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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

One Piece 671

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:43 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 671

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 671 - "The Gas-Gas Fruit"
side: Vol. 66 now on sale!! In the SBS, the child versions of certain
characters are revealed!!
pic middle: One Piece shop now open! Tsuruya Dept. Store (Kumamoto) Aug. 1
(Wed.) - Aug. 12 (Sun)
Tokiha Wasada Town (Oita) Aug. 15 (Wed) - Aug. 23 (Thurs.)
Chach Street Naruizawa (Nagano) Aug. 15 (Wed) - Aug. 28 (Tues.)

pic bottom: Request: Chopper pulls a pumpkin carriage while Namiterella
and rats enjoy themselves by Isaka Akemi-san from Ibaraki Prefecture

1: Punk Hazard - Center Lake
2: Zoro's group --
slanted: What's this creepy thing...?!
3-4: pop!!
5(2b): I'm pretty sure that monster's called a...SLIME! --I read about it
in a book!! Slimes
6: love attacking women! They use their body liquid to melt only women's
clothes! A truly perverted monster!
7: What?! That monster's way too convenient!! L...let me borrow that book
8: Me too!!
9: Look closely, you idiots.
10: Huh?!
11(2b): I don't know if it melts off clothes or whatever...but we may be
dead if we touch it...!! The liquid that fell off it into the sea killed
all the fish.
12-13: blub
14: --it's like a clump of poison...!!!
15(2b): Poison!!? This is bad...!! At this rate it'll become a poison

1: A...are you really going, Sanji-san?!
2: Of course I am! If you don't want me to, that's your problem! This is
something the man named Sanji absolutely has to do!!!
3: Sorry, Nami-san!!
4: I'm better at swimming than anyone else!!
5: I'll be back before anything bad happens to this beautiful body!!!
6: Do something about the slime in the vicinity!!
7: Please be careful!!!
8: C...!!! No, cold isn't the right word to describe this!!!
9: Where's that damn torso...?!

1: Caesar's Lab - Law
2: Mone's alone...now's my chance...
3: ...the master isn't here, you know?
4: Oh really? Where'd he go?
5(2b): I couldn't say...he's a man with very bad taste. He probably went
out to watch the battle in the front.
6(2b): I've gone around and seen what I've wanted to on this island...I'm
thinking of leaving soon.
7: Oh really? It'll get lonely here again, then.

1: I want to borrow your ability for a bit...
2: Can you come with me?
3: Oh, my.
4: A date? My pleasure.
5: Fufu...
6(2b): You're so cold...what is it?
7: You'll understand when we get there.
8: Okay. I was bored anyway.
9: ...This is the bird woman that Usopp was talking about...!!

1: Caesar's Lab - Front Entrance - Luffy's Group
2: You...
3: Let me go, you asshole!!!
4: Straw Hat, you bastard!!!
5: Get away from Master!!

1(2b): That's Haki!! Luffy's really amazing. He grabbed a Logia!!
2(2b): But the "Color of Armaments" Haki is the ability to grab "matter."
It's like the "sea" and Seastone energy.
3: It can't steal the enemy's ability...!!
4: We still don't know the true power
5: of the Gas-Gas Fruit...!!
6: Gomu-Gomu nooo...
7: Bell!!!!
8: bong!
9: Uohhhhh!!

1: Gas Rope!!!
2: Babah!
3: Ubuh!!
4: Shurorororo...!!! Go on, inhale!!!
5: I've done countless experiments! The lethal power of my gas is...
6: Zururururun!!!
7: Ehhhhhh!!?

1: Uooooohhhh! Is that guy retarded?!
2: He sucked all of the Master's poison gas in!!!
3: ...he's dead meat!!!
4: Hmph!!
5: Ehhhhhhh?!
6: Huh?
7(3b): Cough! Poison doesn't work that well on me anymore! Thanks to
8: Magellan? The guy in Impel Down who spews out poison?
9: Don't you dare compare me with a Paramecia, you...

1: Jet Mace!!!
2: Doehhh!!!
3: Masterrrr!!!
4: How dare he do that to our master?!
5: Don't touch him, you small fries!!!
6: Huh...
7(2b): S...small fries...?! Did I mishear that...?
8: Gomu Gomu noooo!!!

1: Gastanet!!!
2: Uwahhh!!!
3: Luffy!!
4: Smilies!!!
5: Wrap yourselves around Straw Hat!!!
6(2b): What?! Why are they listening to Master...?!
7: Wahhh!
8: Jump!!
9-10: splat!
11: Luffy, watch out!! Those things explode...
12: Shurororo! Scatter away!!

1: Gastanet!!
2: Uwaaaahhh!!!

1: Shurorororororo...!!!
2: Waaaah! That was close! That was a gigantic explosion!
3: Ehhh?!
4: Jet Stamp!!!
5: Guhohh!!!

1: What?! Master!!
2(2b): Phew! That bastard managed to dodge it!!! What speed!!
3: Alriiiight!!! Now I really gotcha!!!
4: Uohhh!!!
5(2b): Robin!! Franky!! Got anything we can put him in?! He's a Logia, so
tying him up won't work!!
6: Wonder if there's a barrel around here...
7: Woah, woah! Wait, Straw Hat! That guy belongs to G-5! And we're
arresting you too!!!
8: Smoker-san! The Straw Hats captured Caesar!!

1: Ahhh...!!
2: Eh?
3: Smirk...
4: ...ahhhhhh...hah
5: Hah...someone was taking me far too lightly...
6: Luffy!!?
7: Hey! Luffy, what's wrong?!
8: What just happened?!
9: Straw Hat!!
10: Shurororororo...
11: Luffy!!!

1: Inside the Lab - Law
2: Hah
3: Law?
4: ...who...?
5: What's wrong?
6: Hah
7: clang!!
8: Oh no...you look like you're in pain...
9: Haa...
10: Haa...haa...
11: ...who's over
12: there?!
13: Me.

1: Uuuu...!!!
2: Haa...haa....
3: What are you...haa...doing here...?!
4: clack
5: Ufufu.
6: How many years has it been?
7: You've grown, Law.
slanted: Who's this man who knows Law...?!
Next issue, OP is on break.

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