of Death)

1: Wooaaaah, awesome!!!
2: Nahahahaha!!
3: This dragon looks yummy!
4: We can BBQ him with the flames on the island!

1: Southwest of the island, aboard the Thousand Sunny--
2: click!! Nami-saaaaaaan! This time I've brought
3(3b): a cold deep sea crepe for you! With some champagne...huh?! You're
4: Kaaaaah
5: Fog?
6: Uuu!!!
7: This isn't fog!!
8: Damn, I breathed in a lot!!
9(2b): This gas put everyone to sleep!! Is it natural gas? Or did someone
sneak on board...!!?
1(2b): ...!!! Luffy's group on the island...I hope they have that Baby
Den-Den Mushi...!!!

1: I have to
2: let them know...
3(2b): koh...koh...
4: Two humans and one humanoid iron man.
5(2b): koh...koh...
6: And one pet...
7: Tie them all up.
8: Roger!!
9(2b): They're pirates...how ideal...let us present them to "M"
10-11: koh...
12: No one would notice...if some pirates suddenly disappeared.

1: Punk Hazard --
2: I'm gonna pull him out!!
2: Hey!! Who are you?! Let me go!!
3(2b): I'm gonna pull you out, just sit still!! Oooone, two!!
4: Pop!!
5: Gyaaaaaaaahhhh!!! I ripped his legs off! I'm sorryyyyy!!!
6: You idiot!! You think sorry is gonna cut it here? You killed him!!
7: Ehhhhhhhh!!?
8: Ohhh!! I got separated-de gozabuh!!
9: It spoke!!! What is this, a zombie!!?
10: It's a monsterrrrrrrrrrr!!!

1: What's going on? There's no trace that his body got rippd in two.
2: You mean he was only a pair of legs from the start?!
3: He's pretty tall...
4: Who's there? What are you doing? I can sense you...!!
5: ...you're really unique.
6: For...I have no eyes or ears...!!
7: Buh! I don't know who you are, buh, but let me pass-buh!!! I cannot die
in a place like this-buh!!!
8: Uwahhhh!!!
9: I will not let my target get away-buh...!!!
10: Ahh!! He's running away!!
11: That foolish Shichibukai!!!
12: Ahhh, wait!! Join my crew!!!
13: STOP IT!!!
slanted: What in the world is going on?!

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