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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 669

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:42 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 669 - "Mission Start"

top: There will be a One Piece booth at the Odaiba Chorus Country
2012 in Odaiba, Tokyo!
One Piece! Welcome to Fishman Island! Shirahoshi Mermaid Park!
7/14 - 9/2 15m tall eyeballs this year!! Princess Shirahoshi is
coming!! And Mermaid Cafe too!! Get excited!
bottom: OP Exhibition continues until 6/17! Check OOTime for more

Request: Vivi tends to a frog with a cold while Luffy plays with
Carue in the rain. -Saitama Prefecture, Shibata Yuusaku

slanted: Zoro's group...is alright?!
1(2b): Haa...haa...must have been when I was falling...I hit my
2: Ahh, I believe the same thing happened to me as well. My head
3(2b): Haa...we really lost a lot of time. I wonder if the
samurai's alright?
4: You're the one who insisted on taking a shortcut.
5: We ALL agreed to go that way!!
6: But in the end, we never found him.
7: Although, I can't get the shadow we saw at that moment out of
my mind.
8: Don't candy-coat it. You're saying we were ambushed, right?
9: No I'm not!
10: I'm in the "no one was there" camp!!!
11: I'm in the "someone was there" camp!!
12: Personally, I'm in the...! "Please just keep on arguing about
this forever" camp...
13: Woah...you moved me a little there...you're so grown-up.
14: I'm so old I could die!
15: I'm in the "I refuse to acknowledge that joke" camp.

1: One hour ago--
2(2b): Heeey, samurai!! Where did you go?!
3: Samuraiiii!!
4: H-huh?! Hey, you two, please look over here!!! Look at this!!!
5: Could these be...footprints of the legendary yeti?!
6: C'mon, don't be ridiculous...
7: Woahh!!! Seriously?! Mysterious footprints on a snowy
8(2b): They're big, aren't they?! I can't believe it!!! And
they're still new!!
9: Beyond here...!!
10: lies the romance of the entire human race...!!

1: Hm? A dead end?!
2: Ahhh!! Behind us!! Huge shadows!!!
3: jakin!
4(2b): Could it be...!!? The ye...
5: jakin!
6: Uwahhh!!
7: ...u...? Wh...what is this...gas?!
8: ...It's hard to be articulate...!! I'm getting sleepy...
9: I feel like I'm drunk...
10: C...could this be an ambush?!

1(2b): This KYP gas bomb can turn even the strongest drinkers in
the world completely drunk and make them feel sleepy...!!
2(2b): And beneath this cliff is Area F-16.
3: The icicle pincushion, from where there is no escape!!!
4: These three will be first...!!!
5: Owahhh!!
6: A...a pincushion?!
7: Hey, you guys!!
8: Zzzzzz
9: ....kuh...!!
10: Nuaaaaahhh!!!
11: Haa...th....that was close...
12: zzzz...

1: This is Area F-16.
2(2b): We discovered the 3 crew members of the Straw Hat Pirates
just like we were informed. We will be collecting their corpses
3: Eh?
4: Who are you calling a corpse?!
5: What? They're alive!!
6: But one woman alone can't take this many...
7: It doesn't matter how many of you lackeys there are!!!
8: Buheeeehhh!!!

1(2b): Haa, haa...I've gotta be careful.
2(2b): Haa...after all, Nami-san has a weak body...and it'd be
terrible if she were to get a bruise.
3(2b): Sorry, but just let me have one smoke...Nami-san...! Now
4: Wake up, you idiots!!
5: Gyaaaaahhh!!
6: Romance time is over!! You think the samurai's somewhere around
7: Yes. I told him about the "torso person" around the lake
8: before he split up with us. Haa
9: haa
10: So I imagine he is currently looking for his torso around
11: Heeeeey! Samuraiiiiiiii!!
12: Samurai! Get out heeeeeere!! Maybe the enemies already got

1: Get out here! Are you alright?! Samuraiiiiii!!
2: Mr. Samuraiiiiii!!
3: Maybe he found his torso and went to go find his son...
4: Hm?
5: Ohhh?! This is the samurai!!!
6: Huh?!
7: clink!
8: What the?! He's frozen!!
9: One, two...!!
10(4b): Ngohh!!! Gblargh...!!! Cough!! Bahah!! Hah...hah...
11: Hey, are you alright, man?!
12: Who did this to you?!

1(2b): Ohhh...oh...!! Hah...for some reason, I became paralyzed
and was about to die...
2: No, you were about to freeze to death in the middle of a
3: Haa...no...that's not it!! I...I'm not cold.
4: How stubborn can you be?!
5: Warriors do not feel cold...
6: This guy is such a pain in the ass...
7: Make some clothes! Your ability lets you do tat, right?
8(2b): ...the truth is, there is a weakness to that magic of mine.
It made my body become rather bad at swimming--
9: You can't swim at all, right?! This is common knowledge!!!
10(2b): --basically...right now it feels like my torso is
submerged in water...!!
11: Water!!?
12: I can feel some sort of water on my upper body...

1(2b): Oh. Which means you became stuck here, unable to move...and
if your body's in water, then you can't use your ability, either.
2: Water? Hey, Brook...do you think maybe his torso fell in that
3: Yes. I did hear that that lake was made up of seawater.
4(2b): But if this part of him's still alive, it means he hasn't
been eaten by sharks or anything yet...!! Who knows what's lurking
in that lake. We should go get his torso at once.
5: Yes. Let's hurry!!
6: ...but with the lake...you'll...have to swim in there for
7: We know! We know you can't swim, you stupid samurai!!
8(2b): You're pirates, aren't you?! Why are you going so far out
of your way to help me...?!
9: For ourselves!!
10(2b): I told you, it's to take responsibility...!! In return,
when you get your entire body back together, we're dueling!! I'm
gonna kick the shit out of you!!!

1: I...!! I...understand!!
2: Thank you so much!!!
3(2b): Ohh, so NOW you can thank people. Maybe all humans should
get frozen once.
4: What the?!
5(2b): What is this?! It looks like Brownbeard's subordinotaurs!
The ones who we stole clothes from!!
6(2b): Hang in there!!! Run!! Get away from the lake!!!
7: A "monster" appeared on the other side!!!
8: Report in to master!! Where was that thing hiding until now?!
9: Who are YOU calling monsters...?

1: Ugehhhh!! Aren't those...the pirates who stole our clothes?!
2: Dammit!! That's my coat!!!
3: Just ignore them for now and run!! We need to get to the lab!!!
4: How dare they take our boss!!
5: What's going on...?
6: Hmmmmm? Hey, Brook...they're running...AWAY from the lake,
7(2b): Eh?! Yes, you're correct! Amazing, Zoro-san!!! ...but what
about it?
8: In that case...
9: I don't remember there being a mountain over there...

1(2b): Shurorororo...!! The slime...
2(2b): is the very thing that caused the massive chemical weapon
explosion by attacking Punk Hazard 4 years ago...!!!
3(2b): Shurororo...you think I purified the gas on the island
afterwards?! No way!!! ...!!
4: Who'd do such a wasteful thing...?! --I compressed it...!! And
changed it into a monster!!!
5: That's what it is...!!!
6(2b): A "world of death" that once covered this island, in which
no man can survive! People immediately forget "tragedy"....!!! But
that doesn't mean it disappears! It's been sitting in the palm of
my hand this entire time!!!

1: The front side of Caesar's Lab--
2: The ship's been stolen!!
3: Stop that ship!!!
4: Kyaaaaahhh!!
5: S...Smoker-san! How do I change back?!
6: You're just getting in the way! Don't do anything, Tashigi!!!
7: Isn't the door open yet?!
8: The enemy's INSIDE the lab!! Making this place all smoky isn't
going to help anything!!!
9: The door won't budge, Smo-san!!!
10: This is pathetic...if only I had that body, infiltration would
be a piece of cake...

1: Behind Caesar's Lab--
2: bah!!
3: trot...
4: Your ability is really convenient! Did we just warp?!
5(2b): Just shut up and stay in the bag. We're already behind the
6: Caesar and that girl are probably in the main laboratory.
7: I'll get them out of the room somehow.
8: While I do that, you go investigate the drugs.
9: --but if you can meet the master so easily like that,
10: and you're so strong...then why don't you just capture him?
11: Then I could have all the time I wanted to investigate the
12: I have a certain problem...preventing me from doing that.
That's why I need your help.
13: Anyway. You guys just need to kidnap Caesar as quickly as
14: I'll do the rest.
15: Uwaaaaaahhh!!!

1: Hey, look at that!!!
2: Something's flying this way!!
3: It's a huge bomb!!!
4: kiiiin!!
5(2b): Hm? Wait, no,
6: Boooooooooom!!!!
7: Wing!!
8: flap...
9: Wahhh!
9: Gyaaaaaahhh!!!
10: H...huh?! It's a human?!
11: tap...
12: Ahhh!! Dammit!!!
13: Ahh

1: Get out here, master!!!
2: Gahahaha! That was a nice shortcut!
3: I'm gonna beat you up and kidnap youuuuu!!!!
4: Luffy, that's supposed to be a secret.
slanted: He's never anything but crazy!!
5: ...!! That idiot! Who told him to take on everyone?!
6: Straw Hat!
7: It's the Straw Hat Pirates!!!

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