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Kekkaishi 279


+ posted by Nagumo as translation on Oct 24, 2009 23:22 | Go to Kekkaishi

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For use in English by Binktopia ONLY. International scanslators to whom I've already given permission for any series may use this in a non-English language, provided I am credited. International translators to whom I've given permission must ensure that I am credited in the final scanslation, not just in the script. Others please PM for permission.

Franky House is expressly prohibited from using this script in their scanslations

[Side text] His night won't end until Hiura opens his eyes---
[Title] Chapter 279: Worry

[Inset] In the morning at the Sumimura residence, a rebuke from Masamori to Yoshimori resounds--
[1] Enough.
[3] Didn't I tell you to rest? / I understand that you're worried about Hiura-kun / but sitting there isn't going to change anything.
[4] Look at the old man, / he said he's going to spend the whole day sleeping.
[5] I'm fine.
[6] According to Sen, he should've used a considerable amount of power, and yet...

[1] The housed soul / may share its power with someone it sympathizes with. / Karasumori's power...
[2] Yoshimori, / you probably don't have much of an appetite, but eat some breakfast.
[3] No thanks.
[5] Sit at the table! / Enough of your wilfulness. / GATSU* / How can someone who treats people who are worried about him so coldly / be worried about anyone else?
* grab
[7] Eat your breakfast, / and either go to bed or go to school. / Got it?

[4] Yoshimori! / GARA*
* rattle
[5] So Souji-kun's treatment isn't finished yet...
[6] I'm sure he'll be fine...

[1] Cheer... / up.
[2] ...who treats people who are worried about him...
[3] Sorry.
[4] Huh? / I made you worry again.
[5] I keep doing the same thing over and over.
[6] Last night, once again...
[7] I made you cry...

[1] To think that way back, I was the one who was always crying...
[2] I'm really sorry.
[3] What're you talking about? / I'm fine!
[4] Ah, so this is what they mean by a forced smile--
[5] What the heck am I doing?
[6] I even trained my spirit properly / but Tokine ends up this...

[2] Tokine.
[3] I'm fine too. / I won't do anything to make you cry anymore.
[5] So / no need to worry.
[6] Did you hear about last night?

[1] I saw it! The sky got super bright. / [WAI*] / [Eeh?] / Is it true that it came from this school? / [GAKA GAKA*] / [Ahahaha] / I dunno anything, I was asleep. / There's a theory that a huge UFO landed on the school... / No way- / [Ha ha] / [Couldn't be] / My dad was saying that a dragon was flying in the sky. / [WAI*] / You'd better do something about that drunkard!
* yay / rattle rattle / yay
** Bits in brackets above are not in bubbles.
[2] But, they're saying there's something odd about this school, after all.
[3] Sumimura-kun! TATSU*
* stand
[4] Um... / Did something really happen here last night?
[5] Yeah / but it's fine. / We took care of it, somehow.
[6] No need for concern / I'll protect you if anything happens.

[1] Y... / Yeah... / Huh? Somehow, Sumimura-kun's attitude is different...!?
[2] Yoshimori, / C'mere for a second.
[3] Did he... / GARA...* / become a little more adult...?
* rattle
[4] Huh, you're surprisingly calm.
[5] I guess there was no need for me to be so worried
[6] Just now / I was using the blank state without letting Shiguma out.
[7] Ah, so that's what it was. / Sure is convenient... / It looked like my irritability was troubling everyone

[1] I've come to understand why the blank state is necessary.
[2] Last night / I was consumed by Karasumori's power in the end.
[3] So that was it after all... / Do you remember it? / Yeah / since I was conscious this time.
[4] I've said before that it's terrible, but I finally truly realized it. / Karausmori's power... / is dangerous.
[5] If I don't keep a firm grip on it / things could get really bad.

[3 inset] Shiragiku
[3 inset 2] Head of the Yagyou Relief Squad / Kikusui
[5] So if his consciousness returns, there's no need for further concern?
[6] I can't guarantee it. / The bleeding was severe, so if there's memory loss, we can't repair it. / However, there's something that caught my attention.

[1] That boy's wound reached all the way through to his back, / but he didn't have very much internal damage.
[2] Can he can cause his flesh to adhere? / He's not part ayakashi, is he?
[3] That guy / can bring the dead back to life...! / This is probably an effect of Yoshimori's kekkai...
[4] However it may have happened, I'm glad he was saved.
[5] Once he wakes up / there's a lot I need to ask him.
[6] In any case, well done. / You can rest up now. / You should rest too, chief. / Your fatigue is written all over your face.
[7] I guess so. / An executive meeting's being convened tonight. / I've got to get my strength up so I don't get eaten in there. / NITSU*
* grin

[2] Urakai Supreme Council Meeting / The Meeting of Twelve
[3] Ougi / Okuni / Konodzuka Tokite... / ZAWA* / and Yumeji...
* whisper
[4] Tsk. / After he said himself that he couldn't be killed that easily... / ZAWA* / It's no laughing matter. / ZAWA* / Well, / he got what was coming to him, getting killed like that.
* whisper / whisper / whisper
[5] As it stands, it wouldn't be surprising for any of us to be killed...

[1] Well then
[2] just who...
[3] will go next...? / PORIPORI*
* scritch scritch
[4] Hmph / Shouldn't we ask him about it? / Seems that kid was right there when it happened again...
[5] Enough of this aimless prattling. / Let's get started. / ZAWA* / What!?
* murmur
[6] There's no time. / There're only / eight of us left.

[1] You called for me, / father?
[2] GIN* / The Commander / has cancelled the contract.
* creak
[3] It's due to your failure, / Shichirou.
[Inset] Current Ougi Clan Head Family Chief / Ougi Nizou (82)

[3] SU* / Yoshimori
* slide
[4] Why don't you take a bath and a nap / before you go on duty? / I'll look after Hiura-kun.
[5] Okay. / But why don't you take a bath first, dad?
[6] Alright... / SU SU* / I'll call you again when I'm out, then.
* slide

[1] TAN*
* tap
[2] GASA*
* rustle
[4] Hiura...!
[Inset] Continues in issue 47
[Side text] Surrounded by tension, Souji awakens. And... next time!

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