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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

One Piece 675

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:44 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 675 "And it's Called 'Shi-no-Kuni'"

text: Shocking! General Franky enters Aichi Prefecture!
One Piece Memorial Log heads into the New World!
From Sept. 2012 to March 2013
Caribou's Keheeheeheehee in the New World
Vol. 2 "Don't run now, my little mermaids!!"

1: Front of Caesar's lab--
2: What's that balloon?!
slanted: The Marines draw near!!
3: Heeey!! Open the shutter!!
4: Give back Smo-yan and Tashigi-chan!!!
5: OK, get off now, children.
6(2b): This is your house...!! You're not allowed to leave again!!
7(2b): Haa...haa...hurry, master, give us candy...please!
8(2b): Our heads hurt...oehhh...Master!! Candy...!!

1(3B): Of course! I'll give it to you right away!! Now just go back to the Biscuit Room from here. There's a bunch of candy laid out in there.
2: I need to return to my lab at once.
3(2b): Enjoy it all to your heart's content in your room...yummy yummy candy...!!
4: Yaaaay!!!
5: Let's go to the room!! Tell us where it is, sheep man!!
6: It's this way, children.
7(2b): Hey...!! Listen up!! Once they all get in the room, lock it tight and DO NOT let them out again!!
8: Yes sir!!

1: ...haa.
2: Haa...!! ...this place...is scary...
3: Hey!! What's wrong, you stupid kid? Err, I mean, miss?
4: Hurry up and go back with everyone...
5: How about eating
6: some yummy candy?
7: Kyaaaaaa!!!
8: Huh? What's wrong, you stupid...miss!!!
9: Don't go, kids!! You really want to go back to that lab?!
10: Wait! You can't go back there!!!
11: Haa...haa...
12: Ahh!!

1: No...I'm leaving!!
2(2b): What are you saying?! It's cold outside! Besides, what floor do you think you're on? Now come inside...
3: No!! Help me, sister...!!!
4: Mocha...?!
5: Hey, hurry up and come get candy with us!
6: They were right...I'm sorry for not listening to you, brother!! Sister!!
7: Help meeeee!!!
8: Hey!! Get away from the door!!!
9: Sisterrrrr!!!
10: garara

1: I really damaged Sanji-kun's body, but...haa
2: haa...wow if it isn't tough...!! Thanks to him, I'm saved...
3: ...ah...
4: Auwa....
5: Usopp...!!
6: Hang in there...!!
7: Ohhh...Sanji...you came to save me?!
8: I'm Nami!!
9: ...ahh...
10: What do you look so disappointed for?!
11(2b): Shurorororo...sorry to keep you waiting, Vergo.
12(2b): It's fine. I had some cookies and coffee...that's strange. Where did the cookies go?
13: You never had any cookies.
14(2b): Oh yeah. I didn't have any cookies. When is the experiment going to begin, Caesar?

1: Soon...Monet! Turn on the video.
2: Yes sir.
3: I wish you'd at least stop your subordinates from coming here, though, Vergo.
4: I really broke a sweat when I saw that Smoker had come here.
5: Yeah...he's a "wild dog"...I can't control him.
6: But that all ends today...!!
7: The same goes for you...Law.
8(2b): Shurororo...!! You couldn't lift a finger or a toe against Vergo...could you?! Looks like the "pact" I made with you came in handy after all...

1: I let you stay here...
2(2b): And in exchange, you'll give my subordinates legs...I'm very thankful...but
3: you're stronger than me!!!
4(2b): I'm the boss of this island!!! If you want to stay here, then you should make yourself weaker.
5: I won't hurt you. What do I need to do to convince you...?
6: Let's do this, Trafalgar Law...!!
7(2b): I want to give the heart of my precious secretary, Monet to you.
8: Okay, Monet?
9: ...sure.
10: In exchange...!!!

1: You give your heart to me!!!
2: Then our deal will be sealed!!!
3: If we're both gripping each other's throats,
4(2b): then you won't get any funny ideas. And I'll be able to relax...!!
5: Shurororororo...
6(3b): People aren't to be trusted after all. You reap what you sow! I'm sure you felt it, but just to clarify, Vergo is the one who's got your heart.
7: grip!

1: Uwahhhh!!!
2: Ehhh?!
3: Not even you noticed, eh?
4: Monet was considerate enough to transform and follow you...
5(2b): I heard the whole thing...!! I'm really disappointed, Law...just when I thought we had become good friends...!!
6: Your excellent secretary saved you...she's the one I should have been wary of.
7: You see, her "Master" was just such an idiot, I had underestimated her.

1: Funnahh!!!
2: Uwaaahh!!!
3: Shut your mouth, brat!!!
4: ...kuh...!!
5: Woahhh!! He's got your heart, but you're still alive?!
6(2b): If someone abuses your ability like that, it's hopeless. Where's MINE, then?
7: Shurorororo...
8: Riiiiiiight heeeeere!
9: Suuumoooooo
10: The video has been prepared, Master.
11: Oh...good!! Turn it on!!
12: noso...

1: This is the ice land.
2: The center area...!!
3: Uwahhh!! Someone's appeared!
4: On a video Den-Den Mushi, all of a sudden!!
5: noso...!
6(2b): What is this? Where is it? Is that candy? Damn it's big!!
7: At various places around the New World--
8: Underworld Brokers--
9: --This is a place in the ice land

1: Currently, Smiley is moving from the fire land
2(2b): by throwing its Smilies clones over and gathering them in the center.
3(2b): Eventually they will gather in the ice land, become Smiley once more. That is when the experiment will begin.
4: Smiley killed this island 4 years ago.
5: It's the H2S gas bomb in the flesh!!
6(2b): The previous problem we had was how those who were poisoned only got weakened, and were able to evacuate to a safe place.

1(2b): By giving the weapon from 4 years ago, Smiley, some huge "bait," however,
2(2b): we were able to add more effectiveness to the poison gas and create a perfect weapon of mass destruction!!!
3(2b): Today, this new weapon is born.
4: And it's called
5: Shi-no-Kuni!!! (*Land of Death)
6: The center of the ice land
7: It's coming! How can we get away from it?!

1: Baohhhh!!!
2: It's finally started to come together!!! Haa
3: Haa
4: No, it keeps getting bigger!!!
5: What is it anyway?!
6: Haa...you're asking that now...?! Just keep running?!
7: Haa
8: Hey, everyone!
9: There's a ball...in front of us!!!
10: Candy!!?
11: Someone's underneath it!

1: Master, we've confirmed a giant gel creature!!
2: We believe it's Smiley!!
3: What is that thing?!
4: munch munch
5: Grrr....!!
6: Vegapunk's Dragon (Miniature)
7: Switching the video over to fog as planned, master.
8(2b): --yes. And after that's finished, I want you all to evacuate. It's dangerous there.
9: Ride on the dragon sled and hurry...
10: Ahhhhhh!!
11: ...what's wrong?

1(2b): We've got trouble!!! The sled...the sled's started to melt! It can't be used!! Why did this happen...? Was there some kind of chemical on board?!
2: Ahh!! The dragon ran away!!
3: Grrrr!!
4: Wh...whaaaat?!
5: Bad acting...
6(2b): Well, just run!! Defensive gear won't do a thing against that!!! Take it off
7: and just run back to the lab!!!
8: Whaaat?! A-alright!!!
9: Hurry!!
10(2b): Hah...Huh?! Now what?! Something's appeared in mid-air!!
11: Just ignore it! Ignore it! Keep running!!! Haa
12: Baoh

1: Smileyyyyyy!!!
2: I've been waiting for you!!! It's been 3 years!!!
3: Baohhhhh!!!
4: Doesn't this bring back memories, Smiley? I prepared some yummy bait for you...
5: Wait...not yet? Shurorororo...!!
6: We have a lot to talk about...Smiley.
7: Do you remember? ...Yes, it's been 4 years.

1: lick
2: Ahhh!!!
3: It ate it!!
4: Alright!!! That's right, just eat it!! Smiley! Yes! Good boy!
5: He wasn't listening.

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