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Naruto 284

Naruto Ch. 284 Translation

+ posted by Nihongaeri as translation on Jan 2, 2006 10:25 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 284

Page 1

Number 284: New Teammates...!!

The past which these eyes have reflected. The future they look towards. --- A person who nobody knows... Here he stands.
(It is using "he" here in the Japanese. Yes, for the few disbelievers out there, Sai is a guy. Period.)

Page 2

The Konoha advisors, what is it they insist on...!?

Frame 1, Tsunade:
That's not happening!

Frame 2, Koharu:
Tsunade, Naruto is not just any kid. He's a "jinchuuriki".

Frame 3, Homura:
Normally it would be most logical to keep him under supervision and prevent him from leaving the village. It may not seem like it, but we are making concessions here.

Frame 4, Tsunade:
While I'm all for having him act in a four-man-cell, we should not be imposing such severe restrictions on Naruto.

Page 3

Frame 1, Tsunade:
Even if we keep Naruto within the village, "Akatsuki" will just come after him eventually, in the very same way they did with the Sunagakure incident.

Frame 2, Tsunade:
And in that event, it's the village too that will end up being exposed to danger. As long as Naruto is on the move it will be more difficult for them to find out what he is doing.

Frame 4, Tsunade:
And besides, Naruto has great talent to begin with. He is a shinobi destined to become a great asset of Konoha.

Frame 5, Homura:
Your argument lacks content, Tsunade. Hardly becoming of a Hokage.

Page 4

Frame 1, Tsunade:
You're not the only ones making concessions here!!

Frame 2, Homura:
In that case, do you even have a reason to believe so strongly that Naruto will not be done in by "Akatsuki"!?

Frame 3, Homura:
Do you have anything to show that an "Akatsuki" that has taken the "Kyuubi" out of Naruto won't be an even greater crisis for the village?

Frame 5, Naruto (Flashback):
Mark my word, just like you promised in our bet... You're going to give me... That necklace of misfortune you have there...

Frame 6, Tsunade (Flashback):
If you die then anything and everything... You dreams and everything else will become nothing!!

Page 5

Frame 1, Tsunade (Flashback):
Enough already, get out of the way!! Run!

Frame 2, Naruto (Flashback):
... Heh... I'll be just fine...

Frame 4, Naruto (Flashback):
Because there's no way I'm going to die before I become Hokage!!

Frame 5, (Flashback):
A charm that grants one's dream.

Page 6

Frame 2, Tsunade:
Naruto will... Never be done in! I have faith in him.

Frame 3, Koharu:
And... If your judgment is wrong... Then what?

Frame 5, Tsunade:
If... Konohagakure... If the Country of Fire were to face a crisis because of my judgment...

Page 7

Frame 1, Tsunade:
Then I'll just protect both of them with my own life. As the Godaime Hokage.
("godaime" = "hokage")

Page 8

Frame 1, Homura:
Very well... If you going to be that insistent then go ahead and have your way...

Frame 2, Homura:
However... In exchange for that, we will add a shinobi of our own to fill one of the positions in the four-man-cell.

Frame 4, Tsunade:
... Fine...

Frame 5, Koharu:
Danzou, come in!

Page 9

Frame 2, Tsunade:
... You...

Frame 3, Danzou:
It's been awhile, Tsunade-hime.
("hime" = "princess" ... In terms of the story of Naruto this title is most likely assigned to Tsunade because she is the granddaughter of the Shodai Hokage)

Frame 4, Tsunade:
If you're here then that means...

Frame 5, Tsunade:
So that's it, the new shinobi is...

Page 10

Frame 1, Tsunade:
Somebody from ANBU's "Ne" then.
("ne" = "root")

Frame 3, Naruto:
I said who are you!?

Page 11

Frame 1, Sai:
We will meet again, Naruto-kun.

Frame 3, Naruto:
Get back here!!

Frame 5, Shikamaru:
Who was that anyway...?

Frame 6, (Unknown):
Chouji! I thought you'd be here!

Page 12

Frame 1, Ino:
Jeez! Asuma-sensei is getting angry because you haven't come yet!

Page 13

Frame 1, Chouji:
Ino, I'm sorry...

Frame 2, Chouji:
Some weird guy just attacked us and...

Frame 3, Ino:
"Weird guy"?

Frame 5, Ino:
A "weird guy"... That's Naruto, isn't it!?

Frame 6, Chouji:
No... The weird guy isn't Naruto... It's umm...

Frame 6, Ino:
Naruto!! Nice to see ya!

Frame 6, Shikamaru:
Just forget it, Chouji. This whole situation has become a pain in the ass...

Page 14

Frame 2, Shizune:
For Team Kakashi's next mission, since Kakashi is still receiving medical treatment, they'll need a new team member.

Frame 3, Shizune:
On top of that, there isn't much time until the next mission.

Frame 4, Danzou:
... In that case, for team leader, we should select one of the more skilled individuals from the Hokage-controlled ANBU.

Frame 5, Koharu:
Agreed! That should be just fine.

Frame 6, Homura:
I assume you have no objections, Tsunade?

Page 15

Frame 2, Tsunade:
... And that's how things are... I'm going to have you act as a temporary replacement for Kakashi.

Frame 3, ANBU Member:
Acting as a replacement for Kakashi-sempai of all people... This is an honor indeed.
(A "sempai", in this case, is one's senior in a given organization.)

Frame 4, Tsunade:
This is not an ANBU mission, but instead a normal mission. As such, you will remove your mask and I will assign you a codename.

Frame 5, Tsunade:
For the duration of the mission you will call yourself "Yamato".

Page 16

Frame 1, Yamato:

Frame 2, Tsunade:
... One more person... A recruit from the ANBU training division of "Ne" will be placed in Team Kakashi.

Frame 3, Tsunade:

Frame 3, Yamato:
What is it?

Frame 5, Tsunade:
Pay careful attention to his behavior.

Frame 6, Yamato:
... And... By that you mean?

Page 17

Frame 1, Tsunade:
That recruit is one that Danzou himself recommended.

Frame 2, Danzou:
The man called Danzou... In the past he was a hawk, standing in opposition to the Sandaime.
("sandaime" - "third" ... Edit: I originally described a "hawk" as someone who is "for war", but as I think about it, that is actually a bit to simplistic a description. A better description of a "hawk" would be "someone who prefers the use of military force as opposed to diplomacy in matters of foreign policy". The opposite of a "hawk" is a "dove".)

Frame 3, Tsunade:
Within ANBU, he created the ANBU training division of "Ne" as an independent force and positioned himself as its leader. I'm sure you have heard of his name at least.

Frame 4, Tsunade:
"Ne" has already been disbanded and he has lost his position... Still, just as always, it's hard to predict exactly what he's planning.

Frame 5, Yamato:
Are you not worrying a bit too much...?

Frame 7, Tsunade:
Anyhow... Go now and introduce yourself to the team.

Frame 7, Yamato:
Yes sir!

Page 18

Frame 1, Sai:
Hey ya...

Frame 2, Naruto:
Y... You!!

Frame 4, Yamato:
Umm... For now Team Kakashi will... I will be acting in place of Kakashi-san as...

Page 19

Frame 1, Sakura:
Naruto, do you know this person?

Frame 1, Sai:
I'm sorry about before. I wanted to see exactly what the abilities of my new teammate are.

Frame 2, Sai:
After all, I need know exactly how much I'll have to help out the little nut-less loser.

Frame 3, Naruto:
What'd you say!

Frame 3, Sakura:
Hold off a little! He's going to be our teammate! You can't just fight him all of a sudden!

Frame 4, Sakura:
... Although, you, you're not being all that friendly...

Frame 5, Sai:
Ahaha... Is that so? I like your type. Friendly, butt-ugly girls.
(Just in case anybody wanted any more proof, Sai here is using a version of "I", "boku", which is typically exclusively used by males.)

Frame 6, Sakura:
What'd you say, asshole!!

Frame 6, Yamato:
Hey, did you forget what you just said to Naruto!?

A fresh smile and a dirty mouth! A teammate with a very "potent" personality joins and a new, volatile team is formed!!?

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