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Enigma 13


+ posted by momogoldfish as translation on Dec 7, 2010 14:31 | Go to Enigma

-> RTS Page for Enigma 13

-[Special text]

Fly into the future you are aiming for!

Page 1:
[Sidetext]: Changes to Sumio’s dream diary…!!
Sumio: “What is this!? Why is the picture drawn in the dream diary…”
[Diary text]: Kurisu has the password and goes outside
(…….!! The pictures have never moved before!!)
(and I drew this while awake…!?)

Page 2:
Sumio: “Q 510…!?”
(This is a password…!?)
(The Kurisu in the dream diary is imputing a password!?)
Kurisu: “Wha—”
“Did you say “Q-510”…!?”
“You-…How did you!?”
(---Could it be?…I haven’t laid eyes on this password before…)
(Which means that Kurisu had wanted to keep this password to himself and use it to escape…!)

Page 3:
(This shows the future Kurisu at the exit--)
(Imputing the password he stole…!!)
(A new dream diary that ---)
(predicts future “movements”!!)
(With this the password is known!)
(However, even so, there is no way to change the end situation if we remain trapped here…)
Sumio: “—Hey Kurisu, let’s stop this…!”
“Since I already know the third password!”

Page 4:
Kurisu: “What are you talking about Sumio! You, who is trapped in this world may know it, but”
“In the end, if you can’t share this information with the people outside, there is no danger of it being used first!!”
Sumio: “Well that’s a pity”
“I happen to possess the ability to pass this password outside!!”
Kurisu: “…What!?”
“Don’t be silly…That’s!?”
Sumio: “If you don’t believe me you are welcome to go outside to check”
“It’s futile even if you take Shigeru as a hostage”
“Since in that interval I’ll use my ability to…”
Kurisu: “--WAIT SUMIO!”

Page 5:
(--Even if I say so myself, this is a huge bluff…)
(But in order for Shigeru and me to escape this world…I must prevent Kurisu from leaving! If I hadn’t lured him...)
Kurisu: “I won’t allow it…”
“I won’t let anyone get in the way of my escape!!”
“I’ll make you spit it out…”

Page 6:
Sumio: “The wooden sword…”
Kurisu: “I said before, right? My power is “Flat”…”
“If I touch objects in this world, I can make use of them and even alter their form!”

Page 7:
Sumio: “Ku…”
(It’s a real katana…Anyway I have to buy myself some time!)
(I’m completely unarmed…if I don’t find some weapons or hiding space…!)
Kurisu: “It’s useless wherever you go, Sumio!”
“This flat world will move according to my will - the will of the king!)
“Even if I lose sight of you, I will still know straightaway!”
“By constantly altering the angle of the photo…”
“I can follow your running form!”

Page 8:
(If I remember correctly…in the shop just beyond here…)
(ku…even the pedestrians are completely fixed in place)
(It’s incredibly hard to go forward!!)
“It won’t move…!!”
“It’s useless…it won’t even budge!”
“I can’t even get hold of a weapon!!”

Page 9
Sumio: “…….!!”
“Shit…..! At any rate, I should hide…”
“The door won’t close!!”
Kurisu: “Give up, Sumio!!”

Page 10:
Sumio: “Ku…”
Kurisu: “….a supermarket, huh?…”
“Well it certainly suits a commoner like you…”
“I’ll capture you in this place…!”
“Just by closing the door I’ve turned this place into a locked room”
“Now you can’t leave!!”
“I’ll smoke you out like a cockroach…!”
Sumio: “…….-”

Page 11:
(This is bad…! It’s true that I have no means of moving that door!)
(And there’s also a limit to how long I can run around in circles!)
(It’s only a matter of time before I get caught…)
(At that point if I get injured by the katana…)
(In this world with neither doctors nor medicine…there’s no way to treat injuries!)
(I’ll just slowly waste away!!)
(If I’m killed, then this guy…)
(Will probably go after Shigeru next…!!)
Sumio: “Please…You are my only hope!”
“Give me a hint that will save me from this pinch!!”

Page 12:
Sumio: “So far you have always worked whenever things are bad!”
“I beg you!!”
Kurisu: “…so you were here, huh?”

Page 13:
Sumio: “U…uwa-!!”
“The shelves and shopping baskets are piled up like a mountain…!?”
“I...it’s a dead end!!”

Page 14:
Sumio: “Damn…”
“I’ll have to do it here…!!”
Kurisu: “You’ve finally given up, eh!”
“I don’t know what means you have of communicating with the outside world but it won’t matter as long as I render your body completely useless!”
“Right? Sumio!!”

Page 15:
Kurisu: “….!?”
Sumio: “What…!?”

Page 16:
Kurisu: “Ku-…”
“Why…why were you able to dodge!? Sumio…!!”
Sumio: “If it were my old diary it would’ve been impossible…”
“but now, I know. The fact that you will appear from on top of the shelves…”
[Diary text]:…come from a…place, and cut…

Page 17:
Sumio: “Your movements as you swing the katana downwards…”
“Everything has already been foreseen!”
[Diary text]: September…Kurisu…high place…cut…
Kurisu: “Ha – Is that so?”
“But just because you were able to dodge once, nothing has changed about your situation…!”
Sumio: “---Nope”
“I’ll show you our situations have been reversed!!”

Page 18:
Kurisu: “Writing the password on the wall with blood…!?”
“What are you planning, Sumio…!?”
Sumio: “This is OUR power!!”
[Sidetext]: To go against the overwhelming Kurisu…!?

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