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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

One Piece 676

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:45 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 676 - "The Perfected Weapon of Mass Destruction"

1: Haa
slanted: What in the world is going to happen...?!
2: Haa...
3: He ate it!!!
4: Smiley
5: jiii...
6: goboboh!
7: ate the bait!!!

1: Shurorororo...!! Now it's time for rebirth!!
2: Yes, Smiley, yes!!
3: Look at that huge frog!!
4: Baooohhhhh!!

1: Baooohhhh!!!
2: Gyaaaaahhh!!
3(2b): Haa, haa
4(2b): Wheeze, wheeze
5: Here it comes!! Something's happening!!!
6(2b): Run!!! Just keep running!!! Dammit!! I can't believe the sled broke!! How could it break at a time like this?!
7: Masterrrrrr!!!
6: dodododo
7(2b): Something weird started happening to it after it ate that candy...!!! Haa...haa!
8(2b): Wheeze! Was the candy really that delicious? Wheeze!
9(3b): We just need to keep running!! Look how desperately his own soldiers are running from it! I have a bad feeling about this!! Haa!
10: Me too.
11: Haa

1: Baaaaaaa
2: Oooooohhhhhh...
3: biri biri...

1: Good work, Smiley...!!
2: Let us meet again.
3: Now, come to life...!!
4: My weapon of mass destruction, Shi-no-Kuni...!!!
5: Transform this entire island!!!

1: What the!!?
2: Smiley turned
3: into smoke?!
4: No...
5: gas!!!

1: Woah!
2: Wait...
3: Hey, hurry it up!!!
4: Wahh!! The gas is already...
5: He...l...

1: Uwaaaahhhhh!!!
2: Ruuuun!!
3: Wahh!!
4: Don't let the gas catch you!!!
5: jiiii...
6: Gyaaahhh
7(2b): Uwaaahhh!!! Masterrrrr...
8: Shuro!! Shurorororo...!!
9(2b): I did it! Success is mine!!! Not a single one will escape...!! Shurorororo!! This is perfect!!!
10: Gyaaahh
11(2b): Even if poison works, humans can still move, so they were able to escape...!! So I needed to figure out a way to keep them still!! I created a type of gas that covers the body like ash, infiltrating beneath the skin and paralyzing the whole body instantly!!!
12: Shurororo!!! Now, show me more!! Show me more of this hell on earth!!!

1: What the hell...?!
2: Uwahh
3: Gyahhh
4: The humans...
5: Waaahh...
6: Gyaaaahhh...
7: are getting all stiff...
8: Various areas in the New World--
9: Heeeelp!!
10: Masterrrrrrr...
11: zaza...

1: In front of Caesar's Lab--
2: Hey...!! What is that scary video?!
3: The guys who died just now looked like the underlings of that creepy Caesar guy!
4: What was that purple smoke...?!
5: What country was that supposed to be?!
6: ...I wouldn't turn around if I were you...!!
7: Huh?!
8: Ehhhhh!!?
9: Wait, that was something happening on THIS island?!
10: Oh shit!!! We need to run or we'll get frozen and die too!!!
11: There's no way!! It must be poison gas that's going to cover the entire island!! This lab is the only safe spot!
12: So that's why he put the shutters down?!
13: Open up, dammit! Caesar!!

1: Ruuuuuuuuuuun!!!!
2: Run faster than the wind!!!
3(3b): Haa! If you get caught we're leaving you!!! Wheeze!
4: Lifeform spotted ahead!
5(3b): Haa! A lizard...?! Haa

1: No, not a lizard!!
2: A dragon!!!
3: A dragon!!?
4(2b): There's no way! Wheeze!
5(2b): But they exist on this island...!! That one's way smaller than the one we saw, though! Haa
6: ...a dragon...
7(2b): Haa...maybe we could fly away on it if we grab it...?! Haa
8: Great idea!!
9: Ahhh!!! Hey, look! It's Zoro's gang!!!
10: The smoke's chasing them!!!

1: Wahhh!
2: Gyaahh!!
3: What are they doing?! Why are they out there...?!
4: Look at how they're running!
5: Oh, they got Mr. Samurai back together.
6(2b): You're right! Guess he won't give me his legs then!! Ah! Wait, Robin, now's not the time for that!!
7(3b): Heeey!!! Guys, that smoke's dangerous!!! Run... hoh...hah...oh no. I can't scream...
8: Damn...the seastone is...haa
9: Friends of yours?
10: Straw Hat Luffy.
11(2b): Shurororo...your friends really are tough...!! But eventually they'll run out of breath...and the gas will get them!!!
12(2b): And finally, it will spread out to create a land of death! Shi-no-Kuni!!! Not a single soul who isn't inside this laboratory will survive!!!

1: Wah!!!
2: Including all of you...!!!
3(2b): Not even a 400,000,000 bounty can stand up against Shi-no-Kuni, the weapon of mass destruction...
4: Not even Marine Vice-Admirals!
5(2b): And not even Shichibukai! This is what I'm going to prove to the world!!
6(2b): Uuu...uuu...uwaaahh!! What should I do? What should I do?! He's going to do something...to Luffy and everyone!! What should I do...?!
7: Wah

1: A paper?!
paper: Don't do anything
2: Huh...
3: Who threw this?
4(2b): Ahh!! Smo-yan!!!
5: gigogogo...
6: Tashigi-chaaaaan!!!
7: Everyone's been captured!! We're done for!!
8: Goddammit! We're all gonna die!!!
9: Everyone!!

1: Tashigi-chaaan!! Vice-Admiral!!
2: What's gonna happen to us?!
3: We don't wanna die!!
4: Tell them about Vergo, Tashigi...
5: That was a fine lab, though.
6: Seems like we'd be able to get a lot of materials from there.
7: At...at a time like this?! What's wrong with you?!
8: Alright! This is a problem!!
9: ...Vergo's appearance surprised me...but Straw Hat...we
10(2b): can't bow our heads and quit at a time like this...!! Keep the plan moving forward -- and don't screw up this time...!!
11: Let's begin our counterattack.
slanted: Time to strike back!!

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