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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 666

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:41 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 666 - "Yeti Cool Brothers"

slanted: Emergency!!
1: Underneath the cliff at Section F-16,
2: there should be three corpses...
3: The Pirate Hunter Zoro,
4: the cat burglar,
5: and the Soul King.
6: Please collect them.
7: Eh...y...you killed them?
8(2b): If you have a problem with killing, then you shouldn't have
called us.
9: toss
10: No...!! Master said either way was fine...
11: Please take care of the rest of them!!

1: Caesar Clown's Laboratory--
2: Did you hear...?
3: They're dead already, Mone!
4(2b): Yes...ufufufufu...I didn't expect that...
5(3b): They're a band of pirates from the "worst generation" just
like Law, who the government sees as no less a danger than
Blackbeard. The paper even ran some exaggerated article about
their "complete revival."
6: I would have thought they'd have a bit more spirit in
them...eh? Law...
7(2b): --you know them well, don't you? From two years ago at
Sabaody. And then you met Straw Hat a second time, at Marineford.
8: What?

1: Don't tell me you called them in here...
2: I told you, I didn't even know
3: they had been captured in the lab. We just ran into each other
at the gate.
4: If I had known, I would have warned you...not to get relaxed
just because you had them shut up in some room...
5(2b): That "naivete" you all possess is what kept me from sending
away those Marines. Having this place found out about is a great
inconvenience to me.
6: Master!!
7: Master!! A Shichibukai pirate,
8: Law, just disembarked here!

1: You want to live on Punk Hazard?
2(2b): It took me a great deal of trouble to make it to an island
that you can't log. This used to be a secret government facility,
after all...
3(2b): There should still be traces of the world government's
research here that leads up to today.
4(2b): All I want to do is walk freely through the laboratory and
around the island. That's all.
5(2b): I'll even make myself handy to you. And neither of us will
inquire about one another.

1: Or would you have preferred an ignorant amateur instead?
2(2b): Shurorororo...!! I see. We're of the same ilk, I see.
3(2b): I don't trust you, but it might not hurt to keep you
around. Eh, Mone?
4: Born in North Blue, the "Surgeon of Death," user of the Ope-Ope
no Mi.
5: You're a doctor, aren't you?
6: We have many ex-prisoners whose bodies have been ravaged by the
poison gas on this island.
7: Can you heal them?

1(2b): ...well. I suppose if you were ever going to call a friend
here, you'd go about it in a much better way...you're a man who
went as far as currying favor from the government
2(2b): in order to become a Shichibukai and come all the way to
this island. I can't imagine you'd want to make things any more
3: Sorry.
4(2b): A few moments ago...you said that the kids would come back
on their own...?
5: Yeah...
6(3b): I've been giving them drug candy...daily. It's sweet,
fizzy, and filled with hallucinogen gas! Shurorororo...
7: Gotta make sure they come back, right...?!
8: You're really twisted...
9: And you remind me of someone...

1: Will you fight?
2: If you need me, call me...!! I'll behead anyone you want me to.
3: Dealing with smart people is so difficult...
4: In the ruins of Labs #1 and #2--
5: rumble...
6: Wahhhh!!!
7: Kyaaaa!! There it is again!!

1: No more!! What IS that?!
2(2b): It isn't an earthquake!! We must be getting attacked!! But
in a place like this...?! Why would an enemy be here?!
3: zzzz
4: We're in trouble! If this place collapses now, the
5: Where's Luffy?!
6(2b): And Franky, Robin, and Usopp!! They already headed out for
the lab!! It's only us two here!!
7: Can you see anything?! How many enemies are there?! What do
they look like?!
8: Haa...!! That's the problem...haa...haa...
9: I don't see...anyone, anywhere!!
10: That can't be!!

1: Luffy's group, heading down the mountain--
2: Luffy!! That really was an explosion I heard!!
3: It was coming from the way we just came...
4: It may be connected to these footprints!!
5: ...there must be something there...two big monsters!!
6: Huh??
7: Let's go back!! Nami and Chopper are in trouble!!
8: ...ohhh, I was asleep.
9: ...hmm?! It's really noisy outside...is someone coming to save
10: Law?! Master?! Or...
11(2b): No...these are the snowy mountains...it must be THEM...!!
12(2b): Hey, Browny!! You know something about this?! Who's here,
and why?!

1: Answer, or else I'll...beeeeeeeee!!
2: Hey, don't you underestimate laser beams!!!
3(2b): It's no use trying to search for them...they'll never show
themselves...!! We've never even seen their true faces...!!
4: What?!
5: But.
6(2b): They're killers who always complete their missions in
exchange for some kind of reward!! The only thing I know is...they
leave large footprints, and have deep voices...!!!
7(2b): ...oh yeah, and one more thing. They're both huge monsters
covered in hair!!
8(2b): Exploding out from the blizzard -- the two murderers of the
snowy mountains!! If you only remember one thing, remember their
names!! Rock and Scotch...people call them...!! The Yeti Cool
9: No one knows who they are, where they came from, but they're 25
years old
10: Are you kidding me? You know a shitload!!!

1: --but no one knows their faces! Woah ho ho!!
2: They're huge and strong!! And they've come to save me!! You're
probably on their kill list now...!!
3: What?!
4: Hm?!
5: Brownbeard, right?
6: You're on our kill list too.
7: Kyaaaaaahhh!!
8: Gyaaaah! What is thsi thing?!
9: Eh...?! Rock?!
10: I'm Scotch.
11(2b): What...did you just say...? Woahhoh!!
12: I must have misheard you! Man that freaked me out!! Master
told you to come save me, right?!
13: C'mon!! Hurry up and get the Straw Hats...!!!

1: Master told us to come kill you, too...
2: Listen to this...
3: ...ahhh...oh yes...what was his name again?
4: Apparently he was kidnapped...that guy with the big beard that
looks like a bunch of shit...he was famous for being an idiot.
5: Master...?!
6: Ah, that's right, Brownbeard!
7: ...he was always such a pain...I don't need him anymore.
8: Kill him...
9: Heey!!! Look! I was right, that's where the explosions came
10: Namiiiii!! Chopper!!! Are you alright?!

1: You're Brownbeard, right?
2: Good job making it all this way! It's alright now...!! Relax.
3: It can't be...!!
4: Brownbeard! You're a fine guard!
5: Awww, shucks...!! Woah ho ho!!
6: Masterrrrrrr!!!

1: Hey!! Scotch!! Don't shoot so much! Otherwise this place will
cave in and the kids will die!!!
2: Look outside!! The Captain's back!! Get him first!!!
3: Yeah.
4: Brownbeard!!
5: You made such terrible friends!!
6: I see something huge!!
7: You better not have laid a finger on my crew!!!
8: So you're Straw Hat.

1: hyuh!
2: Uoryaaaaahhh!!!
3: Huh?!
4: He's gone!!
5: thwack!!
6: Fugehh!!
7(2b): Luffy!! I'm sorry!!! They took Nami away!!!
8: What?!

1: This is the only one we're supposed to leave alive...
2: Mmmmm!!
3: Something about him having Vegapunk's laser...
4: Kill the rest of them...!!
5: You bet I will.
6: At the back entrance of the lab--
7: Huh? Law? Where are you going?!
8: The Marines...are still on the prowl around here...!!
9: ...I don't care.
10: Huh?!
11: I'm free to go
12: wherever I please.
slanted: Law's moving...?!

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