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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 1

Welcome to Oumagadoki

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Jul 16, 2010 17:30 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

-> RTS Page for Oumagadoki Doubutsuen 1

Heya everybody~! It's been a long time!! But I was busy with exams and Weekly Shounen JUMP had been a bitch on me this year, so there was no title I felt like "Woah, I so gonna have to translate it!!". Well, that's true until there came the announcement that Oumagadoki Doubutsuen would get turned into a series. Since I already translated the one shot back in Decembre 2009 I just HAD to go for it.

The first chapter was real fun. The language used in the series is not very difficult compared to some other titles, which is nice. But they changed Shiina's speaking manner a bit and gave him some Iyo-ben (I guess), that's spoken in Ehime (prefecture in the South, on Shikoku). But even that didn't seem to hard. Since I don't know English/American accents very well, I didn't try to adapt his speaking manner by some sort and just gave him the same tone as in the OS.

Generally, this translation is free for use as long as you follow 3-4 simple rules:
  1. Put my name in the credits! (basic stuff)
  2. Don't edit my translation without talking to me about it! (same here)
  3. Put the important translator notes (TN) in your release! I don't do them for funsies most of the time. (The "unimportant" ones are those for the scanlators, like concretizing which line/font/bubble I mean)
  4. Wait till I get someone to double check the tricky parts [=those with the Japanese script] (I'll strike this line through once it's done :))
With that being said, I hope you all enjoy Horikoshi-sensei's series!!

Page 0 - WSJ Cover
TN: I didn't translate the cover part since I figured hardly any SL team edits them. If you wanna do it as well, holla at me!

Page 1
“Oumagadoki” – The time of twilight. A period of time when it gets hard to distinguish men from “things”. The time when people are said to encounter demons and evil spirits. <Also referred to as> The time of gloaming.

The second strike of the new series!! “Oumagadoki Doubutsuen” [TN: That’s “Oumagadoki Zoo” for you. As you can see in the opening panel the name of this animal park is a homonym to the Japanese equivalent of the “witching hour”.]

Box: A two-hour bus ride from the station away, far up in the mountains // lies a run-down zoo that’s empty even during holidays. // I, Aoi Hana, // will be tackling the challenge of my very first part-time job here

Side text: The guy(?) who’s waiting at the zoo of her part-time job is!?

Page 2
New Series!! [TN: Upper right, huge and yellow letters]

The zoo director’s a rabbit!? / The animals are talking!? [TN: Rainbow colored, above the fox and lion]
An extraordinarily mysterious animal tale. [TN: Rainbow colored, next to broom and cheetah.]

Horikoshi Kouhei [TN: That’s the author’s name. Down right corner.]

Page 3
☆Gaze in astonishment!! Hidden deeply in mysteries lies a demonic charm!! The second of the intelligent and fantastic new series that’ll pierce trough darkness!! Opening Color, 54 Pages!!

Opening of the park!! [TN: big white letters with rainbow colored outline underneath Shiina’s arm]

– Oumagadoki Doubutsuen –

1st chapter – Welcome to Oumagadoki [TN: pink]
⇐The manga continues from page 15 onwards!! [TN: small white letters with red outline]

Page 4
Insert text: The zoo she chose for her part-time job is…!?

Hana: Not even a single person… // Well, though it surprised me there even is a zoo in Ouma city to begin with. //
Hana (thinking): And the design shows some bad taste as well // But… // a lion // an elephant! // Penguins!!
Hana: This is paradise!!
Hana (in panel): An animal keeper at the zoo! Encountering a bunch of cute animals, // just the sort of life I’ve been yearning for!!

Page 5
Hana: Wah // Gyah!
Mafia guy: Hm?
Hana: Wah… ah… I’m- I’m really so- sorr…!!
Mafia guy: Hmph…
Hana: So there were people… // I screwed up again…

Box: The other day
Girl 1: A part-time jo~b!!? // As animal keeper!? At a zoo!?
Girl 2: YOU!!?

Page 6
Hana: Y-yeah… // You know how I love animals, right, and three days ago I noticed a job advertisement… // And so I thought about mustering every least bit of courage I have and… [TN: For scanlators: Please notice how the letters get smaller at the end of the sentence! This shows how insecure she is when she’s telling them her idea!]
Book: Illustrated Animal Encyclopedia
Girl 2: No, no, no!! Just impossible!! NEVER!!!
Girl 1: But y’know / to think we have a zoo in Oumagadoki city~~~~ // (in picture, small): Didn’t know that
科学の授業じゃボヤ騒ぎ!! ハンド部は万年補欠!! 何もないとこでこける!! あんたのオニギリ砂糖ついてる!!甘っ
Girl 2: Causing uproar in chemistry class by setting things on fire!! // Being the eternal substitute in the handball team!! // Stumbling in just every thinkable situation!! // You even confused sugar and salt when you made your onigiri!! It’s sweet!
Hana: Huh!? You gotta be kidding! <And when did you get my…> [TN: Smaller on the side]
Girl 1: You’re a clumsy good-for-nothing!
Girl 2: That’s right! // Give it up!!
Hana: …hmph!!
Hana (in panel): I’ll change myself!!
Hana: I will get to play with cute bunnies or something like that!

Page 7
Shiina: Ohh~ it went in!

Page 8
Shiina: That’s intest-… // Hm? // A visitor!? / You’re a visitor?
Hana: Huh!!?
Shiina (in panel): So she saw it……
Hana: Waaa~~h!!?

Page 9
Sign: If you’re lost, don’t come here, kids!!
久々の客かと思ったが まあいいや
Shiina: Ah, / yes, / I see, about the part-time job / You saw the advertisement? / I see // I thought, you’d be the first visitor in ages / but this is fine as well // I’m zoo director Shiina! // Aoi Hana // YOU’RE HIRED!!

Page 10
Hana: I passed---!! Huh!! What!? May I ask a quest—
Shiina: REFUSED!
Hana (thought): What!!?
Hana (thoughts, in panel): That’s the director!? Why’s he wearing a rabbit mask!? And why’d he put that giraffe in that elephant’s throat!? And why did he hire me after ripping my curriculum apart!? // What sorta guy IS he!!?
志望動機の一つ「動物が大好き」  何があろうとこれに嘘偽りはないな?
Shiina: There must be a great amount of things you want to ask / But I also got a question! // You didn’t lie when you wrote that your only motif for applying for the job // was because you love animals, did you?

Page 11
Hana (thoughts, in picture): He’s scary!!! What’s up with that guy!!?
Hana: N-… no!! That- was the truth… but… // I… um… usually, I’m really clumsy… // So… um… I wanted to change… at this place…
Shiina: If you say so, then that’s fine! // As long as you love them that’s enough.
Hana: Huh?
Shiina: It’s my principle // that I only do the fun stuff around here!

Page 12
Shiina: That’s why I leave the whole caring for animals in your hands! // Work for my sake!!
この人何なの頭おかしいよ(内外共に)ダメだっ私…  こんな人とやれそうにない!!
Hana (thinking): He’s really egotistic!!!
Hana (in panel): That person’s got a really strange head (and I mean both, on the inside and the outside)! It’s impossible… // I don’t think I can keep up with that and work with him!!
Hana: Um… // W- would you please… w- withdraw your job offer. // I’m afraid I can’t after all.
Shiina: Hu~h? // Withdrawing it~? // That girl’s…
Hana: Excuse me please, sorry for all the…

Page 13
Shiina: too late!

Page 14
Shiina: The zoo closes at 4:44 // This park, it was me who set it up and I did it for my sake // Everything goes / according to my will
[TN: Please notice the following: the name of the city is written 逢摩ヶ刻, pay attention to the second kanji. The name of the Oumagadoki Zoo is normally written that way, too, but at 4:44 the sign changes into:逢魔ヶ刻. As you can see, the second character is different. It’s the character for “demon” / ”evil spirit”!]

Page 15
Shiina: Welcome // to the Oumagadoki Zoo!

Page 16
no text

Page 17
<sfx: riiing>
Shiina:Don’t shout like that!! // You’re too noisy!
Hana: IIs—hm
Hippo: Director!! I’m hungry!!! I’m famished!!
Ostrich: Hoh!!
Wolf: Director, is that girl an animal keeper!?
Hana (in picture): The animals!!! They’ve transformed!!! And now they’re talking!!! // WHAT IS THIS!?
Shiina: Beasts // You’re too noisy!

Page 18
Animals: We’re sorry!!
Shiina: Well then, / beasts // this is Aoi Hana and starting today // she’ll be your keeper!!
Hana: Hmp!!!
Ostrich: Nice to meet you~
Hana: Hyaaa!!!
Hana (in picture): This is scary!! I’m scared!! This is NOT cute at all!! // That’s a bunch of monsters!! I have to run!!
Shiina: We won’t let you get away…

Page 19
Shiina: that easily!
Hana: Hmphhh!!
Shiina: ‘Cause you’re the first applicant for this job in a long time, y’know~
Hana: What!?
今までも希望者が来たがどれも半端者っ  コレに耐え切れず頭がヘンになって逃げ出すわけじゃ
Shiina: I mean, there were other applicants before but each and everyone of them was a jackass // They couldn’t put up with all this, went nuts and ran away,
Hana: Waaahhhhh!!! // I can’t put up with it either!!
Shiina: That just now was interesting~!
Hana: What’s this all about!? Those monsters!? / I wanted to work in a normal zoo…
Shiina: Monsters? // Nah, nah. You’re wrong.

Page 20
Shiina: I’m human / Those guys are animals / Though // I bear certain “powers” in me // That’s all there is to it.
Hana: ? P-… powers?
Hana (in picture): That throne… when did he…
Shiina: It’s a mysterous power that enables them to talk and to freely change their appearances into that of humans // and stuff like that...
Hana: W-wait a minute, then that means… huh!? What!? // Powers!? / What is this!? Some strange fantasy!?

Page 21
Shiina: Just shut up for a moment and listen // GO!!
Gorira: Monkeystood [TN: Me horribly trying to transport a play on words. The gorilla answered “gorissu” instead of “chorissu”. ‘gori’ of course resembles ‘gorilla’]
Shiina (in picture): I will never forget that incident… it was 15 years ago… no, was it 13…? // It happened at some point around then!
Bubble to the left: It’s a vague recollection!

その日ワシはたまたま見つけた野ウサギを  追いかけ回してたんじゃ
Flashback: That day, I had fun chasing a wild rabbit I happened to notice by chance

Bubble: Ever since I was a child I was doing nonsense…

Flashbask: That time

Shiina: A rabbit ghost appeared // I was cursed and turned into this stupid shape of mine…

Page 22
Hana: What!? Then, that means that face of yours is your real one…!? Then again, you reap what you sow
Shiina: Trample her down!!
Gorilla: Monkeystood!
Shiina: Tedious drag! // Continue listening!
Hana (in picture): Gyaaahhh

その呪いは報い  解きたくば 動物… 生命への愛を示せ
Flashback: The curse is a punishment // If you wish to solve it… show your every love you have to animals!

In picture: If you want to prove it // gather scores of animals // by the use of these powers!! // Create a place for them, that’s well-known throughout this world! // Till there’s not a single person left to know its name!

Page 23
Shiina: I’ve visited several places all around the world // and assembled these guys! // Do you understand? In order for me to return to my former human self // we have to turn this Oumagadoki Zoo // into the best friggin park there is in this world!!

Page 24
Hana: …kch!!?
Shiina: Of course I want to become human again // But, / do you remember what I said earlier? / It’s my principle to only do the fun stuff around here! // And for that reason
Hana (thinking): Calm down!!
自分の事は自分でさせる為動き喋れるようにしてやった  獣共と
Shiina: I changed them to move around and speak freely, so they can take care of their crap themselves / And as the keeper // it’s your job to make this place // together with their help // into the world’s greatest!
Umawabi: Because animal keeping is no fun, right…

Page 25
Hana (in panel): Huuuuh!!? // That’s just insolent~~!!!
説明会の後は  研修ってのが世間の常識じゃ
Shiina: After the meet and greet to explain the whole situation / comes the in-service training. But that’s common knowledge society teaches you
Hana: It totally isn’t!
Hana (in panel): The animals transformed and can talk!? That’s already frightening, / but that guy tops it all!!
はてさて おまえはどこまでやれるかな
Shiina: Well, well, let’s see how useful a person you are~
Hana: I’m sorry, but untie me please! / It’s… it’s impossible for me. Please let me go home!!
Hana (in panel): That person is just too arbitrary!! I cannot work with him!!
Shiina: REFUSED!
Hana: Uwaaaahhhh // Ouch!

Page 26
Shiina: HEY!!!
Hana (in panel): Waaahhhh
Shiina: What do you think you’re doing to my collection!?
Hana: Huh!?
Shiina: All these things here in the park are my precious treasures. / In order to become the world’s greatest zoo you gotta be flashy and fun!
Hana: Those are totally different things!!
この人 意味わかんない~~~
Hana (in picture): This person doesn’t understand.
Sign: Spotted Seal / Let’s swim!
ご機嫌うるわしゅう園長!!さあディナーを!  ホッケを!
Igarashi: Oh, Mr. Director, I hope you’re fine today!! So, it’s time for dinner! / I’d like some Arabesque greenling!
Shiina: In-service training no. 1 / The spotted seal Igarashi. / Igarashi, starting today this’ll be your keeper.
Igarashi: Oh! // I’m usually very gentle // But when it’s comes to arabesque greenling my aggressive side awakes!
Shiina: Alright, do it!
Hana: Do what!?

Page 27
Hana (thoughts): I have no idea what he’ll do to me if I don’t obey to him……
Hana (in panel): Calm down now, Hanaaa~!! Get yourself together and think!! // That egotistic bunny only does things he thinks are interesting… // Because animal keeping is boring he made them change their form and lets them do as they please…
最低だ! じゃなくて
Hana (thoughts): Hrm, he’s the worst! / Isn’t he…!?
Hana (in panel): In other words, that seal just in front of me // is a very normal animal by nature!!
<sfx in right panel: biii~ng!>
Hana (thoughts): It’s my first time to see a seal from this close…
Igarashi: Excuse me, lady // Let me tell you this first, when you’re feeding me a fish like arabesque greenling, make sure the side on the front is...

Page 28
Hana: The head… right? // Because if you don’t do it, the gills and the scales can get caught stuck in the throat…
Igarashi: How come you know about my table manners!? <bravo~!!>
Hana: I only know that because I’m always gazing at my illustrated encyclopaedia… // …here I go!! // Bohh!!
Shiina: What’cha doing!?
Hana: Imvewyfowwy…
Shina: Hrm!
Hana: Gyah!!
Shiina: Off to the next station! To the next!!

Page 29
Shiina: In-service training no. 2 / Popo the hippo! // This guy always hurls his poo all over the place, he’s the worst!
Hana: Well… hippos do have a characteristic trait like that, it’s called “marking”… // Bgyaa~h!!!
こいつは悪党じゃ  ワシが置いた面白ファラオにずっとガン垂れとる
Shiina: In-service training no. 3 / The American bison, Umemura! // He’s a real scoundrel! He’s always writing his prayers and wishes on this super interesting sarcophagus I put up here.
Hana: American bisons are really timid, and this item is just scary… // Bwaahh!!!
Hana (in picture): Ugh… so after all, no matter what I try, I can’t do anything well. // Ahh! I said it again… I don’t want this to be said about me anymore…
Bubble (girl 1): You’re a clumsy good-for-nothing!

Page 30
Boss: Hey, hey, what the fuck is this!? You gotta be kidding… // To think that the animals of that rundown place we were scouting this noon // would be transforming and start talking all of a sudden
Guy 2: Boss // What shall we do!?
どうするってそりゃおまえ  俺たちは何だ?
Boss: What we shall do? You’re the one to tell me! // How are we proceeding!?
正規ルートでは入手しづらい動物を!   奪い!!   売り飛ばす!!!   動物専門!!!!   強盗団つ!!!!!
Minion 1: We’ll go with the usual modus operandi! First
Minion 2: We steal them!!
Minion 3: And then we sell them!!!
Minion 4: Specialized in dealing with animals!!!!
Minion 5: That’s the type of thieve gang we are!!!!!
喋る動物…一体どれ程の値がつくか…   考えただけでワクワクしちゃうぜ
Boss: Talking animals… just how friggin lots of many can we make of them…!? // Just thinking about it makes me all twitchy!!

Page 31
Shiina: Alright, time for a break!
Hana: I couldn’t do anything…
Shiina: Hey, hey, I didn’t say it was YOUR break
Hana: Whaaa~t!?
Shiina: It’s just my break. // You have to do the cleaning, of the poo, you know
Hana: How much more is there!? My bunny image got completely demolished! // Please, let me go home already!! I wanna do this anymore!! // Plus, you understand, didn’t you!? / The fact that I’m nothing but a clumsy good-for-nothing…
Hana (thinking, in picture): Hm? Wait a… / Speaking of which… something’s strange…
Shiina: Refused! // Impossible, absolutely out of question.

Page 32
Hana (thinking, in picture): Even… even though I screwed up each and every time, not once did he…
Shiina: We // need you here!
Animals: Directooo~r!!! // Forage, pleeaaase!!! // I’m famished!!
Shiina: Bother her for that matter
Hana (thinking, in picture): This is… the first time // someone said that to me…

Page 33
Hana (thinking, in picture): No matter what I did, I never could do anything well // I was made fun of
Girl: You clumsy flop
Hana (thinking, in picture): I came here in order to change that part of me… // For the first time… I…
Hana: Shiina-san!!
Shiina: Time for some hedgehog bowling
Hana: Hedgehog bowling!?
Shiina: I’m aiming for a strike here / Don’t disturb me!
Animals (thought bubble): He’ll kill us…!!
Shiina: And call me “Director”!
Hana: Ah, director… // I’ll be // doing some clea…

Page 34
Hana: -ni…
<sfx 1: *slip*>
<sfx 2: DONK>

Animals: W-wah…!!
Hana: Ah…………S-……I’m sor……
Hana: HMMM~~!!!

Page 35
Animals: Director!! Stop it, stop!! You got it wrong, so please calm down!! // It was just a little mistake, that’s all!! // Just a failure, no big deal, right!?
Hana: I’m sorry. I was…
Shiina: “SORRY” MY ASS!!
Hawk: He got carried away…
Shiina: I’LL BEAT YOU UP!!
Hana: I just wanted to change…
Wolf: Ah! Wait a moment!! Where’re you going!?

Page 36
Wolf: Please, calm down!! Here… a carrot!
Shiina: Ophm~
Wolf: Hey, and you don’t have to run away, either!! // I’m telling you, it’s alright. Trust me! // The director doesn’t really want to kill you!! He just snaps every now and then, that’s all!!
Hana: That’s not what it’s about…
Wolf: Wow, she’s fast!!
Sign: temporary member of the handball team
Hana: It’s enough already // In the end I really am nothing but a “clumsy good-for-nothing” // I can’t do nothing…

Page 37
Hana: I’m a failure of a pers… // Huh?
Boss: Crap!
Igarashi: My lady…!!
Hana: Igarashi-san!?
Thieve: Back from this noon…
Hana (thinking, in picture): Thieves!?

Page 38
Boss: If she’s making a fuss, we’re fucked… // GO!!
Minions: Understood!!!
Hana: Huh!?
Hana (thinking, in picture): You gotta be kidding… They’re going to kill m-…!?
Hana: Waah!
Hana (thinking, in picture): Who the hell are these people!!?
Hana: Everybody’s trying to kill meee~!!!
Hana (thinking, in picture): What shall I do? They got Igarashi-san…… // Should I rescue him!? // No, that’s impossible… there’s no way I can do it!!
bubbles: *pant*, *pant*

Page 39
Hana (thinking, in panel): I would // fail again // It’s no use. I’m the type of person who can’t do anything. No matter what I do, I screw up! // I should just go home…
Shiina (recall): We need you here!
Hana (thinking, in panel): I was praised for the first time // That really made me happy // But I’m just a “clumsy good-for-nothi…
Hana: …hm!!!
Shiina (recall): You didn’t lie when you wrote that your only motif for applying for the job was because you love animals, did you?

Page 40
Hana (recalling): … is a very normal animal by nature!!
Hana (thinking, in panel): It was // no lie!!
Igarashi: How come you know about my table manners!?
Shiina (recall): As long as you love them that’s enough.
Hana (thinking, in panel): That’s right!! // How could I leave this place if I can’t even do the things I love!? // They said, I was needed here… so I cannot lie about what I said! // I HAVE TO CHANGE AT THIS PLACE!!
Hana: Igarashi-san!!

Page 41
Shiina: Rapid Rabbit // Flying Kick!!! [TN: There's a neat meaning implied in the attack that got lost in the translation to a certain point. Shiina's attack 脱兎のごとく (datto no gotoku) means literally "like a fleeing rabbit" but is a metaphor for "as fast as one can", "high speed" etc.]

Page 42
Shiina: Hmph!
Minion: Boss, a rabbit came from the sky!!
Hana: D… director!
ブッ殺そうと探し回ってたら  バカがギャーギャーわめいとる
Shiina: I was going to scan each and every corner of this place and finally kill her / but now this idiot goes on screaming all “Whaaa” like a retard.
Hana: A retard? But it’s… they got Igarashi-san…
Shiina: Indeed / So, you had a reason to scream like that…

Page 43
Shiina: They were trying to steal one of our friends.
Hana: Our… friends
Shiina: Looks like // you didn’t lie in the end, huh. // Well, // you made it. / You managed to hang on and finish your in-service training.

Page 44
Shiina: You’re the first to accomplish that!
Minion 1: Don’t you get too cocky, you bastard!!
Minion 2: DIE, FUCKER!!!

Page 45
Shiina: Oh look at you, still managing to cling onto Igarashi?
Minion: Wha! // Ugh!
Hana (in picture): So strong…!!!
Shiina: It’s my principle to only do the fun stuff around here! // And if you were to take my friends // things’d get fucking boring!!

Page 46
Hana (thinking, in panel): So that person really is…
Hana: Haha…
Boss: Boring!? What the fuck, you bastard! Don’t try to fuck with me!!
Shiina: Running away, huh!? // Do I look // like the type of person who just fucks around?
Hana (thinking, in panel): From the visual point, he doesn’t look like a "person" to begin with!!
Boss: What you think, you’re doing!? Don’t you care what happens to this guy!!?
Igarashi: Hmm!!

Page 47
アザラシの毛並みは  体の流線型に沿ってミッチリ生えてるの
Hana: Did you know? // Animals like seals / grow fur along their streamlined bodies that’s really wet / so if you hold them with their heads and tails like that… // even a little girl could easily // rip it from your grip, you know~
Boss: Wha--!?
ウチに手出したこと  後悔せい
Shiina: You’re an interesting one, Aoi Hana // Barging into this place and starting a fight // SHOW SOME REGRET

Page 48
Shiina: RABBIT PEACE!!!!

Page 49
Shiina: Cave in like the craters that are reflecting on the full moon!
Animals: Director!! It’s not that girl you’re beating up, is it!?
って知らん人ブッ倒しとる!!  凹みが足りんね
Shiina: It’s some guy I don’t know I knocked down!! // But his wounds aren’t severe enough yet!
Igarashi: Waaahh my lady!! Thank you! Thank you very much!!
Shiina: Aoi Hana
Igarashi: Wahahaa!!

Page 50
Hana (thinking): Huh!?
Hana: What!? Your face just now…
Shiina: Hmph
Hana: Ah, ouch, it hurts! Ouch!! Why!?
Shiina: Payback
Hana: Hii
<sfx: *slap*, *slap*, *slap*, *slap*…>

Page 51
<sfx: *slap*, *slap*, *slap*, *slap*…>
Hana: I… I’ sorr… wait a… can I talk for a sec…
変わりたいだの…私はクズだのゴミだの  ブスだの消えたいだのホザいてたが
Shiina: You // were babbling all that stuff about wanting to change yourself… being trash, being a waste, / being ugly, and wanting to stop existing, but…
Hana: I never went that far!
Shiina: But your knowledge / ensures your value
<sfx: nod, nod>

Page 52
Shiina: It’s that knowledge and “love” of yours // that’s needed in order to make this place the world’s most popular! / If you get it then work without a single word of protest!
Animal(s): That’s right! If you were to become our animal keeper you’d be helping us quite a lot as well!
Hippo: The director doesn’t feed u—UGH!!
Wolf: The director wouldn’t say stuff like that on a whim, would he?
<sfx: nod, nod>

Page 53
Hana (thinking, in picture): Getting praised like that // The fact that I’m needed… // For the first time…
Hana: I got it…
Animals: Ohh!!
Hana (thinking, in picture): The life of an animal keeper // that I’ve been yearning for
Hana: But it’s not like I’d do it for your sake / or anything like that
Shiina: Well, then it’s impossible.
Hana: Hu~~h!? How troublesome!!!

Page 54
Hana (thinking, in picture) A place // with form-changing animals
Shiina: It should somewhere in the back there // Not there? // Well, then you get none
Hana: Hu~~h… oh!!
Sign: Implement Storage
Hana: So, there were some! Work clothes!! // How are they!? Do I look like an animal keeper!?
Shiina: They look funny on you!
Hana: This is not about looking funny!!
Shiina: I don’t care anyway // as long as we make this place the world’s greatest zoo in a blink!!
Hana (thinking, in picture) And I will be starting // my life as an animal keeper at this place
Hana: You’re the worst!!

Insert text: Next issue, her second day as a keeper in 25 pages with color spread!!

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#1. by ruggia ()
Posted on Jul 16, 2010
great job! hope someone scans it soon :D
#2. by Kaiten (Harasho)
Posted on Jul 17, 2010
I've been looking forward to this. Thanks!!
#3. by unok-kun ()
Posted on Jul 18, 2010
Sorry about being a grammar nazi (or spelling nazi, rather):

Pg 12: "I don’t think I can keep up with that and work with him!!"
Pg 19: "I can't put up with this either!!"
Pg 22: "Don't you think I'm quite an interesting guy!?"
Pg 24: "I made them changed them to move around"
Pg 25: "comes the in-service training."
Pg 33: "No matter what I did, I never could do anything well"
Pg 39: "I would // fail again."
Pg 42: "Boss, a rabbit came from the sky!!" (I'm not native English, but this sounds better to me)
Pg 43: "They were trying to steal one of our friends."
Pg 46: I think "type of person" would fit the pun better while making it sound more natural, right?
Pg 52: "you'd be helping us quite a lot as well!"
#4. by Mr. Prince (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jul 18, 2010
Thanks unok-kun! ...damn, I really need to take some time rereading my stuff once I'm finished. :tem
Checked and updated. Good idea for the pun!
#5. by minimoku ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2010
Thank you sooooo much

i love this series ^^
#6. by Koen (Celestial Belgian)
Posted on Jul 22, 2010
thanks a lot... I hope a scanlation will come out
#7. by Nightthroat ()
Posted on Jul 24, 2010
Vielen vielen dank hierfür =D
Ich liebe Oumagadoki und bind froh, dass jemand diesen Manga übersetzt ^^
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