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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen Omake 1

Omake Material (Volume 1)

+ posted by Mr. Prince as translation on Dec 2, 2010 20:33 | Go to Oumagadoki Doubutsuen

Hi there! A few days ago I had been asking if some of you were interested in the bonus stuff that Horikoshi-sensei stuffed in the first volume of his Oumagadoki Doubutsuen. So, here I am and I got the stuff ready for you guys.

Btw. Red Hawk will release this in a scanlation some time inbetween the weekly chapters. Keep looking forward to it~~


Author’s column:

Thank you very much for getting Volume 1 of Oumagadoki Doubutsuen.

Even though human and animals have different ways of communicating, I think we are the very same when it comes to our feelings.

With that being said, welcome to Oumagadoki!


The Making of Shiina

∘ To tell you the truth, I’ve transformed Shiina twice before arriving to the way he is now.
To the left you can see the current Shiina.
He’s got quite a furious look.
I really like that furiousness of his

∘ Let’s go back to when I was still thinking about the one shot that eventually turned into a series.
The main character was completely different; he was just a normal rascal working as a zoo keeper.
During that time, I was working as an assistant under Kagijin’s Tanaka-sensei. I was in charge of drawing the mob (crowds of people). [TN: This is a technical term that is used in Japanese. Duties of the assistants are usually drawing backgrounds/scenery (背景 haikei) and the mob or crowd scenes (モブ mobu or 群衆 gunshū).]
Because the setting had characters that were a mix of human and animal I was allowed to draw almost anything I wanted to.
Among those characters was a rabbit man I had drawn without paying much attention to. It appeared on the scene and appealed to my co-workers.
N-san, my assistant senpai, was pushing me on about things like, “You gotta make him your main character!” and that was how the auspicious rabbit man was born.

When the one shot was completed I handed in to the meeting but it was dropped because the main character lacked facial expression and it also had some other points that weren’t good.
So I changed his face and got my revenge; it was published.

And after a cycle of trial and error in creating “a character that would work in a serialization” I arrived at where we are now.
Shiina rose from the mob and worked his way up to become the director of a zoo.
Good to be you, Shiina, huh?

Next to the two images of Shiina: Time of creation / Time of one shot


Gorilla Kong

∘ A common gorilla.
I really love this guy.
When he’s drumming on his chest with his hands he doesn’t clench his fists but instead he drums with his flat hands. Still, in reality, it makes a sound that kinda goes like “bop bop”.
Though I haven’t seen it yet ……



∘ The fresh meat loving and fat cheetah.
He’s running on the treadmill everyday ever since his race against the director.
It helps him lose weight, you know.

By the way, I formed the name “Chita” by using the characters from Chita Peninsula, which is in the Aichi prefecture.
I was born in the Aichi prefecture.


∘ I’ll be introducing the two main characters with a short profile here. I don’t know if this is of any use or not.

Aoi Hana
Birthday: August 17
Blood type: 0
Height: 154 cm
Likes: All sorts of animals / Natto, Yakisoba / Handball
Dislikes: The latest tools and machinery / <small>(because she doesn’t know how to use them)</small>

Birthday: December 31
Blood type: B
Height: 211 cm (including the ears) / 179 cm (excluding the ears)
Likes: Carrots / Fun stuff / <small>(subjectively)</small>
Dislikes: Boring shit / <small>(subjectively)</small>



∘ I really like this guy’s design.

An herbivorous type. [TN: Saying this the third time now: in Japanese the terms “herbivorous” and “carnivorous” are used to describe character types, i.e. a shy and extroverted guys in contrast to aggressive and outgoing ones.]
Give it your best!!!


∘ The one person who really understands Hana.
What’s special about her is that when she transforms there is not only one snake, but a group of them.

By the way, they say she’s ridiculously good at holding her liquor!
(Because she’s a booze snake…) [TN: Okay, this sounds just wrong the way I put it. Um, in Japanese Uwabami literally “giant snake” but it’s used colloquially for “heavy drinker”]



∘ A real rogue.
He’s quite difficult to draw because it takes a lot of strokes to draw him.
But I think that’s why it is fun drawing him.

Male lions have this image of just either sleeping or eating so you really wonder why they’re called the king of beasts…
Well, when things have to be done they do them, I guess.


Hana: We’ll be awaiting your next visit!!
Oogami & Takahiro: Oohhh—
Horikoshi: The next page is for introducing the staff members who were supporting me and Oumagadoki Doubutsuen.
Even though there are seven names it’s actually a four-man group. I’m really grateful to them.
※Miyokawa-san and Chigusa-kun are just poking fun at me, so please don’t take them seriously.


Sasai Shinbu
I’ll be cheering like a carnivore for Kasai and his chances in love (because our family names sound alike).

Never give in, Sensei ☆

Kasukabe Hiroki
Congratulations on the first volume’s release!

And I would also like to express to you my GRATITUDE for taking me in!!!!

Yasuhara Hirokazu
I like Shishido-kun.

Watanabe Ippei
Horikoshi-sensei, I’m very sorry for breaking your TV.
I’m very sorry for breaking your chair.
I’m very sorry for doing my weight training at work.

Miyokawa Masaru
Horikoshi-sensei, I just wanna say thank you for always letting me eat so much delicious food!
That rabbit meat was really yummy!!

Neda Hirofumi
Thanks for just everything!!
Horipou, you really are the best!!
I love you!!

Chikusa Toshihiro
Ivory! Fur! Stuffed animals!
The interior of the working place is the bomb!!
You really understand just how much Sensei loves animals ♡♡♡

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#1. by MIhata ()
Posted on Dec 2, 2010
Thank you :)
#2. by dagnel ()
Posted on Dec 2, 2010
thank you :)
#3. by KrCic ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2010
many thanks!
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