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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 1

Blue Dragon - Ral Grado Chapter 1: Promise

+ posted by Nihongaeri as translation on Dec 1, 2006 06:22 | Go to Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado

-> RTS Page for Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grado 1

Well, it's a start...

Anyhow, as a point of discussion for other transtors doing this manga or just for general reference, here's the namings that I've been going with so far...

ラル = Ral
(Because that's what I've see people using so far)
ゲラド = Grado
ミオ = Mio
(Just seemed most logical)
ロイ = Roy
(Based on how the Death Note names tured out, this just seems logical)
カゲ = A Shadow, The Shadows
(Capitalization strikes me as being the most logical solution to diffiencating between the monsters and normal shadows... the other option is transliteration, but I've decided to stay away from that)
闇女王オブスキュリア = The Dark Queen Obsqulia
(Complete and total guess at this point)

Original Story - Takano Tsuneo
Manga - Obata Takeshi

Page 1/2

Upper Right:
Darkness fosters shadows... And the shadows lead darkness into the light...!!

TALE1 Promise
Tale 1 Promise

Page 3

OK then, this one has 6 eyes and 12 legs

A Shadow

Correct... The next one has 15 horns and 7 tails with poisonous needles

A Shadow


Grado, come on, the answer's been "a Shadow" for about 20 times in a row now

Not much I can do about that... Humans are the about only thing from the world of light that I've ever gotten a good look at

Right... I mean, I haven't seen anything either... I haven't even seen a Shadow... I'm just answering "a Shadow" for anything that doesn't sound like a human... But this just gets old too fast

Well then do you want to play that word-chain game your instructor taught you

No way, I'm bored of it... Besides you stink at it... Ah! The door up there just opened... Mio's coming down again... This might finally be when we're able to get out

If so, I couldn't be happier

Page 4

Frame 4, Ral:
Listen, she's walking faster than normal

Frame 6, Mio:
Eating everything, I see, right to the last crumb

Page 5

I'll try my best to explain our current relationship well so that we can be let out

Yes, and once we get out we'll take revenge on the human who imprisoned us... And then kill the scum that destroyed the world of darkness

And if it means we're able to do that, your fine with me being in control, right?

Humans are wiser, after all... And that, Ral, is why I have provided you with power, from within your body of flesh and blood

Power, huh... I'd sure like to try using it

Don't worry... As long as there's light you'll be able to use it, no matter what

... As long as there's light... I wonder what the world of light is like?

Page 6

Frame 1, Mio:
Ral, are you awake?

Frame 1, Ral:
Wide awake!! Ms Mio

Frame 2, Mio:
Ral, have you truly become friends with the Shadow, Dragon?

Frame 2, Ral:
Mio-sensei, I take it this means we aren't going to be studying textbooks and the bible today?

Frame 3, Mio:
Well, unless it's about the Shadows, you *are* always sleeping or playing dead

Frame 3, Ral:
Mio-sensei, it's gotten bad out there, hasn't it? Do you think I'll be let out?

Page 7

Frame 1, Mio:
I don't know that... I'm just your instructor, after all... Still...

Frame 2, Mio:
If you want to get out of there, then answer truthfully... Are you able to control the Shadow, Dragon?

Frame 2, Ral:
Yes! Please, believe me

Frame 3, Mio:
I've heard that many shadows eat humans from the inside of their host, ravishing the mind... But my Shadow figures that it wouldn't be able to keep something like that secret, and instead has chosen to share its power with me from within my body

Frame 4, Ral:
Dragon doesn't much care for the current Shadow boss... That why it's said we'll use my wisdom and its power to destroy Shadows... Together we can defeat any Shadow... Please, believe us

Page 8

Frame 1, Ral:
The outside... "Color"? "To see"? I can't even imagine what those things would be...

Frame 2, Ral:
This is my hand, and with it I can touch my face...... Through touch I can tell that I'm here, and even know my general form... After that, there's the wall...... And the conversations I have with Grado in my head, but that's it... Supposedly this thing called a "Shadow" is inside me, and I understand that, but it doesn't have any form... I was born 15 years ago... And have always been in here... To me, this is normal... And I was comfortable here... The thought of going outside was so freighting that even dying in here didn't seem that bad... There were times I used to think like that... But now, now that I finally have a chance to get out of here, no matter what, I must...

Page 9

Frame 1, Ral:
I want to see the outside, to feel it... I want to put things to the test...

Frame 2, Soldier:

Frame 2, Mio:

Frame 3, Soldier:
Master Roy has ordered a final meeting... Upstairs, quickly

Frame 3, Mio:
Very well

Frame 5, Ral:
I wonder if we'll be let out?

Frame 6, Grado:
That depends on how strong the shadows attacking the humans outside are

Page 10/11

Frame 1, Soldier:

Frame 3, Soldier:
Let them no closer to the castle...! Defend this tower with your lives, protect it at all costs!

Frame 3, Soldier:
It's no use... The Shadow swarm has broken past the third tower!!

Frame 4, Group:
Master Roy, surely relying on Dragon is the only option left...

Frame 4, Group:
It's already well known to all that fifteen years ago a baby baring a Shadow, Dragon, within itself was sealed away in beneath the castle

Frame 4, Roy:
Still... Ral... Bringing him and his shadow into the light is still...

Frame 5, Mio:
I am confident that it is safe to let this Shadow go free

Frame 5, Roy (?):

Page 12

Frame 1, Mio:
Shadows... That which lives in this world can be divided into two groups

Frame 1, Mio (Explanation):
The first is us, that which lives in the world of light... And the other is...

Frame 2, Mio (Explanation):
... that which is born into the world without light... In that world there exists one less dimension, and monsters lacking a solid form roam about a realm of darkness... Those would be the Shadows... That which is said to have been sealed into the darkness by God for being an embodiment of malevolence

Frame 3, Mio (Explanation):
However, with the passage of a great number of years, the Shadows entered this world, the world of light, by way of the shadows produced by living beings in places that approach true darkness... The Shadows truly did exist...

Page 13

Frame 1, Mio (Explanation):
That which, with the permission of its host, is capable of manifesting itself from the host's shadow... A "First", the parasitic form

Frame 2, Mio (explanation):
That which, after devouring its host from the inside and gaining complete control over both its mind and body, is capable of manifesting itself as either form... A "Second", the corrupting form

Frame 3, Mio (explanation):
And finally, that which holds the most destructive power... A "Third", the reproductive form

Frame 4, Mio:
Currently these three types have been confirmed, but, if nothing else, Ral is not a Second... The conversation I witness every day is not something that could be done if he were controlled by Dragon

Page 14

Frame 1, Roy:
But what if he turned out to be a Third?

Frame 1/2, Mio:
Such is impossible... A Third is a Shadow that has devoured other living beings or Seconds and acquired their powers

Frame 3, Mio:
While it can change itself into the form of a lifeform it has devoured, humans included, devouring a human only provides itself with a marginal amount of mental faculty

Frame 4, Mio:
Besides, to begin with, a Shadow is unable to manifest its form in true darkness, as shadows cannot be produced

Frame 5, Mio:
For the last fifteen years, not for once has Ral ever left that darkness... Far from merely not having contact with other Shadows, Dragon should have been unable to even manifest itself the whole time

Page 15

Frame 1, Roy:
... Fifteen years ago, unbeknownst to the presence of the Shadows... We humans engaged ourselves in a shameful struggle over territorial control...

Frame 2, Woman:
How wretched this child truly is... To have his mother die at his very moment of birth!

Frame 3, Ral:
Tell the people outside to shut up!!!

Frame 3, Womana A:
Huh...? The child, it just spoke...

Frame 3, Woman B:

Frame 4, Ral:
It's too loud outside for me to sleep!!!

Page 16/17

Frame 1, Roy:
That which appeared from the baby was Dragon... In but a moment all of the mountains it surveyed were scorched, and even rocks were melted

Frame 5, Roy:
A Shadow... I've heard of them from my dead father... Monsters of darkness that appear from shadows

Frame 6, Roy:
There is but one method of sealing a Shadow... Trapping it in complete and total darkness

Frame 7, Roy:
And thus, such that no light would reach him, Ral was sealed away in an enclosure located deep beneath the castle, closed away by any number of doors... There's no doubt that he's been sealed for 15 years...

Page 18/19

Frame 1, Roy:
But even at the time of his sealing, a great number of Shadows had already attached themselves to lifeforms other than Ral... And wasting no time in manifesting themselves, they began to increase their numbers in this world of light... Currently it is the Dark Queen, Obsqulia, that leads them... Her goal is to exterminate all humans before they can cause the destruction of this planet... It is said that as much as half of the lifeforms in this land have been devoured by the Shadows... The unbalance of power between humans and Shadows is quite clear... At this rate, it surely will not be all that long before the Shadows devour the entire planet

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#1. by zindryr (誰も知らない)
Posted on Dec 1, 2006
Quote by Osakagaeri :

Anyhow, as a point of discussion for other transtors doing this manga or just for general reference, here's the namings that I've been going with so far...

ラル = Ral
(Because that's what I've see people using so far)
ゲラド = Grado
ミオ = Mio
(Just seemed most logical)
ロイ = Roy
(Based on how the Death Note names tured out, this just seems logical)
カゲ = A Shadow, The Shadows
(Capitalization strikes me as being the most logical solution to diffiencating between the monsters and normal shadows... the other option is transliteration, but I've decided to stay away from that)
闇女王オブスキュリア = The Dark Queen Obsqulia
(Complete and total guess at this point)

A lot of the same decisions I made, only I went with the Dark Queen Obscuria. Good to see more translators doing this. Damn long first chapters.

Edit: Bah, it quoted the whole thing.
#2. by ijoit3k ()
Posted on Dec 1, 2006
oh, thank you guys for translate this...
#3. by eni (MH's Socialworker)
Posted on Dec 2, 2006
Quote by zindryr :

A lot of the same decisions I made, only I went with the Dark Queen Obscuria.

I would agree with this, since it's a well known term :)
#4. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Dec 3, 2006
Awesome stuff, Nihon - er, Osa... I have to get used to spelling your new name, doggone it. But thanks for your effort!
#5. by Valandor ()
Posted on Dec 4, 2006
hmmm small mistake page 7 frame 3 is said by ral not by mio
#6. by mangadictus ()
Posted on Dec 4, 2006
Thanks a lot for the trans :)
#7. by  ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2008
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