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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Bleach 224

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 224

Hitsu: ----You....

H: ...Hinamori...!
Hina: ..Hitsugaya-kun.

Bleach 224 Imitated Gaiety

Hitsu: I see...
H: You've awakened...
H: Hinamori..
H: You sure it's alright...for you to be walking around like that?

Hina: Yup...
H: I'm ok now!
Hitsu: ..That's great...
Hitsu: (But your face sure doesn't look that way...dummy..)
Hina: ... I'm sorry...
H: I'm sorry, Hitsugaya-kun...
H: I doubted you, Hitsugaya-kun, and...

Hina: I even pointed my sword...
H: at you, Hitsugaya-kun, and..
H: I...something was really wrong with me...
H: I...really...
Hitsu: ...dummy.
Hitsu: You can't go around worrying about this forever...
H: All that junk...
H: It's the furthest thing from my mind.
H: You especially should quit worrying about it and get some more sleep.
H: Hurry up and get rid of your panda eyes, got it?

Hina: ..ya...
Hina: Thank you, Hitsugaya-ku..
Hitsu: You know...
H: Since you don't really have much on you, you really like a kid, so...
H: It's only natural that you'd need even more sleep than the average person, so you can start 'growing up.'
H: Like Matsumoto, for example.
H: If you don't go into a deep sleep for 10 years, you won't be able to catch up to that, ya know!
Hina: quiet!
Hina: That's cuz Rangiku-san is..special!
Hina: More importantly, I shouldn't have to be yelled at about growing up from Hitsugaya-kun!
Hitsu: Hinamori!
H: Don't make me say it over and over...

--Page 8--
Hitsu: It's not Hitsugaya-kun,
H: It's Hitsugaya-taichou.
Hina: ...Yeah...
H: ...You're right...

--Page 9--
Hina: ..hey.
H: Can I ask you something, Hitsugaya-kun?
Hitsu: What's up?
Hina: Hitsugaya-kun, from here on out...
H: Are you going to fight against Aizen-taichou?
Hitsu: ...I am.
Hina: Will you kill...
H: Aizen-taichou?
H: I beg you...

--Page 10--
Hina: Please...
H: Save Aizen-taichou!
Hitsu: ...Hinamori...!!
Hina: Of course, I know what Aizen-taichou's doing is bad...
H: Yet I still feel that he has some magnificent reason for doing what he is...
H: That's it!
H: It's gotta be that Aizen-taichou was forced by either
Ichimaru-taichou or someone else to...

--Page 11--
Yama: Forgive me.
Y: I respected her will and allowed her to talk, however..
Y: It seems that it is still too soon for her...
Hitsu: ---Not at all...
H: I thank you very much.
Yama: ...Hitsugaya-taichou.
H: Farewell.

--Page 12--
Hitsu: ...Aizen!

--Page 13--
Renji: What's wrong?!
R: Doesn't it seem like your power's getting weaker?!
S: Not...
S: ...a bit!!
R: Helping out with training?!

--Page 14--
Renji: Why me?!
Urahara: That's cuz, even if you reject, it'll still be like you'll come back.
R: How does that answer anything!?
R: Since he asked YOU for the favor, YOU should be the one to do it, right?!
Ura: To forge Sado-san into a stronger fighter, the power of a "Bankai" is necessary.
R: If that's the case, then it should be all the more the reason for you to do it!
R: You have a Bankai after all, don't you!?
Ura: No way~~!
U: A mere handsome, perverted, businessman like myself!? The very idea of having a Bankai would be preposterous~!
Renji: Do you even have any comprehension of your own circumstances?!
R: The fact that you were the previous 12th squadron captain, AND that you were the head person in charge of the making of Hougyoku, has ALL been exposed a LONG time ago!!

--Page 15--
U: Oh, yes, of course I know that~!!
R: It's the first time I've gotten this angry just by talking to someone!!
U: It just isn't possible...for me.
Ura: The ability to train or lend power to people...
Ura: My Bankai just isn't capable of such things.
U: Yosh!
U: I got it!
U: In that case, how about this?
U: Abarai-san, you have a lot of questions you've been wishing to ask me, right!?
U: Up til' now, I've been acting lazy and dodging your questions, but...
Ginta: So THAT'S why he was running away?
U: How about we make a little trade?
U: If, Abarai-san, you work miscellaneous jobs for me for 3 months....
U: I will answer every question you can think of!

--Page 17--
R: Pff...
R: Becoming a punching bag doesn't count as miscellaneous!!
Ura: Why sure it does!!
U: There isn't any significant change to your life or labor pattern, correct?
U: Or did you mean to say...
U: ...that you don't want your questions answered?
R: ..Fine...
R: I'll do your damn job!
Tessai: Not only did he become the trainer, but he agreed to do all the miscellanous jobs as well..
Ginta: The red porcup...
U: Foolish.
U: Despite all his complaints and adamant refusals...
U: Abarai-san sure puts his soul into his work...

-Page 18--
Black print: Sado-san...
Black print: There is still room for your ability to grow...
Black print: That is for certain...
Black print: Such growth will be the key in allowing you to use the power of "Bankai" in battle.
Black print: There is just one thing that that you need to be careful of..
Black print: The power you possess is certainly different than that of a Shinigami's or a Quincy's...
B: It is, in other than...

--Page 19--
K: What did I tell you about transforming whenever you feel like it?! BALDY!!
SFX: Gohuuh!!

--Page 20--
Ichi: Are you a retard?! If I hadn't transformed then, I woulda been in a dangerous situation!!
K: Making your situation dangerous is PART of training!! Quit taking me lightly, boy!!
Ichi: What the hell are you talking about!?
?: They're getting along unexpectedly well together...
L: True that.
Orihime: ...This is the place...

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