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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

D.Gray-Man 87

D. Gray Man 87

+ posted by momodaisuki as translation on Oct 6, 2006 01:40 | Go to D.Gray-Man

-> RTS Page for D.Gray-Man 87

Page 01
第87夜 ティエドール、エントリー
87th Night -- Theodore Enters
Text: 神田、ティエドール、マリ、江戸に現るッ!!
Kanda, Theodore, and Mari have reached Edo!!
Theodore: マリ、キミの耳で何が聞こえる?
Mari, what can you hear with your ears
Theodore: あそこから
from there?
Mari: アクマの膨大な機械音(ノイズ)に混ざってかすかにリナリー・・・ラビ・・・クロス部隊の声が聞こえます
There is the loud noise of machinery coming from that akuma
and though it's faint, I can hear Rinali... Rabi... These are the voices of the Cross Team

Page 02
Theodore: うん・・・行ってあげなさい
Yes... Go help them
Akuma: いいのか?お前の護衛行かしちまって
Are you sure it's ok, sending your guards away like that?
Theodore: 何を白々しいことを・・・エラく派手にしちゃって、実はこれがキミらの目的だったんじゃないのかい?
What a silly thing for you to say... Seeing that you guys have made such a big show of it, couldn't it be this was your plan in the first place?

Page 03
Theodore: だしょ?改造アクマくん
Am I right, Mr Converted-Akuma?
Akuma: へへ・・・
Akuma: でも乗ってくれるんだ?
But you'll still keep to our plan?
Theodore: マリアンに貸しつくると面倒くさいからねェ。私らは私らで日本に用があるんだが・・・まっ、連れてきてもらったお礼は返すよ
Well, it can get quite troublesome if I let myself owe something to Marian
We have our own reasons to be in Japan but...
Well, I'll return the favor of you bringing us here
Akuma: そうか、へへ・・・お前らとの旅・・・ドキドキしたぜ
I see, hehe...
This trip with you guys...was one hell of a ride
Akuma: オイラも腹へったから逝くわ
I'm getting hungry too, so I'll be going now
Theodore: 派手だなあ、もー・・・
What a big show...

Page 04
Crowley: つ・・・っ
Bookman: 動けるか・・・アレイスター
Can you move...Aleister?
Crowley: ああっ・・・くそ!デカブツめっ
Yeah... Damn it! That huge scrap of metal
Crowley: 世界は広いな・・・私の牙が届かん・・・っ
The world is much bigger than I thought...
My fangs don't stand a chance against it...
Bookman: まったく・・・硬いのぉ
Yes, really...
it's too hard
Crowley: ラビ?!
Rabi: うっす
Hey guys

Page 05
Bookman: 何やっとるアホ!奴をボコボコにするんじゃないのか(お前がボコボコになってどーすんじゃい)
What are you doing, you fool?! I thought you said you're going to pound him
(What in the world are you getting pounded for?!)
Snap out of it, you idiot
Get a grip on yourself, idiot
Rabi: くそじじぃ・・・っ、その台詞そのまま返すさ
Damn you, old man...
I'll throw those words right back at you
Bookman: わしゃ年なんじゃ!
Well, I'm old!
Rabi: 反則みてぇに強ェな、チクショー。ケガに浸みる・・・
Shit, he's so strong, it's almost unfair
My wounds are stinging...
Chao Zi: エクソシスト様!!
Sir Exorcists!!
Rabi: まずいっ、あのヤロ・・・リナリー達の所に・・・!
Shit! That bastard...
He's after Rinali and the rest...!
Rinali: ミランダ!!
Tiki: 体力(エネルギー)切れ?
Ran out of energy?

Page 06
Rinali: あっ・・・
Tiki: (ふーん)女のエクソシストね。初めて見た。そっちの貧弱そうな彼女大丈夫か?無理しすぎちゃった?
This is the first time I've seen a female Exorcist
Is this lean girl ok? Did she push herself too hard?
Tiki: 女は無理しないで綺麗に死ねよ
Girls shouldn't overdo it; They should just die pretty

Page 07
Chao Zi: は・・・っ、なせ・・・
Chao Zi: エクソシスト様を離せ、化物!!
Let go of the lady Exorcist, you monster!!
Rinali: チャオジーさん・・・ダメ・・・
Mr Chao Zi...No...!
Tiki: シラけんなぁ
You've spoiled my mood
Tiki: ティーズ
Tiki: 喰っちまえ
Eat them up
Supporters: チャオジー・・・!!
Chao Zi...!!

Page 08
Tiki: 危ねっ
That was a close one
Tiki: 今日は客が多いな
We've sure got a lot of guests today

Page 09
Tiki: うおっ、コイツめっさ速っ?!
This guy's really fast!
Tiki: 悪いね、お嬢さん
I'm sorry, miss

Page 10
Tiki: ちっ
Rabi: よっ、大将。こんな修羅場で奇遇さね!(おっひさー)
Hey, boss
What a coincidence to see you in the middle of such a battle!
(Long time no see)
Kanda: 何やってんだ、お前ら(チッ)
What're you guys doing here
Rabi: いや、なんかウチの元帥が江戸で仕事があるとかで・・・そっちは?
Uh, well, it seems like our General has some business in Edo...
How about you guys?
Kanda: 似たようなもんだ
It's something like that

Page 11
Akuma: ギャオオオオォ
Rabi: 何さ?どしたんコイツ()
Huh? What's wrong with it?
(It's sick)
Kanda: あ?マリの絃に捕まったんだろ
What? It must have gotten caught in Mari's strings
(Strings as in that of a musical instrument)
Kanda: あいつの奏でる旋律はアクマには毒だぜ
The melody that she plays can kill the akuma
Mari: 聖人ノ詩篇(ノエル・オルガノン)
Noel Organon (kanji = The saint's psalm)
"The Melody of Grief"!!!

Page 12
Kanda: 六幻(ムゲン)
Mugen (kanji = six illusions)
Kanda: 災厄招来(さいやくしょうらい)
Come, misfortune
Kanda: "二幻刀"(ニゲントウ)
"Nigentou" (kanji = Two illusion blades)

Page 13
Rabi: 気をつけろ、ユウ!!
Becareful, Yuu!!
Rabi: そいつメチャクチャ
That thing's really really
Rabi: 硬ぇ・・・ぞっ?(あらー)
(Oh my~)

Page 14
Bookman: また気持ちよく斬りおった!腕を上げたな、神田め
He cut it clean!
Heh, Kanda has become stronger again
Crowley: カンダ・・・?なんてガキだ・・・
Kanda...? What a kid...
Bookman: 助かる。こちとらケガ人ばかりで難儀しとったからな
Their help means a lot
Our team is quite battered so we were having some trouble
Kanda: おい・・・貴様
Rabi: (はっ)はい?!
Kanda: 俺のファーストネーム口にすんじゃねェよ・・・っ。刻むぞ
Don't you dare say my first name again...
or I'll slice you into pieces
Rabi: 相変わらず恐えぇ
As usual, he's scary

Page 16
Earl: チョコザイナ
How impudent

Page 17
Text: 神田たち参戦で盛り返したと思いきや、伯爵の凶悪なる一撃!!
With Kanda and the rest joining the battle, the Exorcists seemed to be winning -- Until the Earl's brutal attack!!
Bottom text: 次号、エクソシスト達の安否は?!さらに伯爵たちがある行動を・・・?!
Next chapter, would the Exorcists survive?! And the Earl and the Noahs make their next move...?!

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