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A Methed to Make the Gentle World 1

Encounter with the Unknown

+ posted by nukumi as translation on Feb 16, 2010 18:27 | Go to A Methed to Make the Gentle World

-> RTS Page for A Methed to Make the Gentle World 1

Please message me if you would like to see the Japanese embedded version or would like to use this in any way. Thanks :)

[...] = thoughts/thinking
(...) = handwritten text

Page 1 (raw : 413)
Tomonaga : Professor!!

Professor : You again?
Tomonaga : I just can't accept this.
My experiments are producing results!

Professor : Please stop making me repeat myself. Two corporations have already said they're cutting all research funds.
I can understand your persistence in this matter, however you're going to need to look for another institution to fund you if you insist on continuing your research here..

Page 2 (414)
Professor : And I refuse to say anymore about it. You're a very promising student with your whole life still ahead of you.
You'd do more than fine just changing projects.

Tomonaga : I get it!!

Tomonaga : Until my theory has been proven true
Professor : Wha-
Tomonaga : I will take over the research myself!!

Tomonaga : I'm afraid we only barely got to know each other.
Thank you for everything.

Colleage : Ahaha.

Page 3 (415)
Colleage : You've taken pretty drastic measures this time, Yuu.
Tomonaga : This is nothing to laugh at!

Colleage : Come on, don't be so angry.

Colleage : I only recently got married, so can't really use my position as a researcher for the moment.
Sorry that I can't come with you.

Colleage : In exchange for that though, I'll try to get in contact with some influential corporations or universities for you.
Tomonaga : Alright, thanks.
I'll try to come back as soon as possible as well.

Colleage : Take your time. It's been awhile since you were home, right?

Page 4 (416)
Tomonaga : [It's not like I'm coming home for a vacation.]

Tomonaga : [The thesis I presented while in school was acknowledged and drawn up.
Everything was going fine, until we started up a larger-scale project.
Two major corporations were hit by the recession and ended in bankruptcy, and state funding alone wasn't going to cover it. Such a sorry state of affairs.]

Tomonaga : [In any case, research requires people, equipment... all of it costs money.
And in order to get funds for those kind of things, you have to petition to the government or corporations.]

Tomonaga : [But, with research that major American corporations have abandoned
It's rather unlikely that there will be another corporation willing to offer up funds as a sponsor.]

Tomonaga : [I returned to Japan, and while I was checking out the corporations and universities that I have connections with
I ran out of money for everyday needs.]

Page 5 (417)
Tomonaga : [At that point, call it lucky maybe, I ran into an old teacher friend of mine who begged me to help out.]

Girl : (scream)

Girls : Ew.

Tomonaga : [I can hear you...]
Girls : (What's with him? He's looking right at us.)
(Really? Ugh, gross.)

Page 6 (418)
Tomonaga : [Ah]

Box : From this beautiful day on,

Italics : A world suddenly out of reach.
And a world suddenly revealed by chance.

Magazine Notes : A Genesis first, the anticipated, up and coming Takeba Fumiko.

Page 7 (419)
Tomonaga : [Anyhow, accomplishing anything in this world costs money...]

Italics : Even so, it keeps on revolving,
the gentle world.

Magazine Notes : A method to make the gentle World
Chapter 1 - Encounter with the Unknown

Box : I will operate as a teacher at this Girl's academy.

Page 8(420)
Girl A : Hey, Haruka.
Haruka : What.
Girl A : You think maybe he's the new teacher?

Haruka : Where?! Which one?!

Girl A : See him? That young guy.
Haruka : Ugh, you weren't kidding.

Haruka : What's with those lame glasses!
Girl A : Oh? I think he's kinda cute.
Haruka : What!

Girl A : But really, giving us another male teacher after that incident..
rather insensitive.
Haruka : Heh... whatever.

Page 9 (421)
Haruka : If he tries anything strange, I'll take care of it again..

Haruka : I'll drive him out..
Tomonaga : ....

Tomonaga : [He wasn't kidding.. with what he said before..]
["All the young guys are evaluated."]
Girls : (What about him?)
(I think he's my type.)
(Eh? Isn't he a little lame?)

Tomonaga : [My heart can't take much more of this.]

Page 10 (422)
Girl : Ahh!

Girl : I-I'm sorry.

Girl : (He ran.)

Page 11 (423)
Tomonaga : [I unthinkingly ran away from all the excitement.]
[It's strange.. I know I lived here until I was 13.. but it seems like I've gotten caught in some other world.]

Tomonaga : [This place is absolutely nothing like what I'm used to..]

Tomonaga : [My petition... I hope it goes through soon...]
[If it does go through, I can get rid of this job on the spot...]

Tomonaga : [I miss my research...]

Page 12 (424)
Tomonaga : ...

Tomonaga : [Somebody's there..]
[wait, was this opening always here?...]

Page 13 (425)
Tomonaga : [Laplace? No... Fourier, maybe...]
{T/L Note : They're both famous French mathematicians from the late 1700s.}

Page 14 (426)
Tomonaga : Close.

Tomonaga : You messed up this last part.
You have to do this instead.. but the way you worked it out was really good.

Tomonaga : You.. have an interest in Mathematical Physics then?

Aoi : (squeeze)

Page 15 (427)
Aoi : No, not at all.

Tomonaga : [Hmm? Even if you consider Fourier to be not that impressive, it still doesn't seem like something within the grasp of a High School studen..]
Aoi : Hey...

Aoi : I haven't seen you around here before.
Are you the new teacher?
Tomonaga : Yes, why?

Aoi : Well
Let me give you a little warning then.

Page 16 (428)
Aoi : Our previous teacher messed around with the students, and ended up losing his job, so it might be in your best interest to try to avoid being alone together with another student..
Everyone is a little on edge.. You're likely to be mistaken for something else.

Tomonaga : I didn't hear about that!!

Teacher Friend : Was that what happened?
Tomonaga : It was!!

Tomonaga : If I had known the previous teacher had done those kind of things
I wouldn't have taken you up on your offer!

Page 17 (429)
Teacher Friend : Aw, don't be so upset. Didn't I help you out back when you were in middle school?
Announcer : Today begins a new quarter...
Tomonaga : Well, yeah, but still.

Tomonaga : You're missing the point here. Don't get me mixed up in this!!
Teacher Friend : You've really lost all of your child-like innocence.
Announcer : Allow me to introduce you to our new teacher.

Teacher Friend : Come on now, sit up straight.
Tomonaga : ...

Announcer : He will become the new replacement teacher for the fourth group freshman. Professor Tomunaga entered into an American university at the young age of 13.

Haruka : [What's with that.. I guess he's really smart..]
Announcer : He was then accepted into the same university's graduate program...

Page 18 (430)
Announcer : He is an extremely talented Physics professor. And with that, if we could please have a few words from Professor Tomonaga himself.
Girl B : (Heh.) Science glasses!

Tomonaga : And so with that

Tomonaga : From today on, I will be your new homeroom teacher.

Page 19 (431)
Tomonaga : My name is Tomonaga.
I had the pleasure of being introduced earlier, and although I'm still inexperienced as a teacher, I hope we'll get along.

Tomonaga : [Hmm?]
[That girl from before..]

Tomonaga : Well then, that should be enough of an introduction for now..
Girl B : Here, here!

Page 20 (432)
Tomonaga : Y-yes, what is it?
Girl B : Professor, you don't look too much older than us.. how old are you anyhow?

Tomonaga : Is that information somehow necessary for me to tell you as your teacher?
Girl B : Well, no.

Girl A : Me too. I'm also interested.
Girl B : See.
Everyone wants to know.

Students : (Me too!)

Tomonaga : Well... I'm.. 19..
Students : (Whaaatt)
(He's pretty much the same age as us!!)

Page 21 (433)
Girl A : Then
I have a question as well~

Tomonaga : And what would that be?
Girl A : Do you have a girlfriend overseas then?

Tomonaga : [What's with them.. honestly..]
[None of this has anything to do with academics.]

Tomonaga : No... I was very earnest with my studies, so there was never a person like that.
Haruka : So

Page 22 (434)
Haruka : You're a virgin then.

Girl A : I doubt that Haruka.
Haruka : But he has to be..

Page 23 (435)
Tomonaga : I think it's about time we took attendance.
Girl B : Go right ahead.

Sign : Staff Room

Teacher Friend : What a disaster!

Tomonaga : This is no laughing matter. This is sexual harassment.
If this were America, at least.
Teacher Friend : Yeah yeah..

Page 24 (436)
Teacher Friend : Don't get so upset over every little thing they do.
You'll never get anywhere that way.

Kayama : Professor Tomonaga. How did you first class go?

Teacher Friend : Oh, Professor Kayama.

Teacher Friend : Seems like he already got a taste of what it's like..
Kayama : Oh really.

Kayama : I'm sure they were just curious because you're a young man. Please don't think too badly of them.
Tomonaga : Ah..

Kayama : Oh

Page 25 (437)
Kayama : If you ever have any problems
You can come talk to me about it anytime

Tomonaga : ...okay.
Teacher Friend : See you later.

Teacher Friend : ....
She's your type, huh?

Tomonaga : Th-that's not true.
Teacher Friend : Nothing wrong with that.

Page 26 (438)
Teacher Friend : But do me a favor.
Don't touch the students.

Tomonaga : [Ah, that's right.]
[That guy before me caused some trouble. Well, I don't have any interest in students anyhow.]

Tomonaga : [Enough of that.]

Page 27 (439)
Tomonaga : [Sigh..]

Tomonaga : [I have to set up all my equipment, and come up with problems for a quiz. All today..]

Tomonaga : [How much did High School Physics cover again?]
[Let's see..]

Tomonaga : [Ah.]
[This is probably a bit too much for a high school student..]

Tomonaga : [I guess I'll just check their textbook later. I'll go set up first.]

Page 28 (440)
Girl B : Haruka!! What was all that about before? You can't be serious.
Haruka : But he-

Girl B : No buts!!
Go and apologize.

Aoi : I'm going to go turn in these self-introduction forms from earlier to him, do you want to come with me?

Haruka : (groan)....

Page 29 (441)
Haruka : I'll go later, on my own... (drop)
Girl B : Such a good girl. Well said.

Aoi : Alright, I'll be back then.
Girl B : Okay, get going then, Aoi.

Aoi : Excuse me. Um.. Is Professor Tomonaga here?

Teacher Friend : Hmm?

Teacher Friend : He's setting up his things in the preparation room...
What is it?
Aoi : Oh.. It's fine, I'll go take a look over there then...

Page 30 (442)
Aoi : [Haruka should be more honest with herself..]
[Not only that]

Aoi : [Right when we finally got over that incident too..]

Aoi : Professor!...

Aoi : (Wow.)

Page 31 (443)
Aoi : [Whoa. I saw this book for sale online, at a ridiculous price.]
[I-Isn't that that H university professor's thesis?!]
[Wow. Amazing. So many books I've never even seen before.]

Aoi : A harmonic function...

Page 32 (444)
Tomonaga : [That's weird...]

Tomonaga : [One of the wires is missing..]
[Maybe I put it somewhere else?]

Tomonaga : Hm?

Tomonaga : [What's she doing?]

Page 33 (445)

Page 34 (446)
Tomonaga : This time you got it right.

Aoi : Ah.. When did you get here?
Tomonaga : I've been here.

Aoi : But I even called out for you!
Tomonaga : I can't hear anything when I start to focus on something, but more importantly

Tomonaga : Why are you in this school? You should be somewhere more advanced.

Page 35 (447)
Haruka : [Yeah I promised them I'd apologize, but about what..]

Aoi : Let go!

Haruka : Aoi!!

Page 36 (448)
Aoi : My decisions are no concern of yours!
Tomonaga : Wai-
Aoi : Let me go!

Page 37 (449)
Haruka : You, Enemy of Women!!
What are you doing to Aoi! You pervert!
I don't go easy on perverts!

Haruka : We're leaving. Aoi!!
Aoi : Ah... but-
Haruka : Come on.

Tomonaga : ...how-

Tomonaga : How did it end up like this...

Page 38 (450)
Aoi : I'm sorry

Aoi : But it really wasn't like what you're thinking
Nothing happened, that-

Aoi : I'm sorry...
I didn't mean to make you remember.

Page 39 (451)
Aoi : [Sorry...]

Tomonaga : Hirose Aoi, 16 years old...

Tomonaga : [Grades... average?]
[That's weird. If she can solve a problem like that, her science and math scores, at the very least, should be high...]

Tomonaga : [Why...]
Teacher Friend : I heard what happened.

Teacher Friend : Kusakabe Haruka took you down with a kick? What were you doing? Cut it out already. Starting problems on the first day...
Tomonaga : It was one-sided! All I did was get kicked!!

Teacher Friend : Well, girls her age are delicate.
Just be careful what you say around them.

Page 40 (452)
Tomonaga : ....
Yeah, I know.

Tomonaga : [Yesterday was a little.. maybe I got off on the wrong foot.]
[Alright, today we'll go with]

Tomonaga : [a smile.]
(Business SMILE)

Girls : Ack.

Page 41 (453)
Tomonaga : ....
[A rather old prank...]
Hmm, well then.

Tomonaga : [Sigh, seriously. I'd go back to my old life right this second, if only I could.]

Magazine Notes : Troubles already...!
To be continued next time. Planned to go on sale April 19th 2010, Spring.

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