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Mahou Sensei Negima! 271

Dilemna! Legendary Mercenary Soldier!

+ posted by pedroami as translation on Nov 20, 2009 00:04 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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Translation: pedroami

赤松 健

Negima! Magister Negi Magi
By: Ken Akamatsu

Period 271: Dilemna! Legendary Mercenary Soldier

Page 1:
ラカン: 俺がてめぇに 勝てねぇだと?
フェイト: そう…絶対にね
ラカン: ハッタリじゃね…つかこいつは前からハッタリとかいうキャラじゃなかった
フェイト: J・ラカン…あなたは本当に強い確かに千のお呪文の男に並ぶだろう…その「強さ」を「ホンモン」と言っていいのかそれとも ただのバグなのか僕にはわからないけれど…

Page 1:
Rakan: What? / You're telling me I can't beat ya?
Fate: Yes... most certainly so.
Rakan: (Not bluffing, eh... but since the beginning this kind of guy wasn't the type to bluff)
Fate: You are truly strong Jack Rakan. There is no mistaking that you stand on par with the Thousand Master, is there? / Whether or not the rumors of your strength are accurate or flawed is something I cannot concur, however

Page 2
Text: 頂上対決、決着の時!!
ラカン:杖…鍵?切り札って訳か / さてどうす…

Page 2:
[Text: The final showdown! Moment of truth!]
Fate: I would like to express my admiration for your strength, even if its a mirage.
Rakan: (A staff... key? Some kind of trump card? Well... lets see...)

Page 3
ラカン: いや… / 詮索はいい / やるだけだ!!

Page 3:
Rakan: (Nah...) / (No time for asking questions) / ( I'll just do it!)

Page 4

Page 4:

Page 5:

Page 5:

Page 6:

Page 6:
Rakan: (Wha?!)

Page 7:
ラカン:何だこの違和感は?! / ぬんっ / こいつの効果か!! / これで子細工もなし! / シメだ!! フエト・アーウイルンクス!!

Page 7:
Rakan: (The hell - whats with this uneasy feeling?!) / Ugh! / (Is this comin' from an effect of his?!) / (This ought to stop it!) / *huge sfx* / (THIS IS IT!! FATE AVERRUNCUS!!)

Page 8-9:
ラカン:零距離・全開!!! / ラカン インパクト!!!
Girl1: そんなっ… フェイト様!
Girl3: 何という力…
Girl4: フェイト…様

Page 8-9:
Rakan: (Point Blank Full Throttle!!!) / (RAKAN IMPACT!)
Girl1 (pigtailed loli): That's-! Fate sama!!
Girl2 (cat ears): Fata Samaaa?!
Girl3 (violinist): What an amazing power... *mutters something*
Girl4 (tan one): Fate...sama...

Page 10:
ラカン:悪いなぼーず / ライバルを奪っちまってよ / まあ… 拭き残しと戦り合うこともあるまい/ …?!

Page 10:
Rakan: Sorry, kid. / Looks like I've taken away your rival.... / Ah well... if I didn't all his left over parts might've all come back together. / ...?!

Page 11:
フェイト:ようこそ J・ラカン / コーヒーでもどうだい?
Girl: アツ アレ? ココどこ?
Girl: フェイト様っ! ふ服まで?
Girl: ラカン:てめぇ… / ファンタズマゴリアか?いや 違う この感覚は確かに…

Page 11:
Rakan: This is...
Fate: Welcome, Jack Rakan. How about some coffee or the sort?
Girl2: Wh - WHA? WHERE IS THIS?!
Girl1: Fate sama!
Girl3: Even... his clothes?
Rakan: You... / (This some sort of phantasmagoria? No... thats wrong. This feeling... its certainly...)

Page 12:
フェイト: その通りこれは幻じゃない / さっきの勝負も現実…この景色もホンモンだよ / いや… / より性格には / そもそもこの世界全てが幻なのだ / と 言い直せるもしれないけどね
ラカン: 知らん間に何かか喰らったか? いや、そうじゃねぇ / この違和感…さっきのもそう. これは何かもっと別の…昔…どこかで… / ちつ…こいつぁどうも / うまくねぇな
フェイト:美しいばしょだね / この景色が戦火によってもう存在しないというのは残念だよ. この景色がなくなったのはそう…四十年前

Page 12:
Fate: That's correct, this is no illusion. / The fight that's taken place just now was real as well.... so is this scenery. / No / to be more precise / I suppose I could say / that this entire world is an illusion
Jack: (He says all of this without a care as he's sipping some tea? / No, that's not it / Whats with this uneasy feeling... / There's something off about this place and the place from some time ago... / tsk- this guy has quite the skill...)
Fate: It's a beautiful area, is it not? / It is a shame that this scenery has been destroyed by the war and no longer exists. It happened.... yes, 40 years ago.

Page 13:
フェイト: あなたが奴隷拳闘士としてデブューした年…
ラカン: まだ勝負の最中だ 人の過去を覗くのはあんまいい趣味じゃねぇな
Girl: !

Page 13:
Fate: As for you, it was the years of your debut as a prizefighting servant gladiator.
Rakan: We're still in the middle of our battle. Peeking into people's past isn't a very good hobby, eh, kid?
Girl2: !

Page 14:
Girl: !!??
Girl: あ…何?!これは…
Girl: あなたは「???」をつかいましたか?
Girl: つ使ってないよ?
ラカン:なん…だ コレは俺は確かに奴の肩に手をかけて…
ラカン:いつ服を着た?いつ座った?いつこのカップを手に取った?幻覚 記憶操作時間操作…
ラカン:その程度なら おれには わかる…そうじゃねえ / てめぇ… / この感覚… この感覚はやはり…
フェイト:何をしやがった… / 勝負は… 楽しかったよ / でも 僕には使命がある だから あなたが対抗出来ない 唯一絶対の力を使わせてもらった

Page 14:
Rakan: !!?
Girl1: Ah... what?! This is...
Girl3: ...did you use...
Girl2: I didn't use anything?!
Rakan: (The... hell. This is... surely I had my hand on that guy's shoulder... / When did I suddenly wear this? When did I sit? When did I even take this cup in my hand? / To manipulate a hallucination to this degree in both time and one's memory... I don't get it...) / You... / (This sensation... this sensation is... after all...)
Fate: What's on your mind... the battle was... enthralling, yes? / But I have a mission, and I have taken the liberty of using / the one and only absolute power that you cannot fight against.

Page 15:
フェイト:世界の終わりと始まりの魔法 / リライト
フェイト:あなたは僕を人形と呼んだけれど実の所ー あなたも人形なんだ悲しいけれどね

Page 15:
Fate: A magic that destroys and creates ones world. REWRITE
Rakan: Ones world... that's...!!
Fate: You may call me a puppet, but, the reality is... / you too, are a sad and pitiful puppet...

Page 16:

Page 16:
Fate: And puppets cannot oppose, or defy, the puppet master...

Text(Katakana): Code of the Life Maker!!
Text: Code of the Lifemaker!!

What will Rakan do, faced before the "ABSOLUTE POWER" that exceeds the realm of imagination!?

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#1. by LoneWolfx03 ()
Posted on Nov 20, 2009
hahaha!!! you posted it! ^_^

Areas to check:

Page 10: まあ… 拭き残しと戦り合うこともあるまい

Page 12: 知らん間に何かか喰らったか? いや、そうじゃねぇ / この違和感…さっきのもそう. これは何かもっと別の…昔…どこかで… / ちつ…こいつぁどうも / うまくねぇな

Page 14: でも 僕には使命がある だから あなたが対抗出来ない 唯一絶対の力を使わせてもらった

Page 15: フェイト:世界の終わりと始まりの魔法 / リライト

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