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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 3

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 3

Title: Can you understand me?
F1.building sign: AIR MUSIC
F2.1: Air Music...they're also a major company! I still have a chance.
F2.2: Today...today will definitely be the day...!
F3.1: At the very least...
F3._1: kyupiiiin (glitter)
F3.2: I'll make it to the audition!!
F4.1: Anyway, THAT guy is nowhere to be found.
F4.2: Not surprising, considering today is a guitarist audition.
F5.1: At least, I don't think he'd come...

F1._1: ogyaa (scream)
F2.1: What are you doing!? Unhand me!!
F2.2: Throw him out!
F2.3: U....uwahhhhh!!
F2.4: He came!!!
F3.1: Hm?
F3.2: Huuuuh!? You're that one guy...
F4.1: Hesoyama-kun....! ["Heso" means belly button]
F4.2: You're Hesoyama-kun, aren't you?!
F4._1: hahahaha
F4.3: P...
F4.4: Please don't give me weird names all of a sudden...
F5.1: More importantly, what are you doing here?!
F5._1: kuwaah!
F5.2: Ah! That's right...Please listen to me! I came to take part in the audition, but...
F6.1: J...just because I'm not a guitarist, but a flutist,
F6.2: Just because of that...those bastards wouldn't let me enter, saying I have no right to take part in the audition...!!

F1.1: So what if I'm not a guitarist...
F1.2: Is it really that important what kind of ist you are!!?
F1.3: He's cooly saying something stupid...
F2.1: It's an audition to select a guitarist, so of course you can't enter.
F2.2: Even if you were able to enter, they would never select a flutist.
F4.1: Ahh! That's right...
F4.2: So flutes are inferior to guitars!!
F4._1: ufuuh
F4.3: They'd never pick some skinny stick that you have to breath through holes to play!!
F4._2: fufufufu
F4.4: N...no! I didn't say that!!
F5.1: You didn't say it....?
F5._1: dokiiin (shock)
F5.2: Eh!?
F5.3: Wh...what's with this change of attitude...
F6.1: Yeah, that's right...the superiority and inferiority of musical instruments can't be measured!
F6.2: It's not like me to give up just after failing once!!

F1.1: Thank you..I'm going to do it!!
F1.2: I'll give it one more try, man!!
F1.3: Man?!
F1.4: Why did he come to that conclusion!?
F2.1: Alright, now that that's been decided, we've got to do something about those security guards...
F3.1: Yeah, there are seven ways we can do this.
F3._1: Guh
F3._2: That much?!
F3.2: H....how are there seven...!?
F4.1: ...and, six of those...
F4.2: have a bloody stench to them.
F5.1: That's pretty much all of them!!
F5.2: Y...you can't do stuff like that!!
F5.3: Yeah, I don't really like that kinda stuff anyway.
F6.1: Then we'll go with my final master plan, "I hide in my flute case until someone coincidentally carries me through."
F6.2: Eh...?
F6.3: --which meant,

F1.1: I ended up having to carry that ridiculously heavy case he hid in.
F1.2: Haa
F1.3: Why am I...
F1.4: Haa
F1.5: haa
F1.6: It looked extremely suspicious, but we managed to get in.
F2.1: We...made it!!
F2.2: We made it!
F2._1: dosun (crash)
F2.3-5: Haa
F2.6-7: Zei
F2.8: Haa
F2.9: Flute Case
F2.10: Haa
F2.11-12: Zei
F2.13: Haa
F2.14: Yeah, thank you! But don't relax just yet!
F3.1: I want you to take me with you to the room until it's your turn to go on stage.
F3.2: No way!?
F3.3: Wh...why!? You should be able just walk out normally now!
F4.1: But I wasn't allowed entry...
F4.2: If I go alone, they won't surely won't acknowledge me.
F5.1: It hurts...they threw me out just for having a flute, remember?
F5.2: They didn't even have the decency to hear a little of my performance.
F5.3: Of course, the instruments are different...but in terms of sound, I am confident that I won't lose even to a guitar...!!
F6.1: His voice is trembling...
F6.2: This person...he's surprisingly pure.
F7.1: They're misunderstanding what a recorder is!
F7.2: I want to show them that it's not the kind of instrument they think it is!!

F1.1: I got it...
F1.2: If that's the case...
F2.1: ...next up, please.
F2._1: gachah (clack)
F2.2: O...okay!
F3.1: We made it inside...!
F3._1: gatah (clunk)
F3.2: Umu...!
F4.2: Hm?
F5._1: daduuuuun!
F6.1: Gehhh! You're that flute man from earlier?!
F6._1: gehyaaaah!
F6.2: What an obstinate man!
F7.1: Um...we actually have a reason for this...
F7.2: Yes, I am obstinate...
F7._1: fufufu
F7.3: You did a pretty good job of chasing me out back there, you shitty 7/3s! [7/3 is a term for people who part their hair on the side]
F8.1: Eh...!?

F1.1: It's time for you to realize...
F1.2: The true awesomeness of a recorder!!
F2.1: Eh...
F2.2: Ehhh!?
F2.3: Wait...this isn't what we talked about....!!
F3.1: Nyoi-Flute Attaaaaaaack!! [Son Gokuu's extending pole from Dragon Ball was called the Nyoi-Bo]
F3._1: doshhhh
F3.2: hogyaaan
F3.3: Uwah....
F3.4: Ahhhhh!!!
F4.1: Wh...what the hell is this guy doing all of a sudden....!?!
F4.2: Someone throw these two out!!
F4._1: gyaaaah
F5.1: And don't come back!
F5._1: waaah
F7._1: pat
F8.1: We'll smash this company...!
F8.2: Like I'd do that, dammit!!
F8.3: And so, Kiyohiko moved one more step away from his dream.

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