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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Bleach 501

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Sep 11, 2012 02:53 | Go to Bleach

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tl by molokidan

1-2: Hah
3: Haaah
4: Hah
5: ...dammit...
6: Not even Getsuga...
side: An impenetrable prison!! Ichigo in peril...!!

1: Not even Getsuga Tenshou works?!
2: zazah
3: bam

sign: Technology Bureau Circuit OOO #4 - Communicating
Urahara Kisuke - Disconnected
1: Urahara-san...?!
2(2b): What the?! What happened?!
3: Dammit...it won't connect?!
4: What happened, Urahara-san?!
5: Fuck...
6: Fuck...!!

side: A slashing response..!!

1: Captain!!
2: Stay back!!
3: Attacking an enemy whose ability you do not understand is a foolish plan that makes you lose several advantages...
4(2b): Watch my battle...and figure out his ability...!
5: Th...
6: Then let me go out first!!
7(2b): I...do not believe you have the proper skill necessary to make him reveal the extents of his ability...
8: Uuu...
9: Well, uh...
10: I guess you're right...

1: ...I'll reveal his trump cards in no time. Just wait there and watch me...
2: ...it's strange...
3: What's this freezing feeling I'm getting in my arms and legs...?
4: Those light thorns he's using as weapons...
5: is there some kind of poison in them...?!
6: Have you
7: noticed?

1: You thought "they may be poisoned," correct?
2: Well you're wrong.
3: This is something
4: you lost long, long ago.
5: Trace your memories.
6(2b): You became a Captain, got stronger,
7: and became able to overwhelm and defeat your opponents.
8: You haven't felt this in a long time, have you?
9: The name of that feeling,
10: which is the most important feeling in any human's life, is:

1: "Fear."
2(2b): The Captain's...afraid...?
3(2b): I expected no less of you, Captain. You are truly resilient.
4(2b): Any normal Shinigami, upon receiving an attack from my "arrows," would scream out and go insane from all the fear.
5: They would be unable to bear it, their hearts would burn up and explode, and they would suffocate.
6: Those hit by my arrows fear everything.

1(6b): If I step toward the enemy right now, something critical may happen. If he put my hand on my blade, if I unsheath it, if I swing it up, if I swing it down...
2(6b): The enemy's speaking to me. He may cast some horrifying spell with the next word. If he moves his fingers, if he switches his gaze, if he breathes in, if he breathes out...
3: They doubt everything
4: and lose all control of their thoughts.
5: But you are doing a great job resisting that
6: with the strength of your will alone.
7: I'm surprised.
8(2b): But that is simply surprise. It is far removed from "fear."
9: The core of your heart has already

1: been possessed
2: by fear towards me.
3: --fear?
4: Ridiculous.
5: There is no battle in which fear does not exist.
6: But I have overcome it countless times, every time I survive a life-or-death crisis.

1: I have never suppressed any sort of fear.
2: I have accepted fear through battle,
3: pounded it down, and acquired the power to continue forward.
4: Fear is

1: Your legs stopped.
2(2b): You have overcome fear through experience. All strong warriors who have gotten used to battle experience this delusion.
3: "Fear that has a reason" is gentle.
4(2b): It's possible to stop this kind of fear through willpower and experience. As long as you have a reason, and you cut that reason off, that fear-like feeling will be wiped away.
5(2b): But "true fear" has no reason. It stems from not emotion, but instinct.
6(2b): True fear is reasonless, limitless. Like terrifying bugs that slowly creep up your body.

1: We
2: cannot escape our instincts.

1: Uuuu....
2: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

1: --brother...?
side: ...R.I.P.

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