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Bleach 245


+ posted by pocketmofo as translation on Sep 28, 2006 15:31 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 245

Here's a quick translation of this week's Bleach chapter. Thanks to Moridin for the scans!

Page 1:

Sidetext: His behavior passes over delicately and fragrantly…but the color of his blood that flows is pure red. What will Aizen speak?

Aizen: Has the tea gotten around to everyone?

Aizen: Well then…

Page 2 & 3:

Aizen: …please listen while you drink.


Sidetext: The great panel, what will they discuss…!? (*basically the Espada and the former Shinigami are a distinguished group all gathered together)

Page 4:

Aizen: Kaname…the video please…

Tousen: Yes, sir.

Page 5:

Aizen: There are three intruders.

Page 6:

Aizen: Ishida Uryuu. Sado Yasutora. Kurosaki Ichigo.

Grimmjow: !!

Page 7:

Long-head: These guys are....our enemies?

Old Guy: Well what the? I was wondering what sort of guy it would be since you said there was an enemy raid. These guys are still just a bunch of kids.

Glasses guy: It’s hard to get interested at all (with opponents like these).

Yammy: ….shit…

Aizen: Don’t be so quick to underestimate them.

Aizen: These are the ones once called “intruders.” These humans with only a group of 4 managed to enter Soul Society and even dared to fight against the 13 divisions.

Page 8:

Big guy: A group of 4…There’s one missing…

Ulquiorra: That would be Inoue Orihime.

Eye Patch: So they came to rescue their friend, huh. Sounds good to me…though they do seem pretty weak…

Lady Espada: Did you not hear? Aizen-sama clearly just told you not to underestimate them.

Eye Patch: I didn’t really mean it like that…Stop being so damn testy…you scared or something?

Page 9:

Tousen: Where are you going, Grimmjow?

Grimmjow: To kill them. No harm in quickly squashing a bug that has just come inside, right?

Tousen: Aizen-sama has not yet given his orders. Return to your seat.

Grimmjow: I’m going to go crush those bugs for Aizen’s sake.

Page 10:

Aizen: Grimmjow.

Grimmjow: Yes…

Aizen: I am happy to hear that you would act for my sake…however I am not done talking yet…please return to your seat…

Aizen: What’s wrong?

Page 11:

Aizen: I haven’t heard your response yet, Grimmjow Jaguar Jack. (*More literally, “I can’t hear you…”)

Page 12:
Aizen: Good, it seems as though you understood what I was trying to say.

Aizen: Espada, as you can see there are three enemies.

Aizen: While you shouldn’t underestimate them, there is certainly also no need to stir up any commotion. Please return to your quarters and act as if everything was normal.

Aizen: Neither too proud nor too scared…simply lying in wait for the enemy.

Aizen: No need to fear.

Page 13:

Aizen: No matter what may happen…as long as you walk alongside me…there will be no enemy…

Page 14:

Aizen: …who will stand before us.

Page 15:

Ichigo: Aaaaa….dammit…we keep running and running but no matter how much we run it doesn’t feel like we’re getting any closer to that thing at all. Are you sure that palace is really over there…? It’s not mirage or anything, right…

Page 16:

Ishida: It’s not a mirage…in fact there’s no way we could even see mirages out here…Shall I explain simply to you how mirages come about in the first place? A mirage is first just….

Ichigo: NO NEED~!

Ichigo: You know when we first got here I thought that this was just a deserted wasteland of death…but really there are quite a few little living things crawling around here…

Ichigo: Hollows really, but…

Page 17:

Ichigo: Aren’t hollows main source of food human souls?

Ichigo: What the hell are those little things eating around here to survive?

Ishida: The atmosphere of Hueco Mundo has a pretty high concentration of spiritual energy. For those little hollows, they likely get enough nourishment to survive just by breathing in the air around here.

Ichigo: The atmosphere’s level of spiritual energy concentration? You know all that?

Ishida: Quincy’s are a people who use the energy around themselves to fight. The more concentrated the spiritual energy, the better we do.

Ishida: That’s what I figured out when I fought before. If I can just get the hang of things I should be able to use my powers way better here than on Earth or even in Soul Society.

Ichigo: Well isn’t that convenient. Doing better just because there’s more spiritual energy in the air makes it seem like you’re no better than a hollow.

Ishida: What was that!?

Ishida: Shinigami are like that as well, right?

Ichigo: Huh? Not me.

Ishida: Just you!! What about when Kuchiki-san went back to Soul Society. Her powers regenerated, right?

Ichigo: Then isn’t Rukia the weird one~

Page 18:

Ishida: For the time being though…the truth is that the Arrancars’ power as well as my own should be benefiting from the concentration of spiritual energy.

Ishida: I don’t know to what extent Aizen has transformed the hollows into Arrancar and I don’t know to what extent he has control over them….but even if he isn’t controlling them its pretty clear that to the Arrancar we’re not only the enemy but also their food.

Ishida: And at first glance even if a hollow might seem ordinary, in Hueco Mundo where spiritual energy is concentrated it is best to view their power as being on a different level entirely from normal.

Ishida: In that case we shouldn't let our guards down. We should proceed with cautio...

Ichigo: You talk for too damn much! We're going ahead.

Ishida: And there you go right after someone warned you!

Ichigo: Oh shut up. Ah nevermind, just keep talking. Let's go, Chad.

Page 19:

Ishida & Ichigo: Wha…

Page 20:

Indiscriminate screaming and yelling…

Ishida: A…a human…!?

Ishida: No way…how could there be another human besides us here…!? There’s no way…

Ichigo: We can think about that later!! I’m gonna save him/her!!

Sidetext: And a chase begins suddenly!!

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#1. by moridin ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
<3 for pocketmofo as usual

thanks for keep our appetites sated!
#2. by chaoshawke ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
thanks poketmofo ^^
#3. by exo15 ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
nice!!! Good WOrk!!!! NOw the Scanlation!!!
#4. by exkon ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
Thanks again Pocket!!
#5. by Ian ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
Domo Arigatougozaimasu
#6. by popai ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
Thank you very much! I dont want to be a pain, but there's a missing dialogue at page 18 (or 17?), right? Where Ishida and Ichigo discuss...
#7. by goofy_man ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
Love the chapter.....thanks pocket!!!
#8. by destinator ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
Thanks for translation. But could it be that there is text missing on page 18?
#9. by pocketmofo ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
Thanks for the heads up about the text. Basically just Ishida and Ichigo arguing.
#10. by destinator ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
Quote by pocketmofo :

Thanks for the heads up about the text. Basically just Ishida and Ichigo arguing.

Ah you're sooo good. Thanks a lot for adding the missing stuff =)
#11. by Kratos ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
awesome man :thumbs

Quote by Ian :

Domo Arigatougozaimasu

what this mean, i know that Arigato mean like thanks but what are those other letter
#12. by destinator ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
Btw is there any special meaning that aizen calls him Grimmjaw Jaguar Jack???
#13. by pocketmofo ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
Imagine if your mom/dad/guardian calls you by your full name when you've done something bad or when you're not minding your manners. That is probably what it would be like to have Aizen call you by your full name.

We've heard a lot in this series about knowing people's names, but in this case I think this is really just Aizen showing his superiority over Grimmjow.
#14. by Card ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
Thanks for the translation!
#15. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
Thanks pocketmofo! ^^
#16. by habib7eleven ()
Posted on Sep 29, 2006
Appreciate the translation great as always
#17. by WinterLion (Grand Taichou)
Posted on Sep 29, 2006
Hey pocket. Sorry I didn't drop by here sooner. And yes, I chose to go with the conventional Jagger instead of Jaguar for Grimmjow. Mostly because I just liked how it looked. Jaggerjack v Jaguarjack. I think the first one looks neater and since I'm a neat freak, I went with that one. It's a pretty random way to chose, but since Kubo never gave us any clue as to which it should be, it wouldn't make much of a difference if I chose the spelling via coin toss.
#18. by Brede ()
Posted on Sep 29, 2006
thank you v.v much Pocketmofo!
#19. by ZsychPrime ()
Posted on Sep 29, 2006
I wonder if it's Tatsuki and lot coming in to help their comrades(and suitably get their butts kicked in the process). Of course, it could just be one of the Hollows using their special idiot luring ability.
#20. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Oct 1, 2006
you are a darling- pocket-san :fan

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